william faulkner sept 1897 july 1962 n.
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William Faulkner (Sept. 1897 – July 1962) PowerPoint Presentation
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William Faulkner (Sept. 1897 – July 1962)

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William Faulkner (Sept. 1897 – July 1962) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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William Faulkner (Sept. 1897 – July 1962). Important Facts. Failed and skipped school Married college sweetheart who already had children Grew up in Lafayette County of Oxford, Mississippi Raised primarily by Mother, Grandmother, and caretaker Struggles financially during the 1930’s

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important facts
Important Facts
  • Failed and skipped school
  • Married college sweetheart who already had children
  • Grew up in Lafayette County ofOxford, Mississippi
  • Raised primarily by Mother, Grandmother, and caretaker
  • Struggles financially during the 1930’s
  • Dies of a heart attack at the age of 64
  • Participated in Stream of Consciousness Movement (1920’s)
  • Impacted by the Civil War (1861-1865)
  • Nobel Prize Winner (1949)
  • Contributed to Modernist Literature (1900’s)

Personal Events

Historical Events

as i lay dying
As I Lay Dying
  • 1) Married Estelle Oldham who already had children and cheated while they dated.

“He had a word, too. Love, he called it. But I had been used to words for a long time…Let Anse use it, if he wants to…it didn't matter.” – Addie Bundren (Page 172)

  • 2) He was one of the pioneers of the Stream of consciousness movement.
  • 3) He grew up in Lafayette County (Oxford, Mississippi) which is very important to him.
the sound and the fury
The Sound and the Fury
  • Faulkner was raised by his mother, grandmother, and female caretaker.

“I've seed de first en de last...I seed de beginnin, en now I sees de endin” – Dilsey (Page 280 – 282)

  • Faulkner Repeated Elementary, Skipped in middle school, failed in high school, and flunked college.
  • He felt the pride and culture of the Old South was gone after the Civil War.
themes literary techniques
Themes/Literary Techniques
  • The effects of time – Time was important to Faulkner because it eventually healed all his wounds.
  • Stream of consciousness – He was part of the movement which has shaped many of his works.
  • Human frailty – He suffered many of these; Financial struggles, Alcoholism, affairs, and failed writings.
  • The Race’s Splendor – Emphasizes death and the final moments leading up to it.
  • Night Piece – Uses stream of consciousness to illustrate the setting.

“Within the cottage, slowly wheeling (line 3)”.

“Fills the valley with lonely sound (Line 11)”.

  • Grey the Day – Uses symbolism to illustrate the cycle of depression.

“Save Winter…When this bleak bitter sleep (Line 4)”.

“April and May and June, and all the dearth of heart to green it for (Line 9)”.

“The hushed plaint of wind...Hush! He’s home again (Line 13)”.

  • Over the World’s Rim – Explains the cycle of depression.
  • After Fifty Years – Expresses How time eventually heals all wounds.
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