handbags for every girl in the world
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Stylish Handbags to Cater To Your Every Need

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Stylish Handbags to Cater To Your Every Need - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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handbags for every girl in the world

Handbags for Every Girl in the World

3 Stylish Handbags to Cater To Your Every Need

3 must have handbags for every girl in the world
3 Must HaveHandbags for Every Girl in the World

If I have to curate a list of handbags that I want, it would probably be a long list; however, if I have to curate a list of stylish handbags that cater to my every need, I think, I might be able to come at a comprehensive list.

Everything starts with a classic black dress, stellar black heels and black classic handbag. A black classic handbag is going to be your partner for every office meeting, date night, casual dinner, shopping date with friends and practically everywhere. Any middle-sized bag in black that has a professional yet classy look to it can come in this category. I have one from ALDO and I have no plans to store it away anytime soon, since I love carrying it everywhere.

Basic black and white are perfect for any day but neutrals work up a different look. The best thing about a neutral tote handbag or neutral satchel handbag is that it will go with any color and any look.

stylish handbags
Stylish handbags

5 Must HaveHandbags for Every Girl in the World

On rarest of rare occasion will you encounter a woman without a handbag. The type of handbag a woman carries reveals a lot about her personal taste. Being a woman, I can safely say that unlike many of the other fashion accessories that are just there to add to the appeal of the look, handbags are both useful as well as stylish.

If one were to ask a woman what necessities she needs to carry with her at any given time, the list would be a long one which is exactly why women adore this practical accessory that can hold all that they require at one place. A good handbag is an essential element and for a woman of taste, a handbag is much more to her, which is why they pay special attention towards choosing the one, which is perfect for them. Handbags are available in a variety of colors and sizes which makes them all the more desirable, every woman has a closet full of handbags that she absolutely loves and needs.

3 best stylish handbags are
3 best stylish handbags are:

Sling Bag

Sling bag, as the name suggests have a sling that can be worn over one shoulder and the sling runs over the torso. This bag is medium sized and is perfect for date night or casual outing with friends. Tote bag is another great handbag, tote handbags can be medium to large sized and generally have an open top, going out for a casual dinner date with friends, this can be your perfect partner.

Shopping Bag

Shopping bag is an oversized handbag, when a woman goes out for shopping; you never know how long she is going to be at it, ditch the boring paper bags and buy fun shopping bags for the weekend shopping getaway.


A purse or a wallet is the perfect handbag that you can carry to any given occasion. While purses may have a handle or sling, wallets are miniature handbags that have no sling or handle and will carry all your cards and cash.

There are handbags available like Minaudiere bag, Quilted bag, barrel bag, bucket bag and many others which vary in shape, size, material and are used for different purposes. However, these 5 are a must have and your closet should have one of each sort in it.