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Hand bag

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Hand bag

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  1. Buy Handbag Online 5 Things That You Must Carry In Your Handbag

  2. 5 Things That You Must Carry In Your Handbag Handbags are truly the first love of women and what resides within remains a secret for men, handbags are like little pot of goodness, packed with goodies, handbags important things. Do not be mistaken by the tiny appearance of a tote or messenger handbag, they carry the same 5 things that I am about to mention as you would find in a middle size handbag. Of course, in a middle- sized handbag, you may also find other less important things but this right here is the bomb.

  3. 1. Mirror Out on a dinner date and have already excused yourself to go to the bathroom quite a few times, just to look at yourself and reassure that you are looking your best? The wise thing would be to carry a mirror, carry a compact or a pocket- sized mirror in your handbag at all times, it might not give you a full view but it will certainly save your numerous trips to the washroom. 2. Tampons or pads Do I even need to explain that why women need to carry tampons or pads at all times in their handbags? It is a necessity and in order to be ready for any surprise visit by the monthly visitor, it is best to keep a couple in your handbag. 3. Make Up Essentials Mascara, eyeliner, lip-gloss, favorite lipstick shade and a BB cream or foundation, all these are makeup essentials and your handbag must be in possession of these. Other than these make up essentials, you should also keep some other skin and beauty essentials like sunscreen and hand cream and some accessories like bobby pins and a hair band.

  4. 5 Things That You Must Carry In Your Handbag 4. The sweet smell Be it body odor or breath, if it is bad, it is repulsive. Always carry a pack of mints or chewing gums and a bottle of aspirator or a tiny bottle of mist with you in your handbag. 5. Money Handbags and wallet are different, although you could consider wallet to be a type of handbag. It is important to carry a wallet with atleast $20-$30. Never rely on credit card/debit cards alone, always carry a couple of bills with you and make sure you do not spend this emergency money on the next cute dress, save it for the rainy days or for emergencies. There are other things like pepper spray, which I highly recommend, phone charger, skin wipes and other such stuff that is equally important but these five are absolute essentials that deserve to be there in your handbags at all times.