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MGS 3040*03 Collaboration Exercise Chap. 11 - pg. 451 - Ques. #1. Group B Idalia Fabregas Annette Immella Sergio Martins Huascar Teran. Annette Immella. Exercise  - Question #1.

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Mgs 3040 03 collaboration exercise chap 11 pg 451 ques 1 l.jpg

MGS 3040*03Collaboration ExerciseChap. 11 - pg. 451 - Ques. #1

Group B

Idalia Fabregas

Annette Immella

Sergio Martins

Huascar Teran

Exercise question 1 l.jpg
Exercise  - Question #1

In this exercise, we have been given the chance to be CTO of a major corporation.  In particular, we have been asked to consider the application of IPhone and Web 2.0 technology to our organization. 

Select a company that has at least 200 million in sales l.jpg

We have chosen

 the company



Select a company that has at least $200 million in sales.

Yahoo finance l.jpg
Yahoo Finance

Apple Inc.  (NasdaqGS: AAPL)   After Hours: 200.85 0.26 (0.13%) 4:55pm ET

Last Trade:200.59 Trade Time:Nov 27 Change:3.60(1.76%) Prev Close:204.19 Open:199.10

Key Statistics

Market Cap (intraday)5:180.67B

Enterprise Value (29-Nov-09)3:157.20B

Income Statement

Revenue (ttm):36.54B

Define the job of the cto l.jpg
Define the Job of the CTO

The Chief Technology Officer is the head of the technology group. 

A chief technical officer or chief technology officer (abbreviated as CTO) is an executive position whose holder is focused on scientific and technical issues within an organization. Essentially, a CTO is responsible for the transformation of capital - be it monetary, intellectual, or political - into technology in furtherance of the company's objectives.  The title is most typically found in organizations which significantly develop or exploit information technology.

The CTO's responsibilities are:

  • Sorting through new ideas and products

  • Overseeing the selection of research projects

  • Providing reliable technical assessments of potential mergers and acquisitions

  • Explaining company products and future plans to the trade media

  • And participating in government, academic,

  • and industry groups

Cto job description l.jpg
CTO Job Description

Major Responsibilities include:

  • Technology Strategy

  • Internal Coordination

  • External Partnerships

    Other duties:

  • Overseeing the  technical staff

  • The CTO is concerned with the architecture, design & development, security, operational integrity, system support and maintenance across the IT organization.

  • The CTO is responsible for delivering IT solutions with a focus on technical problem solving.

  • CTOs must make decisions about which technologies are most likely to generate the highest rate of return.

  • The CTO thinks about technology as a moneymaking asset, not as a field of exploration for its own sake.

Cto and cio responsibilities overlap l.jpg


Technology Applied to Company Products and Services

Manage Scientists and Innovators

Stimulate Creation of New Products

Position Company for Long-term Advantage


IT Applied to Internal Operations

Manage IT and Admin Personnel

Reduce Costs of Internal Transactions

Improve Short-term Performance

CTO and CIO Responsibilities Overlap


    • Company's Technology is IT

    • Competitive Advantage comes from IT Services

Summarize the capabilities of an iphone l.jpg
Summarize the capabilities of an iPhone.

The iPhone is similar to your average smart mobile phone but as well very dissimilar. It can make and receive phone calls and voice mail, send text messages, receive and create e-mails and etc.

Capabilities of an iPhone:

·         It is the only multi touch phone.

·         Can surf the web practically anywhere.

·         An iPhone and an iPod simultaneously.

·         Play your favorite tunes while surfing the web or reading an e-mail.

·          YouTube on the go.

·         Access your iTunes at your leisure.

·         Download and play any game you can possibly think of.

·         Keep track of your stocks at any time.

·         Google Maps and driving directions make finding places and adding to your contact lists a snap.

·         Built-in Wi-Fi (Zoom zoom Zoom! Fast, fast, fast!).

Explain how devices like this enable the merger of personal and professional lives l.jpg
Explain how devices like this enable the merger of personal and professional lives.

Enabling a merger of personal and professional lives:

·How can this phone not merge your personal and professional life?   It does!!!

·For any business person this phone is ideal in the sense that you have everything on the go, literally everything. With Mobile Me you can practically sync everything on your phone to your computer and from your computer to your phone on the go. The iPhone allows you to access any e-mail account that you would like making it simple to keep your work and personal e-mails separate.

Describe how you think this might be important to particular customers for your company l.jpg
Describe how you think this might be important to particular customers for your company

How vital is this to our clientele?

·It is in every way to each one of our clients due to the conveniences this product brings.

·Each client was and still is very much the driving force why the iPhone was ever thought of and created. 

·Ultimately this product was created to benefit every different person: doctors, dance instructors, truck drivers, academic students, athletes and etc.

·In our society today convenience is one the many obsessions if not the most imperative one.

Summarize what you consider to be the top three characteristics of web 2 0 l.jpg
Summarize what you consider to be the top three characteristics of Web 2.0

Three most influential Web 2.0 characteristics:

1.Social Networking

· is a great example. With different people can discuss their views and provide facts about specific areas and cities.


·Face book


2.Software as a service

·Google does an extraordinary job with this by having such programs like Google docs & Spreadsheets. Individuals can use Google Earth and access Google Maps, and process Gmail

3.Viral Marketing

·Such specific type of marketing is illustrious for vendors due to the fact that it costs nothing. Vendors simply release new features about their product or programs and simply wait for users to spread the news to one another (Blogs).

Huascar teran l.jpg

Huascar Teran characteristics of Web 2.0

Slide15 l.jpg
Consider the combo of iPhone like devices and Web 2.0.  Now identify and describe five innovative applications of these technologies.

Top 5 most innovative Web 2.0 (A Web 2.0 site allows its users to interact with other users or to change website content, in contrast to non-interactive websites where users are limited to the passive viewing of information that is provided to them)

1. Mygetgo

2. FilesTube

3. BlinkGeo

4. Skillr

5. Mindomo

Top 5 most innovative iPhone applications

(found on


1.  Best iPhone Streaming Music Application - PANDORA

2. Most Innovative iPhone Music Application - Shazam

3. Best iPhone Internet / Mobile Search Application - APPLE

4. Best iPhone Location Based Software - OmniFocus

5.   Best Social Network App For iPhone Users - Facebook

Explain how your applications generate competitive advantages l.jpg
Explain how your applications generate competitive advantages.

Our company of choice is the Apple Company. Using the competitive advantages for Apple we found…

• Locks in Customers and Buyers

     Since the fall of the Apple Company in early 90's, Apple has been

    able to reinvent itself in their products. They were able to "lock

    in" consumers by offering reliability in their operating systems.  

    As inventors to the iPhone, Apple has been able to appeal a wide

    range of consumers.  

Example:  Students, Professionals, & hobbyist.

Explain how your applications generate competitive advantages17 l.jpg
Explain how your applications generate competitive advantages.

•Raise barriers to market entry:

–Apple's iPhone has strategically been able to be sold by one carrier. 

   This exclusivity has immobilized their competition.  

•Establish Alliances:

–Apple was able to strengthen its competitive advantage by pairing up

   with Intel.  Intel was then able to manufacture CPUs therefore giving

   the ability run Windows OS on their machine.  

•Reduce Costs:

–In the outcome of the alliance,  Apple was able to lower the computer

    market significantly.  This drives the cost of an Apple to be more

    affordable while not comprising quality.

Idalia fabregas l.jpg

Idalia Fabregas advantages

Slide19 l.jpg
Explain how you can use the knowledge you have gained in this exercise in a job interview with Apple.

      This excercise has taught us a lot about Apple as a company and its product offerings.  When going in for an interview it is recommended that you research a company so that the interviewer knows you are knowledgable and interested in the company.

      Now we are prepared to answer questions about Apple and ultimately this newfound knowledge would put us ahead of our competition for a job within Apple. 

Slide20 l.jpg
Explain how you can use the knowledge you have gained in this exercise in a job interview with another company.

    Through this excersice we have learned the general responsibilities of a CTO (and its dept) and therefore be prepared to answers questions intelligently on the position within any company.  

   Futhermore, if we are interviewing with a competitor of Apple it would behoove us to understand about Apple products and its organization so that we can aid Company X in obtaining a competitive advantage.   

Any questions l.jpg

Any Questions?? this exercise in a job interview with another company.