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The Sixty–Eight Rooms My R&E PowerPoint Presentation
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The Sixty–Eight Rooms My R&E

The Sixty–Eight Rooms My R&E

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The Sixty–Eight Rooms My R&E

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  1. By Molly Kohl The Sixty–Eight Rooms My R&E

  2. Summary Ruthie’s just an average girl leading a boring, average life. Her sister, Claire, is going to college in about two years. Her parents are both teachers. The only thing that’s not completely normal about her life is her best friend, Jack. He seems to always have something cool. Like his new bento box from Japan. If she brought that to school, everyone would think that she was weird. But Jack’s different. But when Jack and Ruthie’s class goes to the Chicago Art Institute, her life is no longer boring. Right when they’re about to leave the museum, Jack finds a key. A few days later, Jack and Ruthie go back to the museum. Jack hands Ruthie the key and she begins to shrink! Jack (after lots of arguing) gently sets Ruthie inside one of the Thorne Rooms. So many questions! Will Ruthie and Jack explore the Thorne Rooms? Or will they say it’s all just a silly dream? Read The Sixty-Eight Rooms to find out!

  3. My Response For my response I made a soap carving of the key that Jack found. Here’s a picture.

  4. My Exploration For my exploration I am researching the Thorne Rooms. The Thorne Rooms are a grouping of miniature rooms created by Mrs. James Ward Thorne. In my presentation, I have pictures of the rooms that Ruthie and Jack went into, a little bit of history about them, and why they were important to the story.

  5. Important Thorne Room # 1 This is E17. This was the first room that Ruthie explored, and also one of her favorites. This is a bedroom from 16th century France.

  6. Important Thorne Room #2 This is room E24. E24 is a French salon from around 1780. This room was created “in the spirit of Marie Antoinette.” E24 is important to The 68 Rooms because this is where Jack and Ruthie see the real magic of the 68 Thorne Rooms.

  7. Important Thorne Room #3 This is room E1, where many secrets are discovered. This room is from the years 1550-1603. The room is an English Great Room of the Late Tudor Period. This room is very important to the story line of the book.

  8. Important Thorne Room #4 This is room E22. E22 is a French bedroom from the 18th century. In The 68 Rooms, Jack and Ruthie have to dress in the clothing from the centuries of the rooms they’re exploring! They stop by this room to get some proper clothes before heading on their way.

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