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Senior Defenses. Hannah Kim. Introduction. Hannah Kim AP Environment Science AP Calculus AB 1 st semester: Ildefonso, Health 2 nd semester: Cramer, Graphic Design. Senior Project Explanation. My research question was “How can you develop healthy eating habit?”.

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Senior defenses

Senior Defenses

Hannah Kim


  • Hannah Kim

  • AP Environment Science

  • AP Calculus AB

  • 1st semester: Ildefonso, Health

  • 2nd semester: Cramer, Graphic Design

Senior project explanation
Senior Project Explanation

  • My research question was “How can you develop healthy eating habit?”.

Senior project explanation1
Senior Project Explanation

  • I choose this topic because during the senior seminar I learned that I should more consider about what do I eat, when do I eat, and how do I eat.

Senior project explanation2
Senior Project Explanation

  • I don’t eat meal regularly and I didn’t know that this is really bad eating habit until I research about my topic. I learned many good tips for healthy eating. Skip meals, drink soda, eat during doing other activities, eat too much when we feel depressed, or stressed are the examples of bad eating habits. Eating junk food effects on cancer, and obesity. Overweight and obesity rates tend to be higher and have increased more rapidly over time. Eating breakfast, and other meal regularly, drinking water a lot, eating with other people at the table, eating more vegetables than snacks or junk foods are the good eating tips.

Senior project explanation3
Senior Project Explanation

  • I choose fashion design and I focus on women’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. People are wearing clothes everywhere, and every time. They wear them differently depends on their locations, careers, weathers, and situations. I want to create various, and unique dresses, and casual out fit so give them more choices of choosing their clothes. I hope woman have more confidence on their wearing and show them my designs which they had not tried before.

Senior project explanation5
Senior Project Explanation

Senior reflection explanation
Senior Reflection Explanation

  • Academic Growth: I studied harder than my freshman year. I realized importance of keeping good grade in order to go to good college, so I tried harder on every classes specially in math and learning English, which is my second language.

Senior reflection explanation1
Senior Reflection Explanation

  • Personal Growth: I start to work since I move to L.A. Doing part time job, I learn it is not easy. I meet difficulties working with adults, and outsides of school. I become more diligent and know the worth of money. I learn it is hard to earn but using money is very easy and fast.

Senior reflection explanation2
Senior Reflection Explanation

  • Favorite Camino moment: When I heard from Mr. William that I got accepted from Principal Scholarship. I prepared a lot for getting this scholarship. I practiced the interview with my sister, and fixed lots of time to change my personal statement to become better. I can not get other scholarship such as FAFSA because I am not citizen. Also, my mom’s income is low to support my college years. This scholarship is very important to me and help me a lot in LACC. It will support me up to $16,000 during the college years.

Senior reflection explanation3
Senior Reflection Explanation

  • Plans for next year: I got accepted from CSULA, and CSUN. However, I will attend to LACC and transfer to UCLA. I want to study in chemistry to become a pharmacist. I was looking for colleges that are near my house. If I go to far school, I have to stay in dorm and it costs a lot. So I decided to go to community college to save tuition and translation fee. I hope to transfer to UCLA in three years. After graduate from UCLA I will take pharmacy school exam and I will go to pharmacy school for my associates degree. I want to go to USC pharmacy school.


  • Since I was young, I want to help children who are living in poor countries such as Africa when they are sick but they have no money to go to hospital or take medicine they just stay with their illness. I want to study in medical field so I can help them with my job. I will not forget why I study this major, and what do I need to do after I become a pharmacist. I need to be more diligent in LACC and take required courses to transfer UCLA for at least three years.