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Commissioning Plans. F. Willeke 9 th ASAC Meeting for NSLS-II Project February 1-2, 2012. Outline. Status of Preparations for LINAC Commissioning Status of Booster Commissioning Preparations Preparations for Storage Ring Commissioning Commissioning Database

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Commissioning plans

Commissioning Plans

F. Willeke

9th ASAC Meeting for NSLS-II Project

February 1-2, 2012


  • Status of Preparations for LINAC Commissioning

  • Status of Booster Commissioning Preparations

  • Preparations for Storage Ring Commissioning

  • Commissioning Database

  • High Level Application Development for Commissioning

  • Commissioning Retreat

  • Summary


LINAC Commissioning: April’12 - June ‘12 (BL: Sep ‘12)

Booster Commissioning: Feb’13 - June ‘13 (BL: July ‘13)

Storage Ring Commissioning without ID: June’13 - Nov ‘13 (BL: Nov ‘13)

Storage Ring Commissioning with ID: Feb ’14 - April ‘14 (BL: Feb ‘14)




Status of preparations for linac commissioning
Status of Preparations for LINAC Commissioning

  • LINAC installation nearly complete

  • Component Testing in Progress

    Modulators have been tested successfully

  • Instrument Readiness Review Committee (internal) appointed (chaired by R. Heese) which is certifying technical readiness

  • ARR committee appointed

  • ARR Date fixed (27-29 Febr. 2012)

Status of documentation for linac commissioning
Status of Documentation for LINAC Commissioning

  • LINAC Commissioning Authorization Base approved by BSHO in May 2011.

  • Last missing requirement is the technical and organizational readiness certified by a successful Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) . The LINAC ARR schedule for February 27-29 2012.

  • Most of the Documentation which forms the Authorization Base in place or is being circulated for final signatures

Linac commissioning sequence
LINAC Commissioning Sequence

Excerpt from LINAC Commissioning Plan

Linac commissioning
LINAC Commissioning

  • RI is responsible for LINAC commissioning and demonstrating the specified performance

  • Commissioning safety is in the responsibility of Photon Sciences. NSLS-II scientist will always be present during commissioning

  • A trainee from the Operations Group will attend LINAC commissioning Shifts to assure a smooth transition from commissioning to operations

  • LINAC commissioning will be performed form the injector control room in the injector service building

  • A token systems is being prepared which allows to handover the LINAC operations to the NSLS control room for routing operations such as vacuum and RF conditioning. This token will make sure that there is always only one well defined control center which carries the responsibility for operational safety.

Preparation for ltb commissioning
Preparation for LTB commissioning

After in the tunnel checkout has been done, and once beam is available in the linac, the following beam-based checkout will be done. This list assumes that all magnets have had their fields fully standardized, a reasonable quality electron beam is available from the injector, some rough beam steering and linac RF phasing has been accomplished, and any beam obstruction issues have been solved.

  • Generate betatron oscillations in each plane, using well calibrated steering coils, to verify BPM polarities, local focusing optics, and possible BPM scaling errors.

  • Using well-calibrated steering coils, verify the scaling of all profile monitors (OTR, YAG), by verifying the proper induced centroid shifts in each plane.

  • Repeat above, but for BPMs and profile monitors at high dispersion points (e.g., energy slit, VF2), using reasonably well known RF phase or amplitude changes.

  • BPM and other charge readings (such as ICT, FCT and Faraday cup) should be uniformly calibrated based on a well known reference.

  • After the checkout, the electron beam measurements and corrections can be done in the transport line.

Ltb operation panel
LTB operation panel

Preparation of booster commissioning
Preparation of Booster Commissioning

The lab safety committee has approved the Booster SAD and ASE.

Build-up of the Booster Commissioning Authorization Base is progress.

Commissioning control room
Commissioning Control Room

Located in the NSLS-II injector service building. Is close to injector, RF, and computer room hardware. Will be used for LINAC, Booster, Transferline and initial storage ring commissioning

* Control room: top view

Commissioning staff
Commissioning Staff

LINAC Commissioning Coordinator: Ray Fliller,

Commissioning staff: RI personnel, members of the RF group; members of the operations group

Transfer-line Commissioning: Prepared by Gui-Mei Wang

Booster Commissioning Coordinator: Timur Shaftan

Commissioning staff: BINP personnel, members of the accelerator physics group; members of the operations group

Storage Ring Commissioning Coordinator: Sam Krinsky

High level applications for commissioning
High Level Applications for Commissioning

Accelerator Physics Taskforce on High Level Applications in place and very active to provide in close collaboration with the controls group software for commissioning:

  • High level component data management and control: 100% finished (it includes the mapping from lattice-element-name-based control to low level EPICS channel access, element/family/lattice read, write and save)  quick prototyping of controls and specific applications for problem solving

  • Linear lattice measurement package: (lattice function measurement and correction, orbit response matrix measurement, beam based alignment, orbit correction, local c.o. bump) 90% finished

  • Diagnostics display and analysis package

  • On-line Lattice modeling: (Python binding of the Tracy code; useable as online or offline simulator; includes Linear Optics matching; 70% complete

  • Other tools specific for commissioning are in progress.

  • Documentation for all HLA libraries are 70% finished/published. Including training tutorial and examples.

Software repository
Software Repository

A website has been created with info, tutorials,

Software depository


Commissioning data base
Commissioning Data Base

  • First Pass of evaluation which data to make available for database completed

  • Switched to a more pragmatic approach to make sure all relevant data are available for commissioning

  • Tools have been created and implemented to import various information stored in convenient format (MS-excel, text, ) into the IRMIS Database

  • IRMIS Data-base is being populated with data relevant for commissioning:

  • Lattice data,

  • survey data,

  • magnet calibration data,

  • multipole data,

  • magnet-girder alignment data


  • LINAC commissioning preparations is nearing completions, commissioning expected top start in March’12

  • Transfer line commissioning well prepared and commissioning tools in place

  • Booster Authorization base was supported by lab safety committee and approved by BSHO

  • Storage ring commissioning preparations continue, commissioning document being updated, ASE and SAD documents under development, capturing of relevant data in IRMIS database in progress, commissioning software being implemented and tested.