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Music videos

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Music videos

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Music videos

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  1. Music videos

  2. What is a music video? • A music video is a special type of movie which advertises, represents and makes people listen to its song. • Every type of music video whether it is made up of stop motion, animation, live Acton or a mix of all three, is for showing off and being suited for its song in terms of allowing audiences to listen to it. • Like in Movies and games music in music videos tell stories and the videos explains the stories more and makes them more engaging and interesting. • Music videos can be as simple as varied animations to masses of mad special effects.

  3. How are they created? Before you do anything you must put a band together and write a music piece to base the music video on. Once you have decided which piece of music you would create a storyboard to plan the music video. For the film shoot you must gather special equipment together and people to do certain important jobs. You will need, 1 or more Camerapeople 1 or more LightingPeople A director A producer Actors and props Overall plan Recording equipment and instruments Insurance You must also need a computer and top editing software in order to edit and use special effects and Titles and credits.

  4. What is their purpose? • To Advertise the particular song, make it more interesting and promote the band and give them experience in filmmaking and tell a more in-depth story.

  5. Where are they mainly shown? Music TV channels and other channels/Smart boards. Shopping centres shops Phones, Playstation portable, I Pod touch etc.

  6. Are they targeted for particular audiences? There are all sorts of genres therefore videos have loads of audience types for instance music videos with cute bunnies in is obliviously incorporated for kids and much more loud and dark tones music videos are appropriate for adults.

  7. Types of videos • Kids vid mature vid

  8. You get it right next time I'm going to create a music video for the song "You get it right next time” by Gerry Rafferty. The reason I chose the song is because it doesn't already have a music video and it is catchy to listen to.

  9. Get It Right Next Time lyricsOut on the street I was talkin' to a manHe said "there's so much of this life of mine that I don't understand"You shouldn't worry yes that ain't no crimeCause if you get it wrong you'll get it right next time next time You need direction yeah you need a nameWhen you're standing in the crossroads every highway looks the sameAfter a while you can recognize the signsSo if you get it wrong you'll get it right next time next timeLife is a liar yeah life is a cheatIt'll lead you on and pull the ground from underneath your feetNo use complainin', don't you worry don't you whineCause if you get it wrong you'll get it right next time next timeYou gotta grow you gotta learn by your mistakesYou gotta die a little everyday just to try to stay awakeWhen you believe there's no mountain you can climbAnd if you get it wrong you'll get it right next time next time, Next time, hmmmmm Mp3 and lyrics

  10. Ideas for music video I would like to use stickmen in the music video and focus the most on them. I would have them doing the actions explained in the lyrics and then do crazy special effects with them like having some stickmen in a spinning portal and being sucked down a bathroom sink. I would use quite a lot of advanced computer animation programs to tell the lyrics story, A storyboard to plan the story and possibly voice over equipment give the stickmen personalities.