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Learning Outcomes PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes

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  1. How to embed a Learning Journal from an online resource using Penzu into an ePortfolio Journal in Mahara

  2. Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this section the student will be able to; Navigate ePortfolio Mahara Create a new Journal entry How to share your Penzu Journal using the Url and embed it into your Marhara Journal

  3. Click on Start Click on Internet Explorer or Google Chrome and type in the following on the address bar: and on the search bar in the top right hand corner type in: ePortfolio and click on the search . The following will be displayed: and click on

  4. This will bring you into the following: Click on the Link Alternatively hold down your Crtl on the bottom left of your keyboard, hover over the above link and a hyperlink will appear and click on this to activate the link.

  5. Key in your Username and Password for login e.g. student number and date of birth, click on Login:

  6. This current view displays your Dashboard within your ePortfolio

  7. You have many different Tabs e.g. Dashboard, Content, Portfolio, Groups, Settings, Logout. From your dashboard: click on The following will be displayed:

  8. Click on and click on this will allow you to create a new journal entry:

  9. Please note at this stage you will need to have a new tab open on your internet browser and login to your Penzu Account e.g. Login to you Penzu Account using your email address and password, click on your journal, click on view all entries

  10. If you would like to Share your Journal click on Share the following will appear and you have the option to choose email or public link.

  11. Click on Anonymous and click on Public Link .

  12. Click on Get Link this will display your link, copy and then paste it were you want to share it e.g. in your Mahara ePortfolio Journal.

  13. Click on the Paste Paste This will Paste in the link from Penzu, highlight the link e.g

  14. and click on the insert link: this will display the following: where it says: Link URL paste the link into this section, Target click on the dropdown menu and select:

  15. Open link in a new window, Give your Title, e.g. Reflective Journal DT169 Week 1 and click on Insert.

  16. Repeat steps from 16-18 to add additional Journal entries and then click on (see step 27)

  17. Sample:

  18. Title: Should be Reflective Journal DT169 Body: Content of what your journal is about. Tags: This is where you can put in key words in relation to your subject area e.g. Cabinet Making, Wood, Crafts, Tools, and Resources etc. Attachments: you can add relevant documentation to this if you wish.

  19. Draft: this option only allows you to view your journal, so for assessment proposes please do not tick the box for now. Allow comments: This section allows your fellow cohort of students and lecturer to comment and provide feedback on your progression.

  20. Click on This process will allow your Journal to be displayed within your Mahara ePortfolio. To Logout out of your ePortfolio, click on Logout in the top right hand corner:

  21. Performance Check: List the steps to navigate to your learning Journal in Mahara Describe the process of creating a new journal entry Explain the steps to embed a journal entry into Mahara

  22. Notes created by: Jennifer Byrne Gerry Mc Cann Michael Gleeson