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Launching Your Career

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Launching Your Career. Resumes that Work. Launching Your Career. Let’s discuss the Hiring Process … An Organization decides to fill a personnel need Writes internal job description Composes job advertisement Posts job on web, newspapers, etcetera. Launching Your Career.

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launching your career
Launching Your Career


launching your career1
Launching Your Career

Let’s discuss the Hiring Process…

An Organization decides to fill a personnel need

Writes internal job description

Composes job advertisement

Posts job on web, newspapers, etcetera

launching your career2
Launching Your Career

The Hiring Organization will:

Receive hundreds of responses

Some responses will include a cover letter

Some responses will merely be a resume

Usually <50% of applicants will be qualified

launching your career3
Launching Your Career

The Hiring Organization will then:

Greatly winnow the pile of responses before carefully reading any of them

From perhaps the ~25 responses carefully read – of the hundreds received – , create a list of 6 to 8 applicants they want to talk with

launching your career4
Launching Your Career

The Hiring Organization will then:

Interview the ~6 to 8 top prospects

Offer the job to their selected applicant

launching your career5
Launching Your Career

These are your 3 response goals:

The Hiring Organization will…

1. Read your cover letter

2. Read your resume

3. Offer you an interview

launching your career6
Launching Your Career

Your Strategy:

Cover letter “itemizes” your potential value

Resume “demonstrates” your potential value

Interview “demonstrates” your real value

launching your career7
Launching Your Career

“Focus” your cover letter:

Use the organization’s own keywords

(Their software may scan the responses)

Use bullet points on why you are qualified

(Unless they advertised for Shakespeare)

Goal of cover letter: They read your resume

launching your career8
Launching Your Career

“Target” your resume to specific job:

“Demonstrate” why you are qualified

“Detail” the relevant experiences

“Detail” the relevant education

People hire People… Who are you?

Goal of resume: Invitation to interview

launching your career9
Launching Your Career

Your 4 Interview Goals:

1. “Mesh” with the personalities you meet

2. “Demonstrate” your resume / value

3. “Explain” why that particular organization

4. “Ask” to be hired

Goal of interview: Get the job offer

launching your career10
Launching Your Career

Components of your Resume:

Objective: What is your goal? Why?

Education: School, major, GPA?, Date to work

Work Experience: Job relevance = details

Other Skills: As appropriate

Honors / Achievements: As appropriate

Activities / Hobbies: Who are you?

References: Available uponrequest

launching your career11
Launching Your Career

Resume Component:Objective

Clearly “state” your goal…

Launching your career?

Part-time job?


Clearly “explain”…

Why that company?

Why that position?

launching your career12
Launching Your Career

Examples ofObjective:

  • Having both academic and internship experience, I am very excited to begin my career in consumer advertising as a media manager with Fidget & Fidget.
  • Having thoroughly enjoyed my academic introduction to advertising, I am very excited to gain real world experience through an internship with the award winning agency, Fidget & Fidget.
launching your career13
Launching Your Career

Resume Component:Education

List school (s) in chronological order

School, city, state Dates attended

Major, minor, certificates Graduation date

GPA? GPA in major?

Do not include high school information

launching your career14
Launching Your Career

Example ofEducation:

Ferris State University Big Rapids, MI 2005 – Present

College of Business: Advertising Major w/ Sales Minor

Overall GPA = 3.22 GPA in Major = 3.94

Grand Rapids Community College GR, MI 2004 – 2005

Overall GPA = 3.46

launching your career15
Launching Your Career

Resume Component: Work Experience

List in chronological order

“Detail” experiences valuable to the employer

What will they not have to teach you?

Honestly state your credentials…


launching your career16
Launching Your Career

Example ofWork Experience:

Paris Ad Works Paris, France May 2006 – Sept 2006

Intern / Creative Department

Specific details of what you did…

MORE specific details of what you did…

MORE specific details of what you did…

Still MORE specific details of what you did…

Benny’s Burgers Big Rapids, MI 2005 – Present

Kitchen and waiting tables Part-time

launching your career17
Launching Your Career

Resume Component:Other Skills

“Detail” everything that you can do that has not been demonstrated elsewhere in the resume

“Explain” the levels of your competencies


launching your career18
Launching Your Career

Example of Other Skills:


Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint; AutoCad; 3-D PRO-Engineer


SPSS – Standard Statistical Calculations & Clementine Data Mining; MIG and TIG welding

Fluent:In speaking and writing Spanish & French

Fluent:In speaking Farsi & Mandarin

Semi-Skilled:In writing Farsi & Mandarin

launching your career19
Launching Your Career

Resume Component:Honors/Achievements

These will “demonstrate”:

Your leadership

How your peers respect you

How you perform in competition

How the school values you

Note: The key concept is “demonstrate”:

launching your career20
Launching Your Career

Examples of Honors/Achievements:

President, Student Advertising Assn 2006 – 2008

Vice President, Sorority / Fraternity 2005 – 2007

Member, FSU Judicial Council 2005 – Present

Named “Outstanding Ad Student” November 3, 2008

launching your career21
Launching Your Career

Resume Component:Activities / Hobbies

Organizations are comprised of People

People – not organizations – hire people

People like people… who are like them

People need to know, “Who you are”…

launching your career22
Launching Your Career

Example of Activities / Hobbies:

Varsity Baseball 2005 – Present

Teach children’s Sunday School 2005 – Present

Volunteer @ Big Rapids Hospital 2006 – Present

Intra-mural sports, fly fishing, weight training, fraternity / sorority, ballroom dancing

Pet: African Grey Parrot (Gatsby)

launching your career23
Launching Your Career

Resume Component: References


Professor in your major

Professor in your “area of interest”

Professor you have “bonded with”

Supervisor at relevant work experience

launching your career24
Launching Your Career

Example ofReferences:

“References are available upon request”

(Why not include them in the resume…?)

launching your career25
Launching Your Career

Why not references in the resume?

Resumes can “live” for months & years

Help your references to help you…

Verify that your references are still willing

Furnish them a copy of the job ad

Furnish them the appropriate resume

Explain what you would like them to stress

launching your career26
Launching Your Career

Won’t the interviewer be upset?

When you are asked for references:

“Because some of my references travel, I would like to verify that they will be available to take your call. I will have that list to you by the end of business, tomorrow – if that meets your timing.”

No one will complain about that logic.

launching your career27
Launching Your Career

The layout ofReferences:

Mrs. Susan Jones

Ferris State University / College of Business

Professor of Advertising

Relationship: Academic Advisor / Instructor for 3 courses

Office Phone: 231 / 555 – 1212

Mr. David Nicol

Ferris State University / College of Business

Dean of the College of Business

Relationship: Served on Dean’s Advisory Committee / Instructor for 1 course

Office Phone: 231 / 555 - 1212

launching your career28
Launching Your Career

Organizing your Career Launch:

3 ring binder w/ dividers for eachopportunity

“Focused” cover letter

“Targeted” resume

List of references

All correspondence

Notes of all phone conversations

launching your career29
Launching Your Career

Heads up!

Typos / Spelling Errors

Poor Word Usage / Grammar

Punctuation Errors / Etcetera

Are Opportunity Destroyers

launching your career30
Launching Your Career

Avoid the Opportunity Destroyers:

It is very difficult to catch your own mistakes

Have other people proof-read your material

If you realized something was a mistake…

you wouldn’t have made it in the first place