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  1. Welcome To

  2. About Us Kreations Wedding Planner is a full service wedding coordination company that is well established in Chandigarh from past years. We are recognized for providing complete range of services that includes Consultation, Designing and Implementation Arenas. We were born to meet the desire of the couples for more Sophisticated and Discerning Wedding that is well guided by the specialists.

  3. Our Services Catering Destination Wedding Planners Event Management Flowering Tent Services Wedding Decorators

  4. Catering Our wedding caterers ensure that the menu in your wedding will leave your guests craving for more. Be it a bountiful buffet or a fun-filled five course meal, we bring flavors from all around the world and modify a menu that will suit the taste of your guests. When choosing a catering service provider, care should be taken that the service providers be aware of the client necessities and serve best dishes to the guests.

  5. Destination Wedding Planners Having a wedding away from your hometown is exclusive and something your guests would always keep in mind. Our wedding planning services are intended to make your most special day into a memorable one. The wedding is a one such wonderful occasion that you never forget in your life. It is the ceremony when you get bonded to the person you love for the rest of your life.

  6. Event Management Event management and wedding event planning are generally difficult tasks when you have burden of work and to make you enjoy your wedding very well you must give us a chance to ensure that your weddings are planned systematically. These days, there are a host of entertainment options to pick from for your marriage occasion. Having a dance floor and a D.J belting out the melodic chartbusters is the custom. In fact, these days there are hardly any wedding functions, which don’t have the presence of a D.J.

  7. Flowering Weddings and flowers go hand in hand. No wedding is absolute without gorgeous flowers. Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning and because flowers add fragrance to your life and to your new relations, your wedding flowers may be a large part of your wedding budget, so it’s important to find wedding centerpieces and wedding bouquets that you love. To save your time you can check our beautiful flowering services that will enable you to save your time.

  8. Tent Services We offers different tent types for all the weddings at reasonable prices and fixes them way prior to the event for leaving lasting impression on guests. We have a large record of superior and modern looking self-sufficient frames and tension structure, having specialty tents to make wedding look extravagant and for any other resounding event to become a success. The tents are available in different lengths and widths to put forward maximum elasticity limited of letting go elegance and beauty.

  9. Wedding Decorators Setting up your wedding decor will be one of the most electrifying parts of your wedding. Weddings and decorations are identical. The fragrance of fresh flowers and the beautiful decorations welcome the lovely life of togetherness ahead. When you have decided to decorate your wedding, you should be concerned about the value, quality and the total skill of having the decorations matches your theme, surroundings etc. The counsel you need for the wedding but you also get fresh ideas from the professionals present. We ensure you are happy with the arrangements before the order is placed.

  10. Website: www.kreationsweddingplanner.com