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Iphone xs Max Price In Dubai

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Iphone xs Max Price In Dubai

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  1. Some of the Most Popular iPhone Applications By ​Apple IPhone 11 Pro Max UAE The current technology is full of wonderful features. Mobile devices are the latest craze, especially when it comes to applications. Among all these devices, the iPhone seems to be way ahead of the pack by tapping into new developments. This is why iPhone applications have become a hot topic among many. Most people love to play games on their iPhones due to the superb animation provided by the device. There are different kinds of entertaining applications that you can get for your device. These are categorized into gaming applications, travel, and social networking news among others. For the sports fans you can get an iPhone application that will give you live statistics, which is referred to as Live stat Tracker. Another application known as getting All sports will help you keep in touch with what is happening in sports. If you normally travel a lot, you can get the weather application, which will help know the expected changes in weather conditions among all these applications, it is the entertainment ones, which have gained iPhone applications the highest ratings. Some of the most popular applications that many love to have on their iPhones include: The Aging Booth application This is an application that simulates show one will look when they are old. Since no one knows how he or she will look as the years advance, many favor advance, this wonderful application. It provides a way to peep into the future. Pocket God This is an application that will allow you to access god's power hence allowing you to split the ground beneath a pygmy with the press of a finger. Spin legends This is meant for basketball fans who would love to spin the ball just as the experts do. This iPhone application is a game with the simplest rules. All you are required to do is touch the ball on-screen and place it on the tip of your finger. You can then start spinning it like a professional. Although the rules are simple, do not be fooled that it will be all simple. There are different stages starting with stage 1 up to 3, which is the professional stage. With each change in the level, the sensitivity also increases which challenges like MAX and JUMP, which are sure to pump up your adrenalin. EN Smiteeth

  2. This is another cool iPhone application, which will make you, and your friends laugh. Once you take your photo, you are allowed to select a new smiley face for it. You will also be able to change the illumination in the room you are taking the picture. This is one of the most hilarious iPhone applications out there. All these iPhone applications can be easily downloaded from the iPhone store online. There are also new applications being developed every day, which are enjoying most of the limelight. The applications are also very easy to use so you do not have an excuse why you should not download some to personalize your iPhone. 9 Tips to Increase Your iPhone Battery Life The battery life of the ​iPhone​ has to be one of the biggest complaints and during heavy usage, usually e-mail synchronization and using the phone, you may get 3 or 4 hours max. When I know I will be using the phone heavily, I slip into conservation mode using the following methods. This is usually at a conference or when I know I will not get to charge for a day or two. This will extend the life for another couple of hours which helps get through the day! Turn sound off -If the phone has to make a noise or vibrate, it's using battery life which you want to conserve. So turn it off. Don't listen to music. If you need your phone for e-mail or other work purposes, don't deplete the battery just listening to music Change E-Mail to manual - If you have your iPhone configured to push e-mail down to your phone in real-time, turn this back to the manual to conserve battery life. Do a manual pull of mail when and if you need it. Set Autolock to 1 minute. The longer the screen is turned on, the more it uses the battery. You can of course just put into sleep mode immediately after use as well. Turn Bluetooth off if you are not using it. Reduce the brightness as far as you can without compromising your eyesight. Turn Wi-Fi off if you are not using it as this is a big battery drain. Turn 3G off and use the slower speed GSM settings if mobile data speed is not an issue for you. Turn off Location Services. You know where the phone is! At least once a week tries to run your battery completely down anyway, then recharge your iPhone to 100%. This will keep your battery in good condition. Have a look at the iPhone newbie for further tips to look after your iPhone. For more information visit our site : ​https://itshop.ae/

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