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Kraftwerk K9

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Kraftwerk K9
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Kraftwerk K9

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  1. Wayne Curry Has Won Several International And National Schutzhund Competitions

  2. Wayne Curry, a proficient dog trainer and/or handler initiated Kraftwerk K9 with an aim to provide his customers with several high breed dogs, specifically German Shepherds at affordable rates. He has won several international and national Schutzhund competitions and has been awarded many times for his sheer determination and hard work.

  3. A highly talented dog handler, Wayne Curry has been the highest scoring dog handler team in US and the German Shepherds trained by him have gone on to compete in Germany as well as United States.

  4. Kreutzer, CO, wrote, “Hi, Wayne, Just wanted to update you and see our wonderful dog, Lily, at just 7 mos., 60#. A solid block of muscle, bone, and shining fur!!

  5. She is the star of Boulder; universal warmth and kindness for all beings, with uncanny intelligence, rock-solid nerves, steely focus, lightening reflexes, and athleticism beyond belief. With the snow melt, we begin in earnest the "big dog business" of formal training. You did a wonderful job breeding her.”

  6. David Walsh, NY, wrote, “Here is a picture of Quinn at X-Mas. He is a great pup, excellent with kids and very smart, already knows 6 basic commands, my trainer thinks he is the smartest dog she ever has trained. And she was a k-9 handler with the police. Thanks to Kraftwerk K9,”

  7. About Wayne Curry Wayne Curry is a leading German Shepherd dog breeder and trainer based in Rochester, WA and also the owner of Kraftwerk K9, a dog breeding and training facility.

  8. He is a successful world championship competitor and national champion. Wayne Curry offers puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for more information.

  9. Thank You