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Kraftwerk K9

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Kraftwerk K9
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Kraftwerk K9

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  1. Each Dog At Kraftwerk K9 Is Provided With A Healthy And Caring Environment

  2. Kraftwerk K9 is a first rate dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA. It was initiated in 1987 by Wayne Curry, a full time dog trainer and is popular among people for providing high breed dogs and puppies especially German Shepherds at reasonable prices.

  3. The team of 12 highly skilled experts at this 25 acre facility ensures that each dog is provided with a clean, healthy and caring environment where, they are trained to be faithful and affectionate to their owners.

  4. Chris and Janice, Staten Island NY wrote, "Hello Kraftwerk team. We just wanted to update you on our puppies Cezar (Ursus/Bessy litter) and Nova (Ursus/Newa litter). Nova arrived home on December 14th, acclimated immediately to her new environment and made herself at home.

  5. Brother and sister get along great - with the occasional brother/sister spat! Cezar recently completed Obedience 1 and was, as always the center of attention. He is a warm and gentle dog who has an outstanding temperament and drive for the ball! He is now in Advanced Obedience and is excellent. We expect great things from him. Nova is an intelligent girl who learned her name the very first day.

  6. She knows sit, stay, heel and down and is a pleasant joy to all of us. Both of them are thriving on the raw diet they are on. Again, thanks for the wonderful additions to our family. Here is a picture of them, waiting patiently while we vacuumed the rug."

  7. Rick Gozur, OH says, "Just a quick update/picture on Tovarich (Don and Roxy litter, March 2006). She is growing into a large and beautiful dog. She is smart, gentle with kids and protective of our yard and family members. What a joy!!!!"

  8. About Kraftwerk K9 Kraftwerk K9 is a leading German Shepherd dog breeding and training facility based in Rochester, WA. This facility was founded by Wayne Curry who himself is a successful world championship competitor and national champion.

  9. Here, a dog lover can find puppies, older puppies, trained dogs, and a wide range of products for dog care and training. Please browse through for more information.

  10. Thank You