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CUBA . Karly Behl & Kalyn Kaufman. 3 animals that reside in Cuba:. Monte Iberia Dwarf Eleuth - This species is extremely small and is the smallest of its genus. Small Indian Mongoose - This species was brought into Cuba to manage rodent populations.

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KarlyBehl & Kalyn Kaufman

3 animals that reside in cuba
3 animals that reside in Cuba:

Monte Iberia Dwarf Eleuth - This species is extremely small and is the smallest of its genus.

Small Indian Mongoose - This species was brought into Cuba to manage rodent populations.

Bee Hummingbird – This bird can grow to a maximum of 2.25 inches.


This is a Cuban Orchid Show. ->

The cuban shore ->

This is a Wild Cuban Trogon ->

authors from cuba
Authors from Cuba:

Liz Balmaseda: A novel from Liz is Sweet Mary.

Pedro Juan Gutiérrez: A novel from Pedro is Our GG in Havana.

Cecilia Samartin: A novel from Cecilia is Ghost Heart.

cuba s government
Cuba’s Government:

Cuba has a communist government.

Not everyone can vote, voters can not have a criminal record.

No other party is legally allowed to exist in Cuba, besides the Communist party.

Prime Minister is in charge.

large cities in cuba
Large cities in Cuba:

Havana is the largest city in Cuba.

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest.

Camaguey is the third largest city in Cuba.

three facts about culture of cuba
Three facts about culture of Cuba:

The majority of the Cubans speak Spanish.

The traditional Cuban food is influenced by the Spanish, African, Caribbean, and a little Chinese.

The music is happy and forceful African rhythms and Spanish poetic melody.

tourist attractions
Tourist attractions:

Cayo Coco

Trinidad city


history of cuba
History of Cuba:

Christopher Columbus sighted the island on October 27, 1492, and claimed it for Spain.

In 1854 a secret proposal known as the “Ostend Manifesto” was planned by U.S. diplomats to obtain Cuba from Spain for $130 million. The manifesto was declined due to objections from anti-slavery campaigners when the plans became public.

An agreed condition between Cuba and the United States to secure the withdrawal of United States troops from the island was Cuba's adoption of the Platt Amendment.

geography topography of cuba
Geography/ Topography of Cuba:
  • One mountain of Cuba is the Cuchillas del Toa. Chuchillas is actually called a bio reserve, and it stretches to about 2,083.5 square kilometers long.
  • Viñales Valley this is a Valley of Cuba. It is used as part of a conservation.
  • Cape Cruz is in the Western part of Cuba. Cape Cruz is part of a national park.
cuban music
Cuban Music:
  • Cuba has developed a wide range of mixed musical styles, based on its cultural origins in Europe and Africa.
  • Almost no music remains of the original Indian tradition.
  • Large amounts of African slaves came to Cuba and brought their own style of music to the island.