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a brief history shareholders & financials our success story PowerPoint Presentation
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a brief history shareholders & financials our success story

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a brief history shareholders & financials our success story - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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a brief history shareholders & financials our success story
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  1. about du a brief history shareholders & financials our success story

  2. "let's face it, du does different, and du does have the potential to turn things upside down" blogger on adnation middle east

  3. We provide choice to consumers in the UAE. Over the last two years, du has established itself as the new telecommunications company of the UAE. By the end of 2008, over 3 million customers had chosen to adopt our services.

  4. We offer fixed and mobile telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services to individuals, homes and businesses, business connectivity domestically and internationally, carrier and wholesale services, and satellite services to broadcasters.

  5. Add life to life is our brand promise... For the most diverse, active and mobile people on the planet… du is the UAE’s relentless pioneer of creative communications services at the best price… helping you to stay easily involved with what matters in your life.

  6. Our people hail from over 60 countries - we mirror the rich cultural diversity of our nation they are 2000 strong and they enable to serve our customers in a variety of languages

  7. du is owned 39.5% by the UAE Federal Government, 19.75% by Mubadala Development Company, 19.5% by Emirates Communications & Technology Company LLC and the remaining stake by public shareholders. The company is listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM).

  8. du numbers

  9. du growth

  10. We’ve introduced a number of distinctive offers, many of which were seen for the first time in the UAE, the region or in some instances, the world. Per Second Billing WoW recharge card AED 1 offers Free-time Mobile TV Mobile Payments

  11. Our network coverage We are a relatively new network but are growing rapidly. Our urban population achievements are 99.3% for 2G and 40% for 3G by the end of 2008. End 2009, the coverage forecasts that we have communicated to the regulator are 99.5% for 2G and 90% for 3G.

  12. Our objective is to position du as the lead distributor of content across both fixed and mobile networks.

  13. For residential customers we distribute TV content and our digital TV service includes the widest choice of TV channels from the UAE and around the World, catering to the tastes of different nationalities and cultures. Throughout this year we will continue to develop our home entertainment portfolio, including IPTV services and the latest set top box technologies for enhanced customer experiences and control of viewing.

  14. My World Mobile Portal provides a spectrum of customer centric solutions. Spin your Favourite Tunes Our Gallery Gamers’ Paradise News, Info and Sports our UAE guide.

  15. Mobile content partnerships

  16. Music on demand customers we have created a music portal and have signed exclusive deals with significant content providers in the region, Rotana and Hungama

  17. Mobile TV (3G) for our customers passionate about keeping up to date with their favorite TV programs, sporting action, and news

  18. du mobile TV - easy to use Subscribe to mobile TV via MyWorld ( Subscribe to mobile TV via SMS Simply go to MyWorld > mobile TV

  19. about mobile TV in the UAE trial regulatory our bid

  20. Mobile TV trial - Objectives Commercial and Technical Evaluation of DVB-H Mobile TV service. Technical Feasibility: Evaluate the physical installation and configuration of the equipment and its inter-operability with the equipment of the content providers, network operators, and end-users. Understand the set-up’s scalability. Evaluate indoor and outdoor coverage. Implementation Feasibility: Evaluate CAPEX and OPEX needs for a commercial network. Determining content owners’ ability to address issues like re-formatting existing programs to suit the mobile experience, commercial terms and conditions with content aggregators, network operators and end-users. Demand characteristics: Understand consumer behavior.

  21. Dubai trial 500 end users using Nokia N92 phones and their existing SIM cards. Consortium Partners: du, ADMC, DMI and TECOM. A new broadcast network has been deployed. Twelve TV channels available. Content appealing to different ethnic groups. Marketing Research conducted during the Trial. Usage dataautomatically collected (user logs feature). Period: Aug 07 to Feb 08 21

  22. Technical findings Mobile operator site reuse is possible and needed to shorten deployment period and reduce investments. Satellite network successfully used to transport the signal to all the transmitters. Indoor coverage needs to be improved through more transmitters and investments as expected. Detailed Frequency planning and interference studies to be carried out in advance to avoid complaints from any existing networks and to be compliant with national and international regulations. Handset Availability and interoperability is an important issue.

  23. Commercial findings: watching time is significantly higher Usage duration (mins/day) • The watching time in the UAE has been significantly higher than during other trials – over 75% more time per day when compared to the average • In addition viewing over weekend days has been particularly high reaching 80 minutes per day • Statistically, however, the trial’s usage durations are higher than after launch Average of other trials: 29min

  24. Commercial findings: 50% to watch Mobile TV either at home or at work Occasion Location • Traveling/ commuting • Waiting room (doctors clinic/saloon…) • Beach, picnic, outings with friends • Lunch break (at office and University) • In bed before sleeping (to enjoy privacy) • Coffee shop • During boring events • During office hours (to kill boredom or feel connected to the world outside) • Other occasions when regular TV cant be accessed Restaurant/coffee shop Home Place of study Car At work • Indoor coverage is really important, especially in malls and commercial location • The main purpose of Mobile TV is to avoid boredom

  25. Commercial findings: 50% to subscribe, preferring a flat monthly rate model 14% 38% 48% Likelihood of subscribing to DVB-H Willingness to pay 100%= 178 No, I would not subscribe the service No, I would only watch TV if it will be offered for free None Metered charge Daily flat rate Not sure/may ok may not subscribe Weekly flat rate 1% 6% 3% It depends, uncertain 4% 50% Yes, probably I would subscribe Yes, I would willing to pay to access mobile TV broadcast 86% Yes, definitely subscribe Flat monthly rate Age • People cited pricing, Channel selections and quality as decisive factors to adopt the new technology • Expat Arabs have the highest willingness to pay • Men have higher willingness to pay than women, who are more interested because they have more free time

  26. Mobile TV license in the UAE

  27. Bid process Consultation document issued by TRA 28th May 26th June 24th August 31st December Early 2009 Consultation report published by TRA RFP for provision of mobile TV services Bid submission date Anticipated Licence award

  28. Operating model or or or Proposed mobile TV value chain Retailers will purchase a common “Base” channel Package and transmission services from the wholesaler Operating Company Base Package channels Broadcast network Retailers End users Content providers Exclusive Package channels End Users pay the Retailers for the service Retailers will purchase their own Exclusive channels independently

  29. Covering the complete value chain Content Platform Delivery Production Channels Content Aggregator Platform operator Mobile service providers Broadcast network operator Devices / customers • Concepts • IP Management • Licensing • Production • Content aggregation • Channel creation • Editing • Channel negotiation and acquisition • Broadcast license • Controls EPG • Technical delivery (e.g. conditional access) • Formatting • Play-out • Signal distribution • Spectrum ownership • Network operations and maintenance • Customer service • Billing consumer • Promotion of services • Adds interactivity • Research & development • Marketing of handsets Retailers Wholesaler Content Providers

  30. A robust DVB-H platform CONTENT DVB-H Platform DISTRIBUTION TO BROADCAST NETWORK TERMINAL Video Headend IPE Broadcast tower Satellite Transmitter Antenna SPP ESG SMP SMS Satellite receiver Satellite uplink 2G/3G cell site Satellite receiver du Etisalat NETWORK AND SERVICE MANAGEMENT

  31. Channel Line-up Capacity of up to 25 channels, including 13 channels for the Base Package; The Base Package ensures a strong mix across genres, to appeal to various consumer groups (in terms of age, sex, income and ethnicity); The channel line-up is only indicative at this time and will be finalized six months prior to the commercial service launch. Emirates Mobile Television Corporation Made for Mobile or MBC Max or or

  32. Key partnership with leading handset vendors Current handsets 2008 2009 LG U900 LG KU950 LG KU960 LG HB620T LG HB620 LG KB770 LG U.C LG WestEnd LG TBD TBD Nokia N77 N96 N73 N85 Samsung P960 Vela I6310 ACME I8900 TBD TBD ZTE F908 F912 F928 F900

  33. Target major cities and connecting roads Cities Major Roads Proposed target areas – UAE countrywide view Ras al Khaimah Umm al Qaiwain Dubai, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Ajman UAQ to RAK Dubai to Fujairah • Population coverage: • Outdoor: 83% • Indoor: 45% Fujairah Abu Dhabi Dubai to Hatta Abu Dhabi to Dubai Dubai to Al Ain Al Ain Jebel Dhanna, Habshan, Liwa Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Abu Dhabi to Jebel Dhanna

  34. shukran. thank you. merci.