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Vocabulary Week 17 PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocabulary Week 17

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Vocabulary Week 17
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Vocabulary Week 17

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  1. Vocabulary Week 17

  2. Word 1: Immortal / ImmortalityDef: Something or someone that lives for ever and will not dieSent: Frank was immortal. Unfortunately, he was a cockroach.

  3. Word 2: MyriadDef: A very large number of somethingSent: Frank had a myriad of problems, people stepping on him, bug spray, birds, etc.

  4. Word 3: PrestigiousDef: Something famous and celebratedSent: Being a cockroach is not a prestigiousthing, so immortality was more of a curse.

  5. Word 4: Accumulate / AccumulativeDef: To grow in small amountsSent: Frank the cockroach kept accumulating one sad experience after another.

  6. Word 5: MisinterpretDef: To interpret or understand incorrectlySent: People seemed to misinterpret Frank’s good intentions and simply stepped on him.

  7. Word 6: Weary / WearilyDef: Worn out, having no energy or strengthSent: Frank had grown weary of being stepped on and sprayed with bug spray.

  8. Word 7: Autopsy Def: Examination of a dead body to find the cause of deathSent: Frank loved to watch autopsies and try to discover the cause of death himself.

  9. Word 8: RustleDef: The crackling sound as leaves blowing in the wind Sent: Frank loved to listen to the rustling of the leaves in autumn.

  10. Word 9: GroveDef: A area of treesSent: Frank would often sit in the grove of orange trees where no one bothered him.

  11. Word 10: Irony / IronicDef: Saying something but not having the expected result or having another meaning Sent: It was ironic that Frank was immortal but was stuck being a cockroach forever.

  12. Word 11:Acquaintance Def: Someone you know but is not a friendSent: Frank had an acquaintance who was an immortal grasshopper.

  13. Word 12: Apparent / Apparently Def: Easily seen, obviousSent: It was apparent that no one liked cockroaches. Frank would always be hated.

  14. Word 13: TraitorDef: Someone who betrays or goes against his country, friend or group he is inSent: Frank liked people and therefore was seen as a traitor by other cockroaches.

  15. Word 14: MoundDef: To pile up earth to make a small hillSent: Frank lived in a big mound of orange peels because he loved the smell.

  16. Word 15: Literate / literacyDef: Able to read and writeSent: Frank decided long ago to become literate and read almost everyday.

  17. Word 16: VowDef: To make a serious and important promiseSent: Frank vowed to never give up hope, even though he would always be a roach.

  18. Word 17: SolemnDef: Highly serious and formal waySent: Frank made a solemn promise to never feel sorry for himself.

  19. Word 18: DespairDef: To lose all hope and confidenceSent: Frank knew it would be easy for him to go into despair over being a cockroach.

  20. Word 19: PortionDef: A part or piece of something, the amount or size of food servedSent: Frank ate a large portion of apple and quietly fell asleep.

  21. Word 20: Frustrate / FrustratedDef: Something that makes you not satisfied or keeps you from doing somethingSent: Would you be frustrated if you were forever cursed to be a cockroach?