Makah whaling stop the hunt
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Makah Whaling: stop the hunt. Rebecca Johnson, Colton Picket, Kelsea Holloway. Outline. Background Legal Context Cultural Arguments. Biology/Ecology of Grey Whale. ,, 1. Ozette digsite.

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Makah whaling stop the hunt

Makah Whaling: stop the hunt

Rebecca Johnson, Colton Picket,

Kelsea Holloway


  • Background

  • Legal Context

  • Cultural Arguments

Biology ecology of grey whale
Biology/Ecology of Grey Whale,

Makah whaling stop the hunt

1. Ozettedigsite

Makah whaling stop the hunt

Makah Whaling Timeline,,

Makah whaling stop the hunt,,

Makah whaling stop the hunt,

Treaty of 1855
Treaty of 1855

  • Makah people were guaranteed… “the right of taking fish and of whaling or sealing at usual and accustomed grounds and stations.”

  • Ceded most of their land and moved to a reservation

Treaty of Neah Bay, 1855

Makah whaling stop the hunt

Cantzler 2007

Petition in 1995
Petition in 1995

  • Ask for permission to hunt again

  • Approved by Congress

  • Tribe promised:

    • Only subsistence

    • Used within tribe

    • Cultural/religious practice

  • Request approved 1996

  • Took a whale in 1999


Courts halt the hunt
Courts Halt the Hunt

  • Planned a hunt for 2000

  • Metcalf vs. Daley

    • 9th Circuit Court of Appeals – ruled in violation of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

  • EA filed too late

  • Environmental impact not properly considered

No. 98-36135, 2000

Makah challenge the decision
Makah Challenge the Decision

  • 2002 – IWC grants a second five-year quota

  • 2004 – 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Makah must comply with MMPA

  • 2005 – Makah submitted waiver

  • 2008 – NOAA submits EIS

    • Awaiting decision

NOAA 2005

Makah whaling stop the hunt

“None of us have even tasted a whale or know how to prepare it or cut it. They lied and said we were starving. “

Alberta Thompson, Makah Tribal Member, 72 years old

Hogan 1996, Petersen 1996

Where do the whales stand
Where do the whales stand?

  • Western North Pacific gray whale population still critically endangered

    • Population not recovering

  • Eastern population makes for good study system

    • Would also be where other nations aimed effort

    • Could be affected by climate change and high pollution

    • Salt factory could be built next to birthing grounds in Mexico

IUCN 2008, Garza 1999



  • Tools: Dugout canoes, sealskin floats, harpoons, lances

  • Historical Uses: Whale oil, meat, bones, potlatch, trade


Present Day

  • Tools today: harpoon, .577-calibre elephant gun

  • Modern Use: Whale oil, meat, tools, potlatch

  • More humane today, but does that take away from the cultural aspect?

Why makah quit whaling
Why Makah Quit Whaling

  • Grey whales on brink of extinction

  • A decline in the societal demand for whale oil

  • Social and economic dislocation of the tribe

  • Opposition by federal authorities

Reasons for returning the hunt
Reasons for Returning the Hunt

  • Claims

    • Has led to Alcoholism, crime, and drug use

  • Whaling will bring back “pride and discipline” (Van Ginkel 2004)

  • Uses of the whale


  • Only certain members of the tribe are allowed in the hunt

    • Many tribal members are not even directly related to whaling cheifs and have little to gain personally(Dougherty 2001).

  • Many tribal elders do not see a need for the hunt, as it is a thing of the past

    • "We think the word `subsistence' is the wrong thing to say when our people haven't used or had whale meat/blubber since the early 1900s . . . (Petersen 1996)

Other options
Other Options

  • Mock-whaling

    • “This simulated whaling would satisfy cultural and social tribal traditions, while also distinguishing the renewed Makah bond with the whale as a unique environmental and ceremonial tradition.”(Petersen 1996)

  • Museums

  • Whale watching

    • “…might the federal government pay the tribes not to whale in the same way they subsidize farmers not to plant crops? Whale watching along the West coast is a $100 million yearly business.” (Petersen 1996)

Makah whaling stop the hunt

“Our treaty rights will stand whether we go whaling or not”(Petersen 1996).

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