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Darkening the Dotted Lines

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Darkening the Dotted Lines. Rebecca Rocho Assistant Superintendent, General Services and Legislation Calhoun Intermediate School District Co-Chair; DDL Monitoring & Compliance Committee rochob@calhounisd.org www.calhounisd.org 269.789.2475. Darkening the Dotted Lines. What is this?

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darkening the dotted lines
Darkening the Dotted Lines

Rebecca Rocho

Assistant Superintendent, General Services and Legislation

Calhoun Intermediate School District

Co-Chair; DDL Monitoring & Compliance Committee




darkening the dotted lines1
Darkening the Dotted Lines
  • What is this?
    • This is a partnership between ISDs and the Michigan Department of Education
    • ISDs are working on 4 Central Issues:
      • High Priority Schools
      • Monitoring and Compliance
      • Administrative Services
      • Delivery of Services
    • How will this impact LEAs? Hopefully this partnership will bring resources and support closer to local district staff.
  • September 2006
  • February 21, 2007
  • April 17, 2007
  • 2007-08
  • 2007-08
  • 2008-09
  • Drive-in Conference
  • MAISA Action Plan
  • Co-Chair Kickoff
  • Planning and Implementation
  • Implementation of High Priority Schools Support
  • Implementation of other work
timeline mon compliance
Timeline – Mon. & Compliance
  • In Fall 2008, the Committee hopes to work with MSBO on a self-assessment document that can completed on-line and the data will be used to inform the PD development
  • Beginning in 2009, training modules will be developed and provided to school personnel
  • Much of the training will be provided in a “train the trainer” model
monitoring and compliance
Monitoring and Compliance
  • School Business Officials will be most impacted by this sub-committee
  • Purpose: “to improve the quality of grant management in accordance with law/regulations relative to federal and state grants and funding thus assuring continued funding and mitigating disallowed costs”
monitoring and compliance scope of work
Monitoring and Compliance Scope of Work
  • ISDs will provide professional development in a variety of mediums relative to:
    • Cash Management
    • Allowable Costs
    • Procurement
    • Time Keeping (time allocation across grant programs)
determination of scope of work
Determination of Scope of Work
  • A joint sub-committee of MDE and MAISA representatives reviewed MDE audit findings to determine those areas that were most cited
  • From those areas most cited, the committee deliberated about those issues that put districts most at risk of disallowed costs or penalties for grant or fiscal management
who is involved
Who is involved?
  • Each of the 4 sub-committees of the Monitoring and Compliance Committee is staffed with MDE and MAISA staff
  • Individuals serve on the committees that most align to their area of expertise
what is involved
What is Involved?
  • The central purpose of the Committee is to review the audit findings and determine the most common practices or procedures that are problematic for school personnel
  • Conduct a self-assessment of LEA staff to determine their confidence level on such areas
  • Development professional development to meet these training needs in a variety of formats
how will training be provided
How will training be provided?
  • The Committee wants to provide training that meets school personnel needs, but includes at least:
    • Face to face training (ISD or regional)
    • On-line Tutorials
    • On-line Support
    • Professional Development tools available at MDE website and ISD websites
    • Opportunity (via Blackboard or other products) to provide Chat opportunities
pd content cash management
PD Content – Cash Management
  • Funds Requests – internal and drawing down funding from MDE
  • Budget Process
  • Final Expenditure Reports
  • Supplanting limitations
pd content allowable costs
PD Content – Allowable Costs
  • Federal cost principles – “reasonable and necessary” to project
  • Relevant federal program rules
  • Approved program design and budgets
  • Program specific fiscal rules
  • Consistency with EDGAR (Ed Department General Administrative Regulations)
pd content procurement
PD Content - Procurement
  • Procurement procedures
  • Contract administration and awards
  • Internal controls and documentation
  • Link to appropriate State and Federal policy, statutes and guidelines (e.g.: competitive vs. non-competitive, conflict of interest, contract awards)
  • Inventory & tracking equipment / supplies (retention and disposal)
pd content timekeeping
PD Content - Timekeeping
  • Written procedures for Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) – how staff are split among grants
  • PAR schedule and oversight
  • Certifications – schedule and oversight
  • Cost adjustments – when, how, why, etc.
  • Develop training curriculum in 4 major areas of Monitoring and Compliance re: grants / projects
  • Aggregate applicable, indexed resources in single place for access
  • Provide LEA self-assessment – PD
  • Develop resources (Definitions, FAQs, Index of policy “circulars”)
  • Develop LEA process documentation and checklists
  • Leverage partnerships to leverage the use of current PD that helps to further these goals
  • Work with MSBO to jointly development professional development that can be delivered in a face-to-face setting
  • Work with MSBO ISD SBO Committee to build capacity in ISDs to provide face-to-face training
  • What questions do you have of the DDL Committee?
  • What resources do ISDs need/have?
  • Should we check quarterly re: support and implementation?