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  1. AIRPORT LUXURY SERVICE Strategic Mgmt - Business Plan Outline Christopher Alfonso

  2. AIRPORT LUXURY SERVICE (ALS) • MISSION: To make an unfortunate, lengthy delay or canceled flight less of a nuisance, and more of a welcome, “When you desire leisure or relaxation during your travel, we’ll be waiting!” • Vision: For no one should be left behind or stranded in an airport waiting for continued service. And to provide a friendly family oriented environment to air travelers when they are in need of rest and relaxation by filling the void left behind from airliners.

  3. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • VALUES: To treat all customers, employees, local and foreign communities with the upmost respect, dedication, professionalism, and integrity. Moreover, to operate economically sound, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible at all times.

  4. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • Objectives: • To operate as an individual business and operate out of the Las Angeles International Airport (LAX) • To Franchise within five years and expand to growing airport markets both domestic and international

  5. Airport Luxury Service (ALS)

  6. Airport Luxury Service (ALS)

  7. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • Amenities/Core Competencies • Private Showers • Child Care Services • Exercise Equipment • Family rooms • Wireless Internet • Personalized Travel Arrangements • Massage Services • Concierge Services

  8. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • Environmental Scanning • Strengths: Scarce competition, Security & Time Constraints, Cost, Services, and Services Offered • Weakness: Unknown name, high entry barriers for a new business, time restraints, • Opportunities: Competitive advantage in a unique market. • Threats: Time Constraints, Local Hotels, USO, Airport Venues

  9. Airport Luxury Service (ALS)

  10. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • MARKETING • Website • Internet commercials • Local newspapers • Flyers • WOW Factor/word of mouth

  11. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • Initial recommendation of cost of services • Private Showers - $15.00 Per half hour • Movie Theaters - $10.00 Per person and movie • Family Rooms - $50.00 Per hour • Child care - $25.00 Per hour • Exercise Gym - $25.00 Per hour • Wireless Internet - $10.00 Per hour • Massage Services - $100.00 Per hour • Concierge Services – gratuity only

  12. Airport Luxury Service • Legalities • Permits required for business operations in the city of LA • Building and Construction Permit • Required for all new and remodeling construction, including change of occupancy • Burglar Alarm Permit • A permit must be obtained from this department for any businesses requiring a burglar alarm or security system • Business License / Tax Permit • Required for all entities doing business within city limits. See "County Unincorporated" for businesses located outside of city limits. • Fire Department Permit • All businesses subject to annual inspection of facility. • Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit • Required by most businesses discharging wastewater to the sewer system. Certain areas may be regulated by the County Department of Public Works. • Land Use Permit • Zone change, variance, conditional use permit. • Zoning Approval •  Permitted uses, development regulations, design review, sign permit, parking regulations.

  13. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • Permits required for business operations in the county of LA • Business Personal Property • Property used in the operation of a business such as machinery, equipment, trade fixtures, etc. is taxable and subject to assessment. Business operations need to file a Business Property Statement annually with the Assessor declaring property on hand as of January 1 of each year. Generally those businesses with personal property and fixtures with a cost less than $100,000 are not required to file a property statement. • Regional required permits for business operations in the region • Authority to construct/Permit to operate •  Stationary sources of air emissions from specific types of equipment, industrial processes, paints and solvents and some consumer products, must be permitted. • Permits required by the state of CA • Child care license • Any person, partnership or corporation must obtain a license before providing care and supervision to children, with the exception of an individual caring for the children of one unrelated family in his or her home • Corporation, company or partnership filings – must be filed with the Secretary of State in California • If you are considering becoming a corporation, (either stock or nonprofit), a limited liability company or a partnership (limited, or limited liability), you must file with the Secretary of State's Office.

  14. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • State business laws to abide by • Discrimination law: • Harassment or discrimination in employment is prohibited if it is based on a person's race, ancestry, national origin, color, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, religion, physical disability (including AIDS), mental disability, marital status, medical condition (cured cancer), and refusal of family care leave. Discrimination in housing, public services and accommodations is also prohibited • Occupational Safety and Health Information: • Businesses with employees must prepare an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan. The state provides a no-fee consultation service to assist employers with preventing unsafe working conditions and workplace hazards. • Registration Form for Employers: • Required to file a registration form within 15 days after paying more than $100.00 in wages to one or more employees. No distinction is made between full-time and part-time or permanent and temporary employees in meeting this requirement • Sales & Use Permit (Seller’s Permit): • All businesses selling or leasing tangible property must obtain a Seller's Permit.

  15. Airport Luxury Service (ALS) • State Income Tax Information: • Businesses should obtain the appropriate State income tax forms from the Franchise Tax Board. • Wage/Hour Laws: • Businesses with employees must comply with laws establishing minimum standards for wages, hours and working conditions. • Workers Compensation Information: • Businesses with employees must maintain Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage on either a self-insured basis, or provided through a commercial carrier, or the State Workers Compensation Insurance Fund. • Federal Requirements • Employer Identification Number or SSN : • Employers with employees, business partnerships, and corporations, must obtain an Employer Identification Number from the I.R.S. Businesses can obtain appropriate Federal income tax forms from this location. • Proof of Residency Requirement: •  Employees hired after November 6, 1986 must provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States.

  16. Airport Luxury Service • Budget: 1.5 Million dollar New business Loan • Startup Costs: • Movie Theatre: $100,000.00 • Exercise Gym: $50,000.00 • Family Rooms: $150,000.00 • Shower Rooms: $25,000.00 • Child Care services: $100,000.00 • Operating/savings

  17. Airport Luxury Service • Summary: • More to creating a business plan than I anticipated • I ran into a lot of legalities that I would not have considered. • This could be a viable market to enter if marketed and funded appropriately