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GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Case Studies 10-2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Case Studies 10-2008

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GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Case Studies 10-2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Case Studies 10-2008. Case Study – De Iuliis Winery Hunter Valley, NSW Australia. Winery trucked in 400,000 liters annually to meet the needs of multi-use tourism facility.

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GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Case Studies 10-2008

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    1. GE Homespring Ultrafiltration Case Studies 10-2008

    2. Case Study – De Iuliis Winery Hunter Valley, NSW Australia Winery trucked in 400,000 liters annually to meet the needs of multi-use tourism facility. Annual allocation of 600,000 liters from the Private Irrigation District (PID) unfit for human consumption. Stored in pond containing algae, turbidity and coliform bacteria. GE Homespring installed with sand and activated carbon pre-filters. Water purchase and transport costs eliminated. Water is reliably treated to regulatory standards and used for drinking in tasting rooms as well as process water.

    3. Case Study – Hunter Bottling Company Hunter Valley, NSW Australia Company performs bottling services for a substantial percentage of the wineries in Australia’s premier wine growing region. Four GE Homespring installed to supplement municipal water supplies with water sourced from an irrigation pond. Water is reliably treated to regulatory standards - used for process and drinking.

    4. Case Study – Hunter Bottling Company Hunter Valley, NSW Australia Systems independently tested and certified to ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 and AS/NZ Standard 4348 Severe drought led to search for alternative water supplies. Additional benefits include reduced water purchase and transportation costs

    5. Case Study – Mingara Leisure Center Australia Center contains 50 meter swimming pool, hydrotherapy pool and a leisure pool. Together the pools require up to 60,000 liters of water to backwash their filters. Treated water is used for backwash and then sent to drain. Area under severe city water restrictions due to drought. Rain and stormwater retention area close to center but water unfit for bathing due to turbidity and microbiological contamination. Four GE Homespring systems installed in parallel after a sand filter to draw water from the retention area, treat it, and make it available for backwashing pool filters. Systems installed in 1 day and commissioned in 4 hours. Minimal usage of utility spaces.

    6. Case Study – Open Cut Coal Mine Queensland, Australia Worker housing is mobile and transported every two weeks. Water transported to storage tanks exposed to atmosphere, coal dust and particulates. Cartridge treatment expensive, unreliable and required frequent replacement. GE Homespring installed in each mobile hut. System is robust enough to withstand vibration due to site blasts and relocation. Drinking water is now reliably treated to regulatory standards by a self-cleaning unit. Site maintenance, cartridge replacement and travel time for site plumber significantly reduced.

    7. Case Study – California Winery • Quivera Winery • Drilled several deep wells but never achieved desired output • Went to surface water source • Installed full regulatory approved public system (Prefilters, HS, Chlorinator, contact tanks, instrumentation including data uploading for remote internet monitoring) • Heavy CDHS regulatory oversight

    8. California Winery Installation

    9. California Winery Installation

    10. California Winery Installation

    11. California Winery Installation

    12. California Winery Installation

    13. California Winery Installation

    14. California Winery Installation

    15. California Winery Installation

    16. Additional California Installation

    17. Case Study - Restaurant Problem: Restaurant qualifies as a Public Water System. Must meet state and federal requirements for use of well water under the direct influence of surface water. Solution: Homespring UF211, with surface water kit & chlorine contact tanks

    18. Case Study - Dairy Farm • Problem: • E. Coli and turbidity present in water used within dairy farm • Turbidity levels of 100-150 NTU colloidal clay • Standards require water free of E. Coli and <0.5NTU turbidity. • Requires 500 gallons per day • Solution: • Ultrafiltration System installed in pump house. • Testing shows total removal of e-coli and coliforms, <0.5 NTU • Pump house serves rinse water for dairy equipment and water for cattle

    19. Florida Case Studies – Emergency Preparedness • Problems: • 3500 and 3800 sq. ft. Florida luxury homes • Repeated hurricanes annually • Residences have back up power supplies and now want reliable water treatment • Extended boil water alerts for weeks after a hurricane • General taste & odor issues with water • Solution: • Ultrafiltration System retrofitted to existing water treatment systems. • Able to drink water after hurricanes and during boil water alerts • Able to work even during power outages

    20. Kochi, India – Home of Hope Report by Paul Wilkes, USA Coordinator, Home of Hope HomeSpring Unit Installed at Home of Hope Orphanage, Kochi, India When I arrived in Kochi on October 8, 2007, the four boxes containing the HomeSpring water purification system, pumps and solar panels had arrived via DHL shipping and were in customs. I had written to just about everyone short of the Prime Minister of India that this was for charitable, humanitarian purposes, but that didn’t seem to matter. It was either agree to the duty (30% of the cost) or not get it. So, I had to do what I had to do and the four boxes arrived by motor rickshaw on a Thursday afternoon. With a weekend and a Muslim holiday coming up, with a lot of good intentions flying about on Friday, it was not looking good. I sat across the table from one Mr. P. Ramachandran, looked him straight in the eye and said “this has to happen.” He said his workers would be there the next morning at 9:30 and, praise God, at 9:20, ten of them, many wearing the native dhoti, their lean bodies belying the strength of these good men, arrived from the team from Mr. Ramachandran’s GR Tech Services engineering and construction company to go to the roof and undertake a job like no other they had ever attempted – to install a solar-powered water system. Mr. Ramachandran is now a member of my personal Hall of Fame. Two 200 volt batteries arrived later that day, arranged for by Mr. Lancy George, a Rotary member. The water in Kochi is problematic and everyone in the city either boils or somehow treats it as sewage and rain runoff too often contaminate the supply. We searched to find a way to make that water drinkable, not only for the girls and the kitchen where their food is prepared, but for the Auxilium school of 515 students, in which the orphanage is now housed. CONT’D.

    21. Kochi, India – Home of Hope Report by Paul Wilkes, USA Coordinator, Home of Hope, Cont’d We found GE’s Home Spring unit, then Jack and Carmen Barker of Innovative Technologies in Colorado, devised a way to power it with two solar panels. Steve and Tracy Tomkovicz, of Christ the King Parish in Pleasant Hill, California, where my Tracy and I spoke this summer, stepped in and through their innovative Water to Wine benefit in California, provided the funding. Wine to Water is yearly benefit, with a wine raffle, golf tournament and general good time, with proceeds going to provide clean drinking water to Third World locations. Home of Hope is a beneficiary this year. HomeSpring is a pretty innovative system, with little maintenance or additional cost, as it is entirely powered by the sun, so there is no electricity cost or need for additional chemicals. The solar panels charge the batteries, the batteries power the unit. If you are as fascinated by this concept as I became, you can find out more at Back to the rooftop of the orphanage, where a large holding tank stores water as the local municipal system only pumps it a few hours a day. The holding tank had six 2 ½ inch pipes going to various parts of the building, so it would be impossible to route them all to the purifier and then back out again. The purifier is outfitted with a 1 inch pipe. So, the engineering firm made the good decision to tap a new line into the tank and route the water to provide 1) drinking water for the orphanage, 2) water for the kitchen area, and 3) drinking water for the 500+ student school. New piping had to laid from tank to purifier then down the side of the building, branching off to kitchen and the faucets that serve orphanage and school for drinking purposed. HomeSpring is an “on demand” system, so the water cannot be stored.

    22. Kochi, India – Home of Hope Report by Paul Wilkes, USA Coordinator, Home of Hope, Cont’d The workmen on Saturday and then on Monday successfully put the pieces together as these pictures show. I left early Tuesday morning. The work was completed after I left. Testing went well later that week and orphan girls, school kids, and folks on the kitchen staff now have good GE-pure water. Many thanks to all who had a role in this. Paul Wilkes US Coordinator - Home of Hope 1413 Hawthorne Road Wilmington NC 28403 910-815-0694 910-538-4544 (cell)

    23. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    24. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    25. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    26. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    27. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    28. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    29. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    30. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    31. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    32. Kochi, India – Home of Hope

    33. Greater Toronto Homebulders Association (BILD) Install 02-2008 Text of Press Release placed in the Toronto Sun – 02-29-2008 BILD gets “off the bottle” By Michael Moldenhauer President, Building Industry & Land Development Association If you’re going to talk the green talk, then you have to walk it too, and the Building Industry and Land Development Association is doing just that with a number of greening initiatives at its headquarters building in Don Mills. This past week, BILD responded to a major public concern by “getting off the bottle” --the plastic water bottle that is -- with the installation of a GE Homespring Central Water Purifier. With 1,500 member companies, the Association’s meeting rooms are constantly booked for training and education events, information forums, governance meetings, even social gatherings. Virtually every meeting involves some food and beverage resulting in the consumption of thousands of bottled water servings over the course of a year. “I kept looking at these blue boxes overflowing with plastic water bottles and decided it was time to focus on the first of the three Rs and REDUCE our waste,” said BILD Chief Executive Officer Stephen Dupuis. Cont’d

    34. Greater Toronto Homebulders Association (BILD) Install 02-2008 “I had known about the Homespring system for years, but when the distributor, Claudio Cinapri of Forefront Homespring Inc., put his T-Eau (purified Toronto water) package together, offering the system complete with hot/cold taps, glass serving bottles and bio-degradable plastic cups, I had the turnkey solution I was looking for,” he said. Dupuis added that the biodegradable plastic cups will be used sparingly. “If we’re going to use plastic cups at all, it’s great that they will be biodegradable, but for the most part we’ll be using the good old-fashioned drinking glass.” Now, when members come to meetings, they will be drinking water that is purified with the same Zenon ultra-filtration membrane technology that is used in major municipal water treatment plants in the GTA, across Ontario, and worldwide, including in disaster relief situations. Dupuis notes that the Homespring system is available for residential and non-residential applications on both a new-construction and after market basis. For more information, visit Bullfrog Power Other greening initiatives implemented by BILD at its headquarters include a complete energy-efficient window replacement program, installation of motion activation sensors in all lighting zones and the installation of water-conserving toilets. BILD also made the switch to Bullfrog Power ( and is now purchasing 100 per cent clean, green electricity. “BILD’s decision to purchase green energy demonstrates real leadership within Ontario’s building industry,” says Tom Heintzman, Bullfrog’s President. “With the backing of 1,500 members, BILD’s support for clean, non-polluting electricity clearly shows that the building industry within the GTA is committed to lowering its environmental impact.”

    35. Greater Toronto Homebulders Association (BILD) Install 02-2008

    36. Greater Toronto Homebulders Association (BILD) Install 02-2008

    37. Product Donation, Kids Cancer Connection (KCC) Family Home Woodland Hills, CA, USA (San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles) The KCC Family House provides temporary housing at no cost for out-of-area families with children undergoing cancer treatment in the Los Angeles County area. The KCC Family House is also home to the renowned Max Factor Family Positive Appearance Center. Children diagnosed with cancer and their siblings receive a myriad of services here including soft hats, baseball caps, clothing, shoes, skin care products, sunglasses, wigs, etc. The house offers year round social activities including Courageous Kid Recognition Award parties, entertainment, art therapy and other Child Life services.

    38. Product Donation, Kids Cancer Connection (KCC) Family Home Woodland Hills, CA, USA (San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles) There are always thoughtful gifts for children in treatment and guests, including a variety of toys/stuffed animals, games, electronics, gift cards for personal necessities including telephone, grocery, transportation expenses, etc. In addition, the house offers a setting for educational services for an acclaimed Wellness Community. The Cancer Research Library allows families to utilize the latest computer technology to connect with medical professionals and caregivers around the globe.

    39. Product Donation, Kids Cancer Connection (KCC) Family Home Woodland Hills, CA, USA (San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles) Kids Cancer Connection programs have no paid staff whatsoever. KCC is composed entirely of volunteers, primarily parents, medical caregivers and others touched by cancer. This equipment donation was organized by the Pacific Water Quality Association. The GE Homespring and GE Water Softener were donated by GE Water & Process Technologies. Installation and commissioning were done by Jared Henderson of Proline Filtration. Substantial logistical and financial support was provided by Dennis Roberts of TST Water, Temecula, CA Generous financial support was also donated by Dennis Roberts & Family

    40. Product Donation, Kids Cancer Connection (KCC) Family Home Woodland Hills, CA, USA (San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles) Contact information for the KCC Family Home is: American Cancer Fund for Children, Inc. IRS 501 (C)(3) tax-exempt # 13-3780954 Established 1994 KCC Family House 20978 Bandera Street Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Mr. Steven Firestein, M.A. Volunteer Chairman 818 456 6167 cell

    41. Case Study – Paraguay Tajamar

    42. Case Study – Paraguay Tajamar

    43. Case Study – Paraguay Tajamar Water Source Slow sand filter

    44. Paraguay (Chaco Region) Yalve Sanga Indigenous Community Hospital

    45. Paraguay (Chaco Region) Yalve Sanga Indigenous Community Hospital Problem:Inadequate and microbiologically unsafe supply of water to small community hospital, clinic and school. Trucked in supplies are expensive and have limited volumes. Solution:Source water from irrigation water retention ponds (Tajamars) - treat with GE Homespring Ultrafiltration systems, store product water in overhead tanks, and polish with UV upon distribution.

    46. Paraguay (Chaco Region) Yalve Sanga Indigenous Community Hospital The GE Homespring ultrafiltration system arrives and is prepared for installation.

    47. Paraguay (Chaco Region) Yalve Sanga Indigenous Community Hospital The overhead water tower (exposed to atmosphere) Installing the GE Homespring system for incoming water treatment (virus, bacteria, cysts, sediment, turbidity, etc.) UV polisher (for bacteria re-growth in overhead storage tank)

    48. Paraguay (Chaco Region) Yalve Sanga Indigenous Community Hospital The Hospital staff – pleased to finally have a safe and consistent supply of microbiologically purified water A beneficiary of the new water treatment system

    49. Paraguay (Chaco Region) Yalve Sanga Indigenous Community Hospital • This water treatment system came into being through the generous actions and involvement of: • ASCIM (non-profit association that owns the Yalve Sanga Hospital). • Fontenova (Asuncion, Paraguay), GE Homespring supplier and system integrator. • Mr. George Milam (Sandy Springs, SC, USA) Donation of UV system. • Mr. Philip W.  Dick, Department of Building and Zoning, Bloomington, IL, USA • Additional North American contributors.

    50. Case Studies - Rainwater Collection and Reuse Rainwater collection tanks serving a private residence collecting organic matter that is rotting in storage. Pollen, insects and dust are settling inside the tanks. Solution – Homespring UF211 ultrafiltration system. “Our friends and visitors have all commented on how good our water tastes. It’s like having a water bottling factory at home. Our whole family and even our dog thrive on the healthy water.” “Homespring is far more efficient, reliable and cost-effective over the long-term than all other treatment systems currently available in the market.”