communities of qatar academy
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Communities of Qatar Academy

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Communities of Qatar Academy. By: Ghaida Odah, Omar Al-Mulla and Rawda Al-Thani 8C. What Is A Community?. A community is a group that consists of more than one person that share an interest.

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communities of qatar academy

Communities of Qatar Academy

By: Ghaida Odah, Omar Al-Mulla and Rawda Al-Thani 8C

what is a community
What Is A Community?

A community is a group that consists of more than one person that share an interest.

These people can have the same culture; the same job or they can share the same place and space. For example people that follow a certain religion form a community. Teachers form a community because they have the same job. Also, certain people in a country are a community because they share the same place and space. So, any group of people that share a culture, place and space or a job form a community.

  • A characteristic that defines a community is it’s people and different people in a community have different jobs. In QA there are many jobs that are practiced by certain people which makes Qatar Academy a community. Some jobs of QA are:

Teachers Administration

Workers Cashiers



This is a mathematics teacher and his job is to educate and guide his students. This makes teachers part of QA’s community because all teachers mainly have the same job.


Workers also share the same job as they all have make sure that the school is in good condition and it is clean


All the cashiers in the school mainly share the same job as they all have to take care of the schools finances and bills.


People working in the administration don’t all have the same exact job as there are people that work in the admissions office and there are principals and secretaries, but they all mainly take care of how the school is run and the students that are entered into the school.


Students all share the same job and their job is to come to school and take lessons in order to get educated. Basically their job is to study and get an education

How Will This Help Us?

For this unit we will be looking at the different characteristics that make up a nation. One of the characteristics that makes up a nation is its community so by taking look at the different communities of QA we will be able to identify different nations in the Middle East and the communities and the characteristics of each nation.