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smrc in a Nutshell On a mission for the rewards of charity

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smrc in a Nutshell On a mission for the rewards of charity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Market Research for Charity – Founder’s Presentation. smrc in a Nutshell On a mission for the rewards of charity. Meeting Support:. Meeting Support for this Presentation: The Authorstream "Present-Live" meeting link is at:

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      • Skype-In: 720-204-3569

SMRC (Social Market Research for Charity) is society's new model for supplemental funding that's based on monetizing the value of all social content & feedback for charity AND social credit member rewards. This passive social credit award & 501-c3 rating service is the result that formed, from merging the best ideas of top seven "mover and shaker" speakers at, w/ Stephen Colbert (, the BCG(Boston Consulting Group, experts of Social Impact analytics), Cone Communications (leaders in Cause Marketing) and Phil Nakata (former IBM CTO: Intellectual Capital, AI & Emerging Technologies).

Please review at least the first few videos presented at before proceeding --

smrc in a nutshell mission
SMRC In a Nutshell: Mission
  • SMRC creates the ultimate social and personal reward/ fulfillment / support service for mankind,
    • Stimulating the most valuable social market research in history (deep penetration/ listening/ full attention),
    • A sustainable economy based on (the double bonus reward/ competitive edge of true) sponsor charity,
    • Releasing everyone’s unlimited individual and social/ follower potential to create valuable social research, funding their most worthy charities in a game of rewards for all social and sponsor interaction.
    • While freely revealing the full range of mankind's emotional social expression (based solely on what/ how people are actively feeling/ talking about)
smrc in a nutshell scenarios
SMRC In a Nutshell: Scenarios

Four Use Cases illustrate step-by-step how SMRC creates custom donations & social reward value for everyday social content & sponsor research, feedback or purchases (Click HERE for the Donations-Rewards flowchart or HERE for dynamic Use Cases [screens]):

  • Everyday Social Content and Awards
  • Social Media - for Market Research or Purchase
  • Syndicated Media (TV, Radio, Print) – for Market Research or Purchase
  • In-Store/POS – for Feedback to Sampling/Trials/ demos, Testimonials , Everyday or special purchases

Note: The interactive chart/ screens above are the best way to see how SMRC works

smrc in a nutshell real impact
SMRC In a Nutshell: Real Impact
  • Applications levering this social support service model (system of value) for charity are virtually unlimited, and year one, SMRC's startup membership , per 10 million+ members (and 500+ sponsors) will generate an absolute minimum of:
    • $2.4 billion in 501-c3 charity and social member rewards and awards ($220 million of it from sponsor/SMRC 'awards')
    • $110+ million in sponsor direct donations and sponsor tax rewards,
    • That will stimulate between $22-44 billion for the USA commodity (everyday) economy
smrc in a nutshell the rush
SMRC In a Nutshell: The Rush
  • SMRC’s pre-registration offer of double social member rewards for life & reward points for their last 2 years of social media activity and feedback.
  • Large and Popular sponsors inviting all their followers.
  • Sponsors competing to pre-register their over-lapping follower markets (regionally and by competing sponsor industry where each member can have only one host) and influence their initial charity profiles.
smrc in a nutshell traction
SMRC In a Nutshell: Traction
  • SMRC’s “Social Watchdog”– Sponsor Acquisition Strategy(securing the funding potential and social impact ratings of a sponsor’s charities pre-hand).
  • SMRC’s Identity Protectionas anonymous group data
  • Sponsors quickly learning to leverage the full potential of applying true charity to stimulate their business where the more you truly give, the more you receive in many ways.
    • Highlighting the value of social market research that significantly increases promotion penetration and further validates full attention

Click on any Link above to Learn more

smrc in a nutshell details
SMRC In a Nutshell: Details

The Details: SMRC creates donations and an equal value of social member rewards from/ for:

  • All Social Content & Sponsor Feedback for Social Media and Market Research (NO Purchase is Required):
  • True Sustainable Cause Marketing w/Loyalty:
  • Networking & Awards:

- A Page on Each Now Follows -

smrc in a nutshell details1
SMRC In a Nutshell: Details
  • Content/ Feedback for Social Market Research (NO Purchase is Required):
    • There's no cost to register (13+ years to register), though you must be invited by a existing member or sponsor to this 'by-invitation-only' support service for charity and member rewards. Anonymous media research (for social content and feedback) generates a minimum of $0.60 per day in custom donations & rewards.
    • SMRC Sponsor's 'game-like' Social Market Research of audience attention and recall (in the style of "Trivial Pursuit") follows sponsor presentations in the social and syndicated medias (and generates $0.06-$2 of donations and rewards value per instance).
smrc in a nutshell details2
SMRC In a Nutshell: Details
  • Content/ Feedback for Social Market Research (NO Purchase is Required):

3. Similarly, SMRC generates donations (to your favorite charities & social member rewards) in exchange for Feedback and testimonials to SMRC sponsor's in-store sampling, on-site trials and scheduled expert demonstration (at $1-$10 per instance, no purchase is required).

smrc in a nutshell details3
SMRC In a Nutshell: Details

B. True Sustainable Cause Marketing w/Loyalty:

Alternately, SMRC sponsors provide the best 'double bonus' market offers for everyday and special commerce (at 5-10% of the commerce per instance, as true sponsor donations to your favorite charity and the equal value in social rewards).

smrc in a nutshell details4
SMRC In a Nutshell: Details
  • Networking & Awards:
    • Members and sponsors also receive donations and social rewards for inviting others (at 4% NET of the invited member's on-going total value generated in social rewards’ value) and
    • For SMRC's "Awards" (that represent 8% of all social reward points generated in the system), primarily based on each 501-c3 followers' degree of social/sponsor interaction and 501-c3 social impact rating. These "Awards" are given out equally (4% each) by the sponsors (based on their followers) and SMRC as true philanthropic gifts of charity.
smrc in a nutshell details5
SMRC In a Nutshell: Details
  • Complete sponsor process support :
    • Inviting others - collateral, email, bookmarking
    • Acquiring anonymous social media schedules
    • Market research, feedback, purchases
  • Business & Technical References:
    • Mission Statement, Business Plan, Projections
    • Founder’s & Mgmt. BIOS, Specifications
    • Sponsor candidate submission profiles, Sample Sponsor custom sign-up

smrc in a nutshell summary
SMRC In a Nutshell: Summary
  • Members :Create on-going custom donations and social member rewards:
    • Free 5 minute registration,
    • Generate content that creates feedback,
    • Invite others (for 4% of their on-going rewards) ,
    • Interact with sponsor's market research (quizzes of attention/ recall), feedback, purchases or
    • Awards in recognition of service in the Public Good.
smrc in a nutshell summary1
SMRC In a Nutshell: Summary
  • Sponsors:Create on-going loyalty, custom donations & social sponsor rewards (deductions & goodwill):
    • Register their social profile to be a sponsor; Charities fill out initial social impact rating,
    • Generate content that creates more feedback,
    • Actively collect more free feedback from members,
    • Invite followers, employees and celebrity followers as their host (for 4% [$0.03/day] of their on-going rewards)
    • Make Awards (4% of all followers’ rewards) in sponsor goodwill recognition of service in the Public Good.
smrc in a nutshell summary2
SMRC In a Nutshell: Summary
  • Sponsors:Optional market research – “Are You Listening?”
    • Generate questions (that test your audience's full attention and recall), expecting 50% or better penetration and their full attention (as compared to questionable opinions from a very limited response rating),
smrc in a nutshell summary3
SMRC In a Nutshell: Summary
  • Sponsors: Create on-going loyalty, custom donations & social member rewards, producing a sustainable 20% increase in business/activity:
    • Integrate SMRC marketing and purchase coupons/codes into your market research and business systems; Suggested rates – next page:
      • SMRC coupons can be used in place of $0 cost accounting entries where the SMRC code is in the product/service's description.
smrc in a nutshell summary4
SMRC In a Nutshell: Summary
  • Sponsors:
    • SMRC marketing and purchase coupons/codes - Suggested rates:
      • Market Research & Feedback (per instance):
        • Quizzes of Attention/Recall: $0.06 - $2
        • Feedback 2 Sampling, In-Store Trials: $1-$2
        • Feedback/Testimonials 2 On-Site Demos: $2-$10
      • Every & Special Sales @ 5-10%+ of purchase

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