Unit 9    Gymnastics
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Unit 9 Gymnastics. Diving. Badminton. Lifting. Shooting. Ping pong. Walk race. Judo. Chinese gym team group champion. Floor exercises. rings. Double bars. horse. Horse with two handles. beam. High bar. High-and-low bars. Read the passage in Lesson 34

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Unit 9 gymnastics

Walk race


Unit 9 gymnastics

Read the passage in Lesson 34

Quickly and do P. 3 Note making.

Unit 9 gymnastics

Different types of exercises for men and women

For men


double bars

horse with

two handles

high bar

Unit 9 gymnastics

For women

high and low bars


Unit 9 gymnastics

For both men and women

floor exercises


Unit 9 gymnastics

Reading comprehension.

1.The earliest gym competition took place in _____.

A.Greece B.Germany C.Sweden D.China

2.According to the text , when was modern gymnastics probably held ?

A.In 1795 B.In 1811 C.In 1900 D.In 1912

3.What is a keep-fit programme?

A.A programme that is only suitable for children.

B.A programme that is to keep children in good condition.

C.A programme that is to help fat children to lose weight.

D.A programme that is to choose those children who are fit to

become gymnastics in the future.

4.When do most girls begin their gym training?

A.At kindergarten . B.In primary school.

C.In junior high school. D.In senior high school.


Unit 9 gymnastics

5.What does “ doing a handstand” in paragraph 5 probably mean?

A.Staying in one position without moving.

B.Standing on one’s hands with one’s feet in the air.

C.Stretching one’s feet in a line on the floor.

D.Standing on one’s hands and feet with the body bent in a semicircle.

6.What did Berlin set up the the gymnastics center for in 1811?

A.for people to do gymnastics with equipment.

B.For men to do gymnastics with equipment.

C.For people to outdoor gymnastics.

D.For men to do indoor gymnastics.

Unit 9 gymnastics

7 mean?.Which of the following is true about Zhou Lan during the competition?

A.Firm and easy-going B.Proud and quiet

C.Optimistic(乐观) and brave D.Relaxed and friendly

8.Why is dance an important part of gymnastics training?

A.because it helps you keep balance.

B.Because it helps your body bend easily.

C.Because it includes the types of movements required in gymnastics.

D.Because it makes your body stronger for jumps and turns.

Unit 9 gymnastics

9.Why are women younger than men among the Olympic medal winners?

A.Women are physically stronger than men.

B.Girls develop physically earlier than boys.

C.Boys cannot move as neatly and easily as girls.

D.Women are better at performing exercises to music than men.

10.If you are a trainer ,who is choosing children for gym team,

which factor(因素) will you take into consideration?

A.Age, height ,sense of agreement of movement,sense of balance.

B.Figure,eyesight, sense of music, disposition (气质).

C.Length of fingers, sense of music, experience, physical strength.

D.Age, weight,physical strength , dancing skills.

Unit 9 gymnastics

11.Why was Zhou Lan at a disadvantage before the competition?

A.Because she was not feeling well.

B.Because she did not have any experience of competition.

C.Because she had to join in the competition without her company.

D.Because she was not used to being away from home.

Unit 9 gymnastics

Lesson 34 Gymnastics competition?

1 for it was in greece that olympic competitions started
1….for it was in Greece that Olympic competitions started competition?.

1)It is I who / that have the right to decide.

2)It was her that I came across in the street.

3) It ______ Mary and John who helped you the other.

4)   It was midnight ______ we reached there.

5)It was at midnight ____ we reached there.

6)Was it John, _____ played football well,_____ won the first prize in the match?






Prepare sb for sth to do sth
prepare sb for sth./to do sth. competition?

The teacher prepared his students for their exams.

They prepared themselves for hard work.

be prepared for…/to do …

  • The students are prepared for the exam.

  • You must be prepared for the worst.

Unit 9 gymnastics

3. ……required in gymnastics…...= which are required in gymnasticsrequire +nrequire sb to dorequire doing \ to be donerequire that + n + (should ) do sth (need & want)

Your composition is good, but your handwriting still requires ________.

A. to improve B. improved

C. being improving D. improving

D. improving

4 perform the exercises to music dance to music do eye exercises to music
4. perform the exercises to music in gymnastics dance to music do eye exercises to music

Unit 9 gymnastics
5. There are a few simple measures to follow while training.=There are a few simple measures for you to follow while you are training.

  • you must be careful when you cross the street= Be careful when crossing the street.

  • When _____ the news, she got excited .

    A. telling of B. told of

    C. heard of D. tell of

B. told of

Unit 9 gymnastics

Training by yourself in a gym training.can be……


Children are lovely , but they can be tiring.

Driving is exciting , but it can be very dangerous.

Unit 9 gymnastics

highly adv. training.

[多修饰过去分词或形容词]高度地; 非常地; 很高地

[多与动词连用]高度地, 很好, 非常

highly interesting 很有趣

highly scientific 非常科学的

speak highly of 高度赞扬……

think highly of 尊重/高度评价……

Lesson 35
Lesson 35 training.

Unit 9 gymnastics

  • be content to do training.…. /be content with

  • =be satisfied to do……/be satisfied with

  • My parents are content to live in the country.

Unit 9 gymnastics

get on / along well with.. training.

和某人相处融洽 / ……进展得顺利

Unit 9 gymnastics

they each =each of them… training.

  • They each ______ a computer on the desk.

  • have B. has

  • Each of them ______ a computer on the desk.

  • A. have B. has.

A. have

B. has

As well as not only but also
as well as & not only …but also… training.

Your brother as well as you ____ very kind to me.

=Not only you but also your brother ____ very kind to me.



Unit 9 gymnastics

in all training.总共

above all 首先;首要

after all 毕竟;终究

Unit 9 gymnastics

It was time for her performance training.…

=It was time for her to perform.

=It was time that she performed.

Unit 9 gymnastics

Unit 9 gymnastics

glance at=give a rapid/quick look at training.

He glanced at his watch and left in a hurry.

Unit 9 gymnastics

The first thing …was (to ) go up to her trainer training.

and (to) thank for … .

All I did was (to) give him a little push.

What we want to do now is (to) lie down and rest.

Unit 9 gymnastics

短文改错 training.

It was Sunday and Zhou Lan was going 1._________

to take part in the first gymnastic competition.

As soon as her competition started, 2._________

she tried her best and did good in per- 3._________

forming on three pieces of equipments 4._________

as well as on the floor. Now the time

came to her performance on the high-and- 5._________

low bars. She stands below them and 6._________

waited. When the judge nodding, she 7._________

began. She jumped upwards, caught

the high bar in two hands and did a neat 8._________

circle. Altogether, she performed

wonderful and landed neatly and steadily 9._________

on the floor. Then came the results.

Victory for Zhou Lan! She was the one. 10._________



















Unit 9 gymnastics

Thank you ! training.