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Scotland. Presented by: Michael Neil, Cameron Connally and Natalie Joseph. Earth. Scotland is a nation in northwest Europe and is one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom. Consists of over 790 islands.

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Presented by: Michael Neil, Cameron Connally and Natalie Joseph


  • Scotland is a nation in northwest Europe and is one of the four constituent countries of the United Kingdom.

  • Consists of over 790 islands.


Scotland’s climate is generally colder than the rest of the United Kingdom. The winter’s maximum average is 42.8 °F in the lowlands, and is 64.4 °F in the summer.

Western Scotland is usually warmer due to the Atlantic Ocean currents.

The Inner Hebriges is one of the sunniest places throughout the country. It roughly has 300 days of sunshine.

Western Highlands of Scotland are the wettest place, averaging 120 inches of rainfall each year.



Geography the United Kingdom. The winter’s maximum average is 42.8 °F in the lowlands, and is 64.4 °F in the summer.

There are 3 main subdivisions:

the Highlands and Island,

the Central Lowland

the Southern Uplands.

Ben Nevis, the highest mountainous peak reaches 4,408 feet.

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, The Minch, Little Minch, Firth of Lorn, Firth of Clyde and Firth of Forth

History of the scots

There are many theories as to where the Scots originated from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.

The modern Scots are a blend of early hunters, Romans, and Picts.

History of the Scots

History timeline

8500 BC- from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.Mesolithic hunter-gatherer camps form

3500 BC- Neolithic farming brought permanent housing

1000 BC- Hill forts start to appear among quarrelsome tribes and small kingdoms

79 AD- Romans invade Scotland

1018 AD- Battle of Carham. Malcolm II defeats the Northumbrians and pushes Scotland’s border to the River of Tweed where it remains today

History Timeline

History timeline1
History Timeline from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.

1274-1329 Robert the Bruce- King of Scotland, defeated the English army and freed Scotland from English rule; ending the 30 years of Wars of Independence

?-1305 William Wallace See “Braveheart”

1542-1587 Mary Queen of Scotts Became queen when she was only 6 days old. The first female to rule Scotland

Celtic creation myths
Celtic Creation Myths from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.

Giants were believed to be the original god’s. One giant was believed to have been frozen by the first winter. Fire came and melted him and his body became our world. His blood filled up our oceans, his bones made our mountains, forests sprung up from his hair and lastly, his skull became our sky. In the core of the earth, on mountainous hills is where the gods lived. In the valleys below was thought to be the home of the dead filled with secrets.

Scottish american culture

Scottish American Culture from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.

  • Around 1000 BC, small settlements start to occur and clans form.

    • Strong family ties

  • Invading Romans find Picts impossible to conquer. Scottish clans are self governing.

    • Self sustaining/ governing tribes leads to many variations among clans

  • 1018 Southern border pushed farther

    • Clans begin to form pacts and form a more social government






Culture from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.

  • Only poorer Scotts wear kilts. Thus, only poorer Scotts wear sporrans

  • Men have transgender roles as viewed by society today.

  • Men were hunters/farmers and women were caregivers/farmers

Food and Drink

  • Haggis

  • Buccleuch Scotch beef

  • Short bread

  • Cranachan

  • Scotch whisky

Historical re-enactor relaxing between shows at the Highland games in Pleasanton, CA.

Culture from. Most articles speculate that they were early hunters around 11,000 years ago after the end of the end of the Devensian glaciation.

  • Whiskey is a large part of Scottish culture. It was made at the end of barley crops or if the harvest was ruined by rain

    • Whiskey didn’t freeze in the winter. It was a source of liquid in the highlands

  • Scotland's long literary heritage dates back to a time before Christian missionaries brought a more widespread literacy to the country.

  • The monasteries founded in the 5th and 6th centuries became important seats of learning and teaching, with emphasis on artistic skills such as carving and handwriting.

  • Scottish American reading

  • Scotland's national drink, whisky - in the Gaelic, uisge beatha (pronounced oosh-ga beh-huh), meaning water of life - has been produced here and is a common drink for upscale parties and events

Notable scottish americans
Notable Scottish Americans reported Scottish ancestry

  • Alexander Hamilton

  • Andrew Carnegie

Reese Witherspoon

  • Edgar Allan Poe

Johnny Cash

Values reported Scottish ancestry

  • music (symbolic & meaningful)

  • Scottish and Irish music has long been a major part of American music

  • In the 1960s, performers like the Clancy Brothers become stars in the Irish music scene, which dates back to the colonial era, when many Irish immigrants arrived.

  • At first, these were mostly Scots-Irish Presbyterians. There music was most closely related to a Lowland Scottish style

  • Nobility & pride

  • Family/Marriage

    • Relationships: Scots are known for their silent and reserved manner. It is unusual for them to be seen holding hands, kissing, or touching in public. We suspect more traditional Scottish Americans respect these values as well.


Education: reported Scottish ancestryScots read more newspapers than any other European people. About 95 percent of adult Scots are literate. Scottish Americans can be associated with having high work ethics, due to their strive for high education.

Great value is placed on higher education


  • Employment:An estimated 60 % of Scotland's labor force is employed in service industries.

    • Scottish American “Protestant Work Ethic”

    • Predominantly Protestant, Presbyterian & Baptist

  • Hobbies:Crafts such as pottery, hand-knitting, jewelry-making, and weaving are widely practiced and can be showcased at Scottish American festivals

The sporran
The Sporran reported Scottish ancestry

  • The origin of the sporran coincides with the traditional highland kilt, since a kilt does not have the convenience of pockets a pouch became a useful means of keeping together valuable items.

  • Sporrans generally fall into three categories: Daywear sporrans, which are generally of leather and are worn as informal dress or hunting, dress sporrans, which are made from sealskin, musquash, rabbit, badger etc and are purely formal items and semi dress sporrans which are designed to be a compromise of the two.

  • Original sporrans dating from the fourteenth century and onwards can be viewed at many Scottish museums.

Form reported Scottish ancestry

  • Early sporrans were made from animal skin, (such as sheep) both deerskin and calfskin proved particularly popular. Simple in design they were usually gathered at the top by drawstrings with small tassels. The Highlanders of the Western Isles often wore cloth pouches known as trews.

  • Generally fitted with metal clasps, typically made from brass, or silver for clan chiefs, in the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century. The elaborate metal workings of some of these clasps can be quite artistic.

  • The sporran molach, or hairy sporran was made of goat hair, introduced by the military in the eighteenth century. They often contained flap-tops, large tassels and featured a variety of furs and hair such as horse and fox, or occasionally sealskin, all set off with a badger’s head.

  • The cantleor opening of the sporran was hinged and fastened at the top and this was secured to the sporran by leather thongs. These are represented by the leather tassels & chains, which can be seen in the modern sporran design.

Function reported Scottish ancestry

  • What does a Scotsman keep in his sporran? A sporran on display at the National Museum in Edinburgh features a clasp of brass and steel containing four concealed pistols inside, the contraption being designed to be discharged should anybody attempt to open the locked purse, killing or maiming a thief.

  • The sporran of today is not functional in the same way from which it evolved. It was not worn in front as it is today, but attached to a belt, hanging from the right side or back. In addition to carrying gunpowder and guns, the sporran would hold money, food, musket balls and even teeth of any unsuspecting rival clansmen.

  • The modern sporran, or sporan –(in Gaelic), has evolved a long way and many now feature stainless steel and plastics. Retaining their basic design principles, sporrans carry everything from car keys to mobile phones.

Facilitation reported Scottish ancestry

  • Symbolism can be traced through early British military paintings and portraits of Highland soldiers;

  • America’s fashion and culture has been largely influenced by trends in Europe

    • Target & Barney’s- London designer, Yeojin Bae

  • Appeals to men of Scottish Descent. In the 2000 Census, 4.8 million Americans reported Scottish ancestry. (1.7% of the total US population) With Scotland's population just over 5 million, there are almost as many Scottish Americans as there are native Scots living in their

    home country

  • Appreciation for Scottish heritage

    • Scottish fairs

Triangulation reported Scottish ancestry

  • Incorporate traditional qualities of Scottish Sporran to hunting/outdoor carry bag for American customers.

  • Many men are proud of their family name.

  • Tartan pattern modernizes the sporran for American outdoorsmen.

Target reported Scottish ancestry

  • Targetgroup – Men,ages 16-40

  • Product -Sporran style carry bags for hunting and other outdoor activities

  • Place– North America, online and appearing at Scottish Fairs


Target reported Scottish ancestry

  • Price = $50 and up (depending on the material chosen)

  • Promotion –online, ethnic festivals, hunting shows and printed ads

Taste reported Scottish ancestry

  • Brand Name – Highlander

  • Product – Sporran style carry bags for hunting and other outdoor activities

  • Slogan- “It’s not a purse”

  • Logo – Mountains with a tartan pattern on them.

Taste reported Scottish ancestry

Packaging Design:

  • All of our products will come in identical boxes resembling “hat boxes” containing our Brand name and logo written continuously around the border of the box. This box can be saved to store the product when it is not being worn. Our product is a sporran style carry bag for hunting and other outdoor actives.

  • Highlander Brand Name:

  • Highland origins of the Scots.

  • Serves as a double meaning: (“high-land,” for a hiker or hunter might mean he is in high elevations in the mountains)

  • Logo of mountains with a tartan pattern resembles the concept of being in high elevations.

  • Product names: Loch Ness, Red Cap and Shellycoat. All of these product names are based from Scottish folklores and legends.

  • Product names resembling Scottish cities, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and Dundee might be used.

Venue reported Scottish ancestry

  • Television commercial

  • Commercial will be action-packed, humorous, and will highlight the use of our product.

  • Harrison Ford will be in the commercial; who is a successful actor, who embodies an active outdoorsmen role in the popular movie, “Indiana Jones.”

  • When the viewer associates our product with high-packed adventure, action and utility we feel their reaction will help the exposure and appeal of our product.

Marketing mix
Marketing Mix reported Scottish ancestry


  • “Highlander” which offers a variety of Scottish inspired hunting sporrans to the active outdoorsman.

  • Included with the packaging and certificate is a pamphlet with future products the customer can purchase, along with an order form and a thank you letter for purchasing from our company.

  • The thank you letter will include a popular Scottish Gaelic phrase and its translation.

    • example of this would be “Feasgar math,” translating into “Good Afternoon/Evening.”


Marketing Mix reported Scottish ancestry


  • Scottish fashion accessories can be very expensive

  • We offer a variety of different fastenings for the product and options for customization.

  • Some of our sporran style carry bags will be very simple, whereas others will be quite intricate and unique in design.

  • Prices fluctuate greatly depending on how much one wishes to customize their product.

  • “Money-back returns”

  • Around holidays we will promote a certain sporran style bag that will incorporate a certain tartan design, or coat of arms. This product will be highly discounted at half of its normal price to customers.

  • Our competitors would be Jansport, and other outdoor product selling companies. In addition, we feel that traditional sporran companies could also be competitors. Although, since we are incorporating a combination of both outdoorsmen multi-purpose carry bags and traditional sporran designs we feel our company has a competitive advantage. As explained earlier, our prices will range from $50 to $200.


Marketing Mix reported Scottish ancestry


  • Our intensive franchise location is located in Estes Park, Colorado.

  • Colorado is known for its beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Our retail store features an inviting atmosphere including a bridge overlapping a creek entrance on both sides of the sidewalk before one enters the store.

  • There are humongous couches to rest in and hiking, fishing, and hunting shoes playing on plasma screen televisions dispersed throughout the store. Scottish tartans, coat of arms and designs can be seen in frames among the store walls to help a customer decide on the perfect design for their product.

  • Traditional Scottish whisky can be purchased by the bottle behind our cash register.

  • Stockroom employees will continually monitor online purchases and orders to ensure “on-time” delivery.

  • Our toll-free number will be run by stockroom employees to ensure that a customer speaks with a person instead of a machine.


Marketing Mix reported Scottish ancestry

  • Highlander prides itself on taking your hunting, fishing, hiking, or wherever your outdoor experience may lead you, to the next level.


Marketing Mix reported Scottish ancestry


  • Maintaining cultural importance by never losing sight of our original purpose: to develop a traditional Scottish carry bag for the active outdoorsmen.

  • Distribute flyers to local attractions and businesses in hopes to advertise a local customer base.

  • Billboard advertising will be used in popular hiking, fishing and hunting locations. The billboards will have emphasis on our product by either incorporating our commercial with Harrison Ford, or containing our slogan, “It’s not a purse.”

  • Our Ford television commercials will be broadcast on popular channels that feature outdoor and sports programs such as the Discovery channel, and during the Superbowl, football games, baseball games and other recreations.

  • Advertising online will include a commercial featured at the following website: Websites such as,,,, will contain links to our company home page.

Sources reported Scottish ancestry