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mar a de los angeles pe a n.
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María de los Angeles Peña PowerPoint Presentation
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María de los Angeles Peña

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María de los Angeles Peña
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María de los Angeles Peña

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  1. María de los Angeles Peña MY TOWN


  3. DIDACTIC OBJECTIVES • After this unit, the pupils should be able to… • Identify and name different places in a town. • Listen and sing a song. • Describe the own town. • Understand a dialogue and workpair. • Follow the instructions for taking part in a game. • Understand a dialogue and work in pair. • Read and write the main vocabulary in sentence. • Listen ,read and understand a text. • Write a text following a model. • Talk about road safety.Learn rules and identify sings. • Say a chant and do the actions.

  4. CONTENTS Block 1: Listening,speaking and conversing • Listening and understanding information about places in a town. • Following oral instructions. • Questions and answers. • Act out. • Reproduction of a song and a chant.

  5. Block 2 : Reading and writing • Comprehensive reading. • Reproduction of the main vocabulary. • Questions and answers. • Complet sentences. • Writing of a text.

  6. Block 3 : Linguistic knowledge Grammar • There is a (park) in the town. • Is there a (cinema) in the town? Yes, there is /No, there isnt'n. • Turn right, turn left, straight on. • There's a pool next to/opposite. • What are you doing? I'm dancing/swimming/eating/drinking. Vocabulary Supermarket,library,restaurant,pool,cinema, pet shop, sports shop, baker's, butcher's park, town

  7. Block 4 : Sociocultural knowledge and intercultural awareness. • Taking an interest in different towns. • Basic knowledge of road safety.

  8. ACTIVITIES In order to follow an integrated approach to language we will work the four skill and we’ll include different activities: listening,speaking,reading and writing activities. We’ll use ICT resources. They must be interesting and motivating for the children. We`ll work in a big group,in pair an individual way. When we planning the activities, we`ll bear in mind to coordinate with other teachers to work on an extra curricular Activity such as a “field trip “

  9. METODOLOGY We work providing a fun and motivating way for children to understand English. We try extending the lesson to real life providing interesting topics. We`ll work in a big group,in pair an individual way We use different strategies in order to achieve an autonomous learning of the language.

  10. INSTRUMENTS OF EVALUATION • Teacher´s diary. • Student´s diary. • Analysis of students´ homework. • Observation guides. • Co- evaluation and self-evaluation. • Test and worksheet.


  12. FLASH CARDSActividades • Show a picture . Listen and repeat. • Hand out the pictures. Listen to the teacher and put up the right one. • Order the picture as you listen for doing a street. • Ej. The library is next to the supermarket.




  16. VOCABULARY CARDS ACTIVITIES • Hand out the vocabulary cards. • Show a picture and the pupil put up the right one.

  17. Sing the song In this crazy,crazy town where I live, I’m swimming at the library. I’m singing at the cinema, In this crazy town. In this crazy,crazy town where I live, I’m reading at the sport centre. I’m playing tennis at the restaurant. In this crazy,crazy town. In this crazy town

  18. Find and write

  19. Find the words and write them down • ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ • ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ LIBRARYRESTAURANTSHOPCINEMASCHOOL SPORTSCENTRESUPERMARKETPOOLPARKBUS

  20. Read and write • 1 There’s a _______ • 2 There’s a _______ • 3 There’s a _______ • 4 There’s a _______ • 5 There’s a _______ • 6 There’s a _______ • 7 There’s a _______ • 8 There’s a _______

  21. Listen to you friend and draw. Use next to and opposite. Eg. There’s a cinema next to the baker’s BAKER’S

  22. Read and colour In my town there’s a library and a baker’s. There’s a butcher’s and a toy’s shop,too. My favourite shop is the pet shop. by Susan

  23. Write about your town and draw • In my town there’s a

  24. LISTEN AND READ • Hi! I’m Amy. I live in South Street in Manchester. I live in a small house with my parents and my two sisters.In our street there is a cinema, a supermarket and a sports centre. My school is near my house.It´s behind a park,between the music shop and the library. I go to school by bus.

  25. Answer • What’s the name of Amy’s street? • How many sisters has she got? • What’s in Amy street? • What’s next to Amy’s house? • Where’s Amy school? • How does she go to school?

  26. Look at the following picture .Ask and follow the intructions Excuse me, Is there a cinema? Go straight and turn left

  27. LET’S FIND OUT ABOUT ROAD SAFETYTalk about signs

  28. READ AND MATCH • When you see this sign,stop. • When you see this sign,turn left. • When the light is red, stop. • When you see this sign, you can’t go. • When you see this sign,turn right. • When the light is green,go.

  29. Decorate the shop windows BAKER’S BUTCHER’S BAKER’S BAKER’S


  31. Say the chant. Do the actions. • I’m swimming,swimming in the sea. • I’m dancing,dancing on the street. • I’m eating, eating fish and chips. • I’m drinking, drinking a glass of milk

  32. Read and circle • Is she drinking? Yes. She is. No, she isn’t. • Is he eating? Yes, he is. No, he isn’t • Is she swimming? Yes, she is. No, she isn’t • Is he dancing? Yes ,he is. No he isn’t

  33. Write or draw He’s_____________ She’s drinking__________ She’s swimming___________ He’s _______________

  34. Let’s go on a trip! • We’ll visit different places in a town. • Look at the following video.Click on the bus hurray!

  35. Let’s go on a trip! Click