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Research. The Anti-Social Network 2+2=5 Connection Importance of the tittle Simple plot is better Actions speak louder than words. The Idea .

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  • The Anti-Social Network

  • 2+2=5

  • Connection

  • Importance of the tittle

  • Simple plot is better

  • Actions speaklouder than words

The idea
The Idea

When a class 11B’s teacher is abnormally late for his lesson the students investigate where he may be by searching for clues around his desk. However they come up with humorous and sometimes bizarre reasons for his absence.

Clue 1 the note
Clue 1- The Note

Student Chloe thinks that a break up note from Beyoncé Knowles caused Mr. Smith to have a day off.

“Hi Smith, we had a good run you and me.

I’m sorry but I can’t do this any more. BK x”

Clue 2 the cast list
Clue 2- The Cast List

Cast List for the Over 30’s Operatic Society, with the lead role having the surname Smith.

Student Meg figures that he has left the school to fulfil his dream of being in musical theatre

Clue 3

Google Maps is on a temple on Burma (Temple, Pin Laung, Taunggyi, Shan, Myanmar)

Student Olirealises that the address is for a Tibetan temple, suspecting that Mr Smith has gone to live as a monk.

Mr smith arrives
Mr. Smith arrives

He was late because he had to queue up and buy tickets to watch his brother in a Operatic society show. The note was from his friend in Burma who sells his favourite Tibetan tea but she has gone out of business.

The truth
The Truth?

He calls Beyoncé and is begging her to be back together with him.

He threatens that if she doesn’t go out with him again he will leave England and go and live life as a monk- as he has already visited the temple last night to see if he can go there.

But Beyoncé knows that he is only using her to get the contacts and publicity to become a musical star.

Genre audience

  • Family

  • Detective fiction

  • Fantasy

  • Comedy


Locatio ns

  • classroom

  • theatre

  • studio

  • outside BOA

Why chose this idea
Why chose this idea?

Lighthearted and entertaining

Green screen

Track and Dolly

Younger students to act in a short film