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Making the Interactive Video Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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Making the Interactive Video Experience

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Making the Interactive Video Experience - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Interactive Video Experience

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  1. Making the Interactive Video Experience Mary SchlegelmilchManager, Cisco Education

  2. Teaching and Learning Online Learning Distance Learning Blended Learning Virtual Field Trips Subject Matter Experts Professional Development Administrative Communications

  3. Video Addresses Four Key Challenges Reach Relevance Distance alerts interactions interactions any device interactions rich media virtual any device Time Network

  4. How Do Students, Faculty, and Staff Share Knowledge?

  5. “What Gutenberg did for writing, online video can now do for face to face communications.” Chris Anderson, TED

  6. Distance and online courses expand reach and complement traditional classroom instruction.

  7. Enabling Distance and Online Learning Deliver teaching to students not present in the classroom via technology Combine online and in-person strategies for blended learning Utilize team teaching across multiple locations or classrooms

  8. AP Team Teaching Private college preparatory from New England with public high schools in Arizona

  9. Desire2Learn Integration

  10. Parent – Student –Teacher Engagement: Next Generation Collaboration Expand learning opportunities and engage students using collaboration technology Making technology a key tool for education; teachers become collaborators with parents and students Enhance learning while controlling cost.

  11. WebEx Meeting Center Documents, applications, desktops sharing Chat, polls, notes, annotation tools Multipoint video Outlook Integration Active Talker – Hybrid Audio On-demand record, edit and playback Multi-Media File transfer

  12. Cisco WebEx Meeting CenterHigh Quality Full-Screen Video Mode • Active speaker main video area – up to 720p • Active speaker switching • See up to 5 other participants at a time. Scroll to see more.

  13. “Bring your own device”, and 1-1 computing initiatives surging in schools enables blended learning environments.

  14. Enabling Blended Learning Environments Field trips have long been an opportunity to bring learning to life – augmenting education Virtual learning experiences bring the outside world into the classroom Connect engaging experiences and people not normally available on campus

  15. Teaching and learning is becoming more collaborative, engaging, and media-rich for students Video Collaboration SocialCollaboration of schools using online collaboration reported a DECLINE IN DROP-OUT RATES compared to 42% of other schools 62% Project Red

  16. In “flipped classrooms” students listen to lecture at home, spending class time working with teachers and peers on projects, discussions, collaborative learning.

  17. Robust Professional Development Highly skilled instructors are a major factor of student achievement Provide continuing education, training, and mentoring of instructors and teachers in training Build supportive professional communities to connect teachers and professors Enable mentoring by master teachers and professors, from anywhere without travel or impacting classroom dynamics

  18. Social networking, Professional Learning Communities and content sharing support student collaboration and teacher interaction.

  19. Lesson Capture Capabilities Enable anywhere, anytime, any content, and any device teaching and learning Extend education beyond the traditional classroom Time-shift delivery of education to when the student is available

  20. Video enriches learning — creating media-rich, blended learning environments.

  21. Schools are not a just a Place MOBILE SOCIAL VISUAL VIRTUAL

  22. CILC.orgCenter for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

  23. An End-to-End Video Solution from Cisco TELEPRESENCE DESKTOP VIDEO WEBEX DIGITAL SIGNAGE UNIFIED COMM Multi-vendor Interoperability Intercompany Capabilities Recording and Streaming Multipoint Conferencing Tagging & Video Analytics Policy and Security Content Distribution content-aware | predict | troubleshooting Medianet monitor auto config |

  24. How Does this Help Education? Connecting and Engaging Students, Faculty, Staff • Productive and accessible mobile teaching and learning • Interactive and engaged faculty and staff • Enhanced communication New Teaching and Learning Models • Flexible and innovative learning options • Effective virtual project teams Improved Outcomes • College-ready and work-ready students • More productive faculty and staff • New and innovative IT models

  25. Making the Interactive Video Experience Mary SchlegelmilchManager, Cisco Education