Earned value and the integrated baseline review
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Earned Value and the Integrated Baseline Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Earned Value and the Integrated Baseline Review. George Stubbs, CBT Workshop. The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com. About George Stubbs the Presenter. Over 45 years Program Management Experience 5 Years United States Air Force 6 Years Raytheon

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Earned value and the integrated baseline review l.jpg

Earned Value and the Integrated Baseline Review

George Stubbs, CBT Workshop

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

About george stubbs the presenter l.jpg
About George Stubbs the Presenter

  • Over 45 years Program Management Experience

    • 5 Years United States Air Force

    • 6 Years Raytheon

    • 8 Years Boeing

    • 7 Years Martin Marietta

    • 9 Years Independent Consultant

    • 12 Years Senior Partner The CBT Workshop

  • The CBT Workshop

    • A leading supplier for affordable skilled Earned Value Management System (EVMS) resources specializing in EVMS services, training, and tools support.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Earned value and the ibr l.jpg
Earned Value and the IBR

  • What is an IBR.

  • What is its Purpose.

  • How to Prepare for an IBR.

  • Establish the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB).

  • Development of the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

  • What Documentation is required.

  • Risk Identification and Mitigation.

  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

  • The Control Account Managers (CAM) Notebook.

  • Review Team Composition.

  • IBR Training.

  • The Mock CAM Interview.

  • The IBR Process.

  • The Benefits of the IBR.

  • IBR Results.

  • IBR Related Information.

  • Helpful Links.

What is an ibr l.jpg
What Is an IBR?

  • A formal review conducted by the customer.

  • The first formal review after contract award.

  • At the contractors site.

  • Within 6 months of contract award.

  • Usually after two to three reporting cycles.

  • Verifies the technical and cost content of the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB).

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

What is the purpose of an ibr l.jpg
What Is the Purpose of an IBR?

  • Confirm the program baseline.

    • Work defined.

    • Work scheduled.

    • Work budgeted.

  • Review actual work performed.

    • Review the last CPR and IMS.

    • Measured correctly.

    • Consistently.

    • With objected metrics.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

What is the purpose of an ibr cont d l.jpg
What Is the Purpose of an IBR? (cont’d)

  • Review the latest estimate to complete (ETC).

    • Is it correct.

    • ETC processes established.

    • ETC threshold defined.

  • Identification of any risks or concerns.

    • Include any mitigation required.

  • Review the Earned Value Management System (EVMS).

    • Customer understands the EVMS.

    • Contractor is using the EVMS properly.

  • It is not a EV Validation!

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr preparation l.jpg
IBR Preparation

  • Establish the PMB.

  • Develop the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

  • Develop required documentation.

  • Risk identification and mitigation.

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

  • Develop Control Account Manager (CAM) notebook.

  • Review team composition.

  • IBR Training.

  • Develop CAM briefing charts.

  • Perform mock CAM interviews.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Establish the pmb l.jpg
Establish the PMB

Contract Price

Total Allocated Budget (TAB)

Fee / Profit / Margin

Over Target Baseline (OTB) (if applicable)

Contract Budget

Base (CBB)


Contract Cost



Unpriced Work


EV Starts Here

Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB)

Management Reserve (MR)

Distributed Budget (DB)

Undistributed Budget (UB)

Control Accounts

Summary Level Planning Packages

Planning Packages

Work Packages

Discrete Work

Apportioned Work

Level of Effort Work

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Develop the integrated master schedule ims l.jpg
Develop the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)

  • Integrated Master Plan (IMP).

    • High level program plan with program deliverables.

    • Part of the contract.

  • Master Schedule (IMS).

    • Shows how the IMP is accomplished.

    • Reported monthly with the CPR.

  • Allows for the development of the program critical path.

    • The longest duration tasks through the program.

  • EVMS is only as good as the IMS.

  • Becomes the lynchpin of the EVMS.

  • Most IBR corrective actions are IMS related.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr documentation l.jpg
IBR Documentation

  • Statement of Work (SOW).

  • Integrated Master Schedule (IMS).

  • Control Account Plans (CAPs).

  • Work Authorization Documents (WADs).

  • Baseline Change Requests (BCRs).

  • Relevant Program Directives.

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM).

  • Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS).

  • Negotiated Contract.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr documentation cont l.jpg
IBR Documentation (cont)

  • System Description.

  • Desktop Procedures.

  • Desktop Metrics.

  • Contract Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS).

  • WBS Dictionary.

  • SOW/WBS Cross Reference Matrix.

  • CAM Specific Items.

  • Any teammates/subcontracts documents that support the IMS and CPR.

  • Last IMS and CPR submitted and any other supporting documents.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Risk identification and mitigation l.jpg
Risk Identification and Mitigation

  • Technical.

    • Can you perform?

  • Schedule.

    • Can you deliver on time?

  • Cost.

    • Are you within the PMB?

  • Resource.

    • Do you have the skills required and are they available?

  • Management Processes.

    • Are your process and procedures up to date?

  • Risk Mitigating Actions.

    • What actions are you taking to reduce risk?

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Work breakdown structure wbs l.jpg
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • A hieratical rollup of work to perform the contract.

  • Mil Standard 881 is a ready reference.

  • WBS Dictionary is direct result.

  • Develop a SOW/WBS cross reference matrix.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Wbs example l.jpg
WBS Example




Flight Test





Static Test





Tail section

Control account manager cam notebook l.jpg
Control Account Manager (CAM) Notebook

  • Where the CAM fits within the program organization .

  • Who reports to the CAM.

  • The SOW the CAM is responsible for.

  • SOW/WBS Matrix.

  • WBS Dictionary.

  • Schedules to include the IMS and any lower level schedules used by the CAM.

  • Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) with hours and dollars.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Control account manager cam notebook cont d l.jpg
Control Account Manager (CAM) Notebook (cont’d)

  • Breakdown of hours and dollars by Element of Cost (EOC) for total program.

  • Breakdown of hours and dollars by CAM by EOC for each WBS.

  • Control Account Plans (CAPs).

  • Work Authorization Documents (WADs).

  • Baseline Change Requests (BCRs).

  • Any desktop metrics used to take performance.

  • Other references and working documents.

  • Virtual CAM notebook preferred.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Team composition l.jpg
Team Composition

  • Team Lead (Primary).

  • CAMs (Primary).

  • Program Manager (Primary).

  • PP&C Mgr/Business Mgr/Finance Mgr (Primary).

  • Schedulers (Secondary).

  • Cost Analysis (Secondary).

  • Subcontract Management (Secondary).

  • Technical Management (Secondary).

  • Subcontract Personnel (As Needed).

  • Others (As Needed).

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Training l.jpg

  • Training is essential to ensure that the IBR team can identify and adequately assess the project risk.

  • The PMs should conduct joint training .

  • The training should ensure the team can mutually understand the cost, schedule, technical, and management processes used on the project.

  • The essential elements of training include the following:

    • PMs’ Expectations

    • Management Processes

    • Project Management Aspects

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Mock cam interview l.jpg
Mock CAM Interview

  • Provide CAM with typical questions asked by reviewers.

  • Have CAM develop briefing covering most common questions asked.

  • Review all contents of the CAM notebook.

  • Have CAM brief the mock reviewer.

  • Have the reviewer ask some questions not covered by the CAM’s briefing.

  • Performed by someone not known to the CAM.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr process l.jpg
IBR Process

  • Customer selects CAMs /issues/ for IBR discussions.

  • Agenda provided prior to team arrival.

  • In brief on first day.

  • Government/Contractor Teams Meet for 2-4 Days.

  • Team reviews all aspects of contractors plans to complete contract.

  • Out brief results with list of action items.

  • Contractor coordinates with the customer to work off all action items.

  • Contractor provides substantiation of completed action items.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

What are its benefits l.jpg
What Are Its Benefits?

  • Understand program risks.

  • Understand the PMB.

  • Exercises the Earned Value Management(EVM) process.

  • Tests the CAM EVM knowledge.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr results l.jpg
IBR Results

  • Documented list of concerns and risk items for Program Managers actions.

  • Mutual understanding of concerns and risk items.

  • Better understanding of the contractors management control system.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr related information l.jpg
IBR Related Information

  • List of questions with answers that are most likely to be asked at an IBR.

    • http://www.cbtworkshop.com/Downloads.cfm

  • List of helpful links to websites that may be helpful in preparing for an IBR.

    • http://www.cbtworkshop.com/Links.cfm

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr related links l.jpg
IBR Related Links

  • List IBR Related Data

  • http://www.cbtworkshop.com/Downloads.cfm

  • Defense Acquisition Guidebook For the IBR (Main Page)

  • https://acc.dau.mil/CommunityBrowser.aspx?id=28943

  • The Program Managers Guide to the Integrated Baseline Review Process

  • www.acq.osd.mil/pm/currentpolicy/IBR_Guide_April_2003.doc

  • IBR Sample Out Brief

  • http://evm.nasa.gov/docs/Handbooks/IBR%20Mar%2007/Appendix_H_Outbrief_Samples.ppt

  • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Toolkit

  • http://acquisition.navy.mil/content/download/4819/21633/file/CEVM%20IBR%20Toolkit%20Final20080319.pdf

  • A guide for implementing project performance measurement baselines

  • http://www.defence.gov.au/dmo/esd/evm/IBR_HANDBOOK_V2.4_0.pdf

  • IBR Team Handbook

  • www.acq.osd.mil/pm/ibrmats/safaq_ibr_hdbk.doc

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Ibr related links cont d l.jpg
IBR Related Links (cont’d)

  • IBR Team Handbook

  • http://evm.nasa.gov/docs/Handbooks/IBR%20Mar%2007/Appendix_F_Team_Handbook.doc

  • Program Managers guide to the IBR

  • www.ndia.org/Advocacy/Resources/Documents/Content/NavigationMenu/Advocacy/Resources/PDFs30/program_managers_guide.pdf

  • Center for Earned Value Management (CEVM) IBR Toolkit

  • https://acquisition.navy.mil/content/download/4819/21633/file/cevm%20ibr%20toolkit%20final20080319.pdf

  • EVM Glossary

  • https://acquisition.navy.mil/rda/home/acquisition_one_source/cevm/evm_glossary

  • The IBR: Your Insurance Policy for a Sound Baseline

  • http://pmchallenge.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/2009/presentations/Fleming.Jon.pdf

  • SMC IBR Handbook

  • http://www.srs.gov/general/EFCOG/03OtherAgencies/SMCIBRHandbook.pdf

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Conclusion l.jpg

  • There is no pass/fail for an IBR.

  • Should not be adversarial.

  • Establishes a single program baseline between the contractor and the customer.

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information

  • www.cbtworkshop.com

  • gstubbs@cbtworkshop.com

  • 1-303-877-7201 Mobile

  • 1-888-644-5613

The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com

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The CBT Workshop www.cbtworkshop.com