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Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013

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Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013
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  1. Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013 Sponsorship Prospectus Contents 01. Invitation & Organizing Committee 02. Overview 03. Conference Program 04. Sponsorship Program 05. Exhibition 06. Application Form

  2. Greeting and welcome to The Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference 2013 (AFPS 2013), November 20 ~ 22, 2013 in Jeju, Korea. This year, under the main theme of “Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies - Next Generation Pharmaceuticals”, the conference will provide a multidisciplinary platform for the discussion of latest advances in modern pharmaceutical sciences and technologies, and fruitful interaction with the researchers and leaders in their respective fields. I hope you will join us at AFPS 2013 and have a meaningful time with your colleagues from Asia and around the world. I look forward to seeing you in scenic Jeju, Korea. Sincerely, ChulSoon Yong, Ph.D. Chair, Organizing Committee Organizing Committee - AFPS 2013 Conference Local Organizing Committee AFPS Scientific Program Committee International Organizing Committee

  3. Venue Ramada Plaza Jeju AFPS2013 will be held at Ramada Plaza Jeju, located within 10 min from Jeju International Airport and the center of old Jeju. Various types of 380 guest rooms with Pacific Ocean and Mt. Halla are available for the guests. A large convention hall to accommodate up to 1,200 attendees is complemented by medium and smaller size conference rooms at the hotel. Also, heath club, indoor/outdoor swimming pools and hot spa are readily accessible for the conventioneers to exercise and/or relax at leisure. Jeju, an Island of Natural Beauty Jeju, as the largest island in Korea, has been called the island that ‘meets the sky and the sea, and embraces the energy of Mt. Halla.’ Jeju was designated by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage preserve, and is one of the premier tourist destinations in Korea, thanks to its stunning natural scenery and attraction. Jeju is not only nature’s gift to the people of Jeju, Korea and the world, but also is enriched with a wealth of tourist attractions. The island is an “International Free City” looking brightly to the future where tourists and conventioneers are welcomed.

  4. Session Topics • Preformulation/Formulation design • Excipients development • Pharmaceutical principle • Cosmeceutics • Regulatory and compendial issues • Pharmaceutical policy • Clinical investigation regulations • Pharmaceutical patent issues PFD Physical pharmacy & Formulation design RSP Regulatory science & Policy • Design and development of biopharmaceuticals • Delivery routes (oral, nasal, buccal, pulmonary etc.) • Drug delivery system • Drug targeting &molecular imaging • Pharmacokinetics &pharmacodynamics • Drug disposition, metabolism &transport • Biovailability&bioequivalence • Pharmacogenetics/population pharmacokinetics BPM Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics & Metabolism BDD Biotechnology & Drug delivery PMT Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology • Drug target search • Drug design and evaluation • Translational research • Clinical research investigation • Manufacturing &engineering technology • Process development &optimization • Dosage form design &development • Pharmaceutical technology DDD Drug design & development PCV Pharma Convergence • Integration of pharmaceutics with bio/nano technology • Interdisciplinary emerging pharmaceutical technologies • Convergence of technologies for drug development

  5. 1. Package Program 2. Advertisement in Program Book * The above specified benefits could be subject to change upon circumstances. * 국내 스폰기업을 대상으로 (사)한국약제학회에서는 영세율이 적용되는 계산서를 발행하고 있습니다.

  6. Place: 2F Lobby, Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel Booth Price: KRW 2,000,000/1 booth - Standard booth package(Fascia board with company name, information desk, 1 rectangle table and 2 chairs) - Electricity 1KW / 3 spotlights - Free registration for 2 participants - Program book entry Booth Space: 1 booth: 3m width x 2m depth x 2.5m height Booth Location: The Organizer shall allocate the space considering the floor space, the order of applications received, the type of the products and other reasonable standards. Participants may not object to the decisions made by the Organizer. Exhibition Schedule BoothInstallation Service If requested, unattended exhibition will be arranged at a price of KRW100,000 (The price includes shipping cost and 10% VAT will be added). In addition, we can recruit a field staff for the exhibition if asked (daily pay: KRW 70,000). Standard Booth * 국내 스폰기업을 대상으로 (사)한국약제학회에서는 영세율이 적용되는 계산서를 발행하고 있습니다.

  7. - Sponsorship/Exhibition Application - I hereby apply to participate as a sponsor in Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013. Date: Company Name: Representative: (Signature) Please return this form to the secretary office of AFPS2013. AFPS 2013 Secretariat 313, Smart Bldg, Jeju Science Park, 213-3 Chumdan-ro, Jeju-City, Jeju, 690-140, Korea Email: Tel: +82-64-748-1040 Fax: +82-64-746-9317