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Advanced. Realistic. Masterful. Engineering. Responsibility Originality. Integrity Dedication. A.R.M.E. Teamwork: A group of individual people able to gel and combine their strengths to achieve an effective, smart solution to a problem. Don’t talk about fight club.

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a r m e

Advanced. Realistic

Masterful. Engineering






Teamwork: A group of individual people able to gel and combine their strengths to achieve an effective, smart solution to a problem.

Don’t talk about fight club.

Everyone contributes to the group evenly.

Be encouraging to one another; offer constructive criticism.

Keep an open mind to the ideas of other group members.


The purpose of this project is to create a paper airplane that can travel far and have a long hang time.

  • We can use one standard size paper, one paperclip, one dab of glue, three inches of tape, three staples.
  • For our airplane we decided to have a plane with a big surface area for the wings, so the plane can be in the air for a long time and glide for distance.

Ideas we had

  • Big wing span
  • Adding a tail
  • Cutting slits into the back of the wings
  • Bend the wings down and up
  • Adding flaps on the wings
  • Using tape and paperclips to balance weight, and keep the plane together

Best Solutions

  • Large surface area of the wings to create lift and keep the plan into the air
  • Folding the wings down to keep the airplane stable
  • Balance the weight using a paperclip on the back
  • Use tape and the paperclip to keep the body of the plane together

Using the nose section to

Balance the weight

  • Creating large, triangle wings

For maximum lift and




  • Fold ends of wings down
  • Add a paper clip to the back

and tape to the front of the plane

  • Fold the wings downward
  • Make the nose section smaller
  • Fold the wings upward

We were able to finish our airplane; however it did not fair well.

If we were able to balance the weight of the airplane, and figure out a way to make our wings have an even larger surface area, our plane would have gone farther.



Farthest Distance

Video of our plane

how to build our glider

Fold an 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper in half long ways.

  • Unfold, and fold the top two corners in so they meet at the crease and make a point at the top of the paper.
  • Fold the now diagonal lines in again to the crease, creating an almost triangle
  • Fold the tip of the plane down on the crease so the tip is half way between the intersection of the wings and its previous position
  • Fold the paper in half long ways along its crease backwards
  • Fold down the wings to meet the bottom of the page and continue about an inch farther before making the crease
  • Bend the wings up so they have an acute angle between them
  • Fold the tips of the wings down for greater stability
How to Build Our Glider