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University of Connecticut Procurement Services

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University of Connecticut Procurement Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of Connecticut Procurement Services. Town Hall Meeting January 18, 2012 Student Union Room 304B 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM & 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Matthew A. Larson, Director. Research. Education. Outreach. Today’s Agenda. Why we are here? Organizational Changes

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university of connecticut procurement services

University of Connecticut Procurement Services

Town Hall Meeting

January 18, 2012

Student Union Room 304B

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM


12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

Matthew A. Larson, Director




today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Why we are here?
  • Organizational Changes
  • Cost Reduction Effort……
  • Technology Enhancements
      • Kuali Financial Systems/SciQuestUpdate
      • New Contract Authoring and Bidding Modules
  • Proposed Business Process Changes
  • Open Forum

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

why are we here
Why are we here?
  • To foster an Open Dialogue between Procurement Services and the customers we serve and support

Mission statement:

Procurement Services supports the academic, research, and clinical missions of the University, through the strategic procurement and the judicious selection of quality supplies and services, in compliance with federal laws and regulations, Connecticut statutes and University policies.

  • Obtain feedback to identify gaps and (strengths) to more effectively respond to your changing business needs
  • Beginning of an enhanced Communication effort
    • Quarterly Town Hall Meetings [1/18, 4/6, 8/14, 11/6]
    • Business reviews and product shows with strategic vendors
    • Education
  • Provide new procurement systems updates

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

organizational changes
Organizational Changes
  • Procurement Services has been redesigned to better utilize existing resources and currently seeks new talent to expand our expertise.
      • Organizational Chart review
  • How does this affect you?
    • Pooled resources yielding quicker responses
    • Stronger resources to assist with procurement processes
    • Better customer experience
    • More strategic approach

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

organizational changes1
Organizational Changes

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12


“U”- Count is a cost reduction effort initiated as a result of the University’s budget reduction. With the charge to save over $4.0 million in FY ’12, sourcing teams, comprised of faculty and staff at the Storrs, Regional and UCHC campuses, have been tasked to explore cost reduction and business process opportunities to assist in making each dollar be more effective under the current financial constraints we are all facing. This effort has stimulated the University to review how it currently procures goods and services in an effort to become more efficient. Opportunities have been identified and are being implemented through:

  • Renegotiation of pricing with existing vendors;
  • Rebidding of contracts (where applicable);
  • Pooling spend and leveraging volume across the University campuses;
  • Identifying lower cost options and standards, where applicable, while maintaining quality of product and/or service;
  • Streamlining procurement processes to increase efficiencies.

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

  • The initial ‘Wave’ began in August and is exploring the following goods/services:
    • Furniture: To date over $600k in savings has been identified by establishing standards such as: ‘wood-like’ options to replace wood products, faux leather to replace real leather, non-metallic paint finishes, and standardized fabric choices. In addition, seating will now be offered through both BKM and Solidus to provide additional savings options.
    • IT Hardware: The IT Hardware team is developing standards for all hardware components. In addition, Storrs and UCHC are exploring options of pooling spend to leverage better discounts with current vendors (e.g. Dell, GovConnection).
    • Janitorial Supplies: To date, over $150k in savings has been identified through renegotiation of existing contracts. For example, by switching from liquid to foaming hand soap, converting from clear to black plastic trash bags where applicable, and standardizing on cleaning products.
    • Laboratory Supplies: To date savings have been identified by renegotiating discounts on current pricing through the University’s prime vendor, Fisher Scientific, and securing an additional 4% discount. Other examples include the ability to obtain free freight from Sigma Aldrich and reduced transportation costs through Invitrogen.

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12


Office Equipment & Supplies: A two-pronged approach has been developed for this initiative. For example, a $50 minimum order has been established to assist in the University's “green efforts”. As a result, an additional 2% discount has been negotiated and awarded to the University. In addition, office supply standards are being defined, with community input, to provide best options at the lowest cost. These standards will be implemented through ‘E-way’, the Staples on-line catalogue portal, over the next few months.

    • Telecommunications: Cell phone contracts with Verizon and AT&T have been renegotiated and are now offered through the WSCA consortium to provide better pricing options for the University. Further efforts include the renegotiation of the CEN contract which has resulted in a 57% reduction in cost to the University/UCHC on an annual basis. The stipend program has also been revisited resulting in a reduction in expenses of approximately $25k. Additional efforts are underway to develop equipment standards to provide best cost options to the University going forward.
  • Additional information on these initiatives will be forthcoming through a communication plan which is currently being developed. This effort will include a website which will serve as the information portal which will provide data on process changes, standards developed, updates on all the cost reduction initiatives and answers to frequently asked questions. Input on additional means of communication are always welcome. Feel free to share ideas.

The next ‘Wave’ is expected to start within two weeks and will include review of goods/services such as: audio/visual equipment; cleaning services; dining services; Facilities maintenance, repair, operation (MRO); and travel. Anyone who has ideas on how to assist in reducing costs in any of the areas may feel free to send thoughts/comments to:

Remember “U” do count and every effort we make individually or together, regardless of magnitude, will help the University reach its goal.

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/11/12

technology updates kuali
Technology Updates - Kuali
  • Kuali
    • What is Kuali?
      • New “Open-Source” Financial System selected to replace FRS
    • Go live is 7/1/12
    • Project Phases: I. Configuration of “Sandwich Model”

II. Testing

III. Training and Communication

- Website has been launched:

- Focus Groups: FG 1 – HuskyBuy, FG2 – Sourcing, FG3 - Contracting

    • How does this affect my purchasing world?
      • Real-time access to transactional data and requisition status
      • Ability to define and designate “shopper” role for procurement activities
      • Chart of account (COA) changes
      • FRS 6-12345 to Kuali 6123450 [KFS COA contains Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense]
      • Certain transactions will bypass Procurement Services and go directly to vendors

through HuskyBuy (SciQuest ) vendor portal

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

kuali sciquest sandwich model
Kuali/SciQuest Sandwich Model

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

technology updates sciquest
Technology Updates - SciQuest
  • SciQuest vendor portal [7/1/12]
    • Goal is to have 10 vendors up and running for “Go-live” 7/1/12 and 20 vendors up by 12/31/12
    • Punch-out capability into strategic vendors’ websites containing UConn profiles, contract pricing and approved content
  • SciQuest Bidding module [fall 2012]
    • Bid portal will facilitate and increase process efficiencies
      • Sponsors (you, the customer) will be able to electronically review and rank proposals
      • Public bidders will be able to electronically submit bids
  • SciQuest Contract Authoring [fall 2012]
    • Contracting tool to develop, process, negotiate and archive Procurement Services contracts
    • Libraries will be constructed to streamline contracting process
    • Goal is to integrate with OAG

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

business process changes
Business Process Changes
  • Changes that are under consideration to coincide with the changes required to maximize new procurement systems:
    • Increase in single transaction limit of PRO Card from $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 or $5,000.00.
    • Procurement Services PO signing authority to change
          • Will support staff’s ability to make decisions more quickly
    • Policy changes for transaction review:
          • Proposed policy: Catalogue vendor transactions, contracted vendors with a presence within the SciQuest catalogued content, will not be reviewed, unless triggered by the capital threshold of $5,000.00.
          • Proposed policy change: Non-catalogued vendor transactions, transactions with vendors not contained within the SciQuest catalogued content, will be reviewed at the $250.00 or $500.00 and over threshold.

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12

open forum
Open Forum

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12


Thank you for your participation and attendance!

Procurement Services Town Hall - 1/18/12