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Ovarian Cancer Canada. BY JENNA VASS. Mission Statement. Ovarian Cancer Canada staff and volunteers Are Dedicated to Overcoming Ovarian Cancer Supporting Women Living with the Disease. Mission Statement. Helping Raise Awareness to the Public

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Ovarian cancer canada

Ovarian Cancer Canada


Mission statement
Mission Statement

  • Ovarian Cancer Canada staff and volunteers

  • Are Dedicated to Overcoming Ovarian Cancer

  • Supporting Women Living with the Disease

Mission statement1
Mission Statement

  • Helping Raise Awareness to the Public

  • Funding for the Research, Healthcare and Professionals

  • Early Detection and improved Treatment and CURE


  • 1997, There was no Organizing directed

  • Ovarian Cancer in Canada

  • There was little funding, few Scientists

  • No Public Awareness about this disease

  • When Corinne Boyer succumbed to ovarian cancer

  • She left an enduring legacy Corinne's husband


  • The Ovarian Cancer Canada team developed range

  • Unique information resources. Cheryl’s legacy lives

  • Through the Cheryl Brown Outcomes Unit Vancouver Hospital

  • Patrick Boyer created the Corinne Boyer Fund


  • Advance ovarian cancer research and raise awareness

  • In 1999, the name was changed

  • National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA).


  • 2002, the Organization was Renamed Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC).

  • Generous Request to Ovarian Cancer Canada for Research Programs.

  • A new Organization was Formed in 2007


  • When the National Ovarian Cancer Association joined

  • With Ovarian Cancer Canada to become

  • National Charity in Canada Dedicated to Overcoming


  • Ovarian Cancer Canada has been named

  • Top Pick charity for 2012 by Charity

  • Intelligence (Ci) Canada.

  • One of 45 Charities across the Country

  • Selected for this Special Recognition


  • Ovarian cancer.

  • Adopting the name "Ovarian Cancer Canada"

  • Sunflower logo from NOCA, the new Organization

  • Advances builds the mission of founding partners.


  • Become a partner in Decisions you need

  • To make with your Healthcare Team

  • Let your Family and Friends know you need their help

  • Stay involved in your life and in your important relationships

  • Ovarian Cancer affects more than 2600 Canadian women yearly.

  • Most serious of all gynecological cancers, and each year,


  • 1750 women lose their lives to this Disease.

  • Ovarian Cancer Canada is Canada's only National

  • Charity Dedicated Solely to overcoming Ovarian Cancer.

  • Maintain Hope


  • Ovarian cancer the most serious of all

  • Gynecological cancers. Over 2600 Canadian women

  • Diagnosed every Year and every year 1750


  • women succumb to this disease. Symptoms are

  • Varied vague and easily missed. There is

  • No screening test to detect it.

  • But when found early  – and treated – ovarian

  • Cancer Survival rate is 90%.


  • Recent statistics indicate that despite our good

  • work and progress, there are still huge

  • misconceptions and a lack of knowledge

  • Ovarian cancer Canada’s most fatal gynecologic cancer

  • Disease that claims the lives of 1,750 Per Year

Different ways of participating
Different Ways of Participating

  • Supports families and women with ovarian cancer

  • Funds vital research in early detection

  • Ultimately a cure

  • Fundraiser , kids for the cause

Different ways of participating1
Different Ways of Participating

  • Volunteer to support ovarian cancer

  • Volunteers contributes the Ability create Awareness

  • Provides, programs and support services

Different ways of how people can donate
Different Ways of how People can Donate

  • Make a donation to the organization

  • Either one time payment our ongoing

  • Provide support through a gift

  • Tribute- in honor

  • Making a donation in honor of individual

  • Tribute in memory 1-877-413-7970


  • Scotia bank Marathon. OCTOBER 20,2013

  • Ontario Region Events October 24,2013

  • Ovarian Cancer (knowledge) October 17,2013

  • Knowledge is Power November 12,2013

Contact information
Contact Information

  • Ontario Regional Office Ovarian Cancer Canada

  • 205-145 Front St. EastToronto, Ontario M5A 1E3

  • Toll free: 1-877-413-7970

  • Tel: 416-962-2700

  • Fax: 416-962-2701

  • Marilyn Sapsford, Ontario Regional ManagerEmail: msapsford@ovariancanada.org

Web site address
Web site Address

  • http://www.ovariancanada.org/KnowledgeAwareness