for men only a single sex workshop for men who teach girls n.
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For Men Only: A Single Sex Workshop for Men Who Teach Girls PowerPoint Presentation
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For Men Only: A Single Sex Workshop for Men Who Teach Girls

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For Men Only: A Single Sex Workshop for Men Who Teach Girls - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For Men Only: A Single Sex Workshop for Men Who Teach Girls. John Bjornton Drew Higginbotham. Don’t sugar-coat just how bad some men can be. Drew Higginbotham TYWLS AP. Be the man you want her to marry . Meeker Strong Father’s, Strong Daughter’s.

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For Men Only: A Single Sex Workshop for Men Who Teach Girls

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Be the man you want her to marry.

MeekerStrong Father’s, Strong Daughter’s


Young people need adults in their lives who can make what is right more important than what feels good.

John BjorntonTYWLS Teacher


Teenagers need adults they are not related to, who do not want to have sex with them, to love them, and invest in their life.

John BjorntonTYWLS Teacher


Harlem’s a very intense environment. You’re constantly needing to prove yourself physically, to prove yourself sexually. Parents, when they come to our school, they sort of exhale deeply. You can hear them thinking to themselves, I can see my daughter here and she’s going to be O.K. for six hours a day.

Drew HigginbothamTYWLS AP


I teach my students math four periods a day, but I am teaching my students about what a good man is constantly.

John BjorntonTYWLS Teacher



Please take a 3 x 5 card and write down the reason you are here at our workshop today.



  • Use your Post-It notes to leave thoughts and examples on the topics around the room.
  • Choose three Post-It notes from the posters you found intriguing, whether you agree or disagree.

You feel uncomfortable sometimes around boys. You feel like you have to look nice for them. I don’t want to go to school to be a model. I want to go to school to learn.

AlbelizaTYWLS Student


It’s my subversive mission to create all these strong girls who will then go out into the world and be astonished when people try to oppress them.

Emily WylieTYWLS Teacher


Mothers bring children into the world.Fathers take children out into the world.

John BjorntonTYWLS Teacher


I hope he doesn’t rape me!

WaverlyTYWLS Student


It took me about two months to really trust my male teachers. I don’t have that problem with female teachers.

AlekaTYWLS Student


It helps if the [male] teacher is already married or gay. When they are single and look hot, it’s hard to give them respect.

IliaTYWLS Student


When teachers teach without expressions on their faces, students feel that they don’t really want to be there. But if a teacher is cheerful and energetic, and has a smile on his face, then students want to learn more.

LavernTYWLS Student


He was very respected as a teacher; all his students knew that he cared about us. That’s why many people loved him and were loved by him.

RamataTYWLS Student


Even though he was a man, he understood a lot of the things that we as girls were going through. He was always the person you could go to for any kind of advice.

BreannTYWLS Student


When you take the time out to help students and give them advice when they are facing obstacles, not only are you a teacher, but you are a person the students can look up to and confide in.

AlexaTYWLS Student


Most teachers enjoy helping out students when they need it and being someone their students can come confide in. Students begin to trust you, and that makes them want to do their best in your class.

AshleyTYWLS Student


He is someone I can talk to because he listens and gives out a peaceful vibe that allows me to talk freely and feel homey around him.

KatherineTYWLS Student


His calm tone and his ability to talk to me instead of barking at me enabled me to look at myself and ask what I was doing wrong, and how I was going to change it.

NakissiTYWLS Student


I realized that he cared about me and my future. He was straightforward with me about my work. It helped to know that he cared about me and thought I could do better.

DanielleTYWLS Student


Not all teachers would be willing to lend a helping hand the way he did. He made sure I wasn’t at a crossroads all alone. He gave me support when I really needed it, and he might not have even realized how big a difference that made.

DanielleTYWLS Student


You can always come to my room and chill out if you feel like you are going to explode. If you have the strength to walk away before a fight starts, I can always get your back.

John BjorntonTYWLS Teacher


He didn’t just expect us to do things; he suggested we do them because it was the right thing to do.

AnjelleTYWLS Student


At first I was scared of him, but soon I thought he was like Santa Claus – a big scary guy, but sweet with kids.

KarinaTYWLS Student


Yes, I am your teacher but if you want to talk about anything that relates to outside of school, I am here, because I really want you to succeed in school and the outside world.

John BjorntonTYWLS Teacher


We’ve all heard it is important to compliment girls for their minds not their looks. This is particularly important from the adult men in their lives.

Carlos LoraTYWLS Dean


The transition to teenage years is the key time during which girls lose their trust in adults.

Real Girls, Real Pressure: A National Report on Self Esteem


You know that line you don’t want to cross when talking to your Advisories about sex, relationships and drugs? You have my permission to just cross over that line a little bit. I want our girls to have the information they need to make good decisions. I’ll get your back if anyone complains.

Drew HigginbothamTYWLS AP


I hope I leave the girls with a positive image of men…I think a lot of the kids hear some pretty shitty things about men around their homes.

SargentReal Men or Real Teachers?


Daughters respect fathers who stand for something. She wants to see conviction….Give her something with which to agree or disagree. This teaches her to think, decide, act.

MeekerStrong Father’s, Strong Daughter’s


We live in a culture that presents us with dominant versions of masculinity as being rough, tough, and rock solid. Or we see guys portrayed as irresponsible slackers. Since we are bombarded with these limited selections, it’s challenging to think of alternative options for manhood that are appealing and resonate with who we might want to be, or who we want to be with.

TarrantMen and Feminism