Newbery medal winner avi by jennifer hemsath
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Newbery Medal Winner “ Avi ” by Jennifer Hemsath - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Newbery Medal Winner “ Avi ” by Jennifer Hemsath. The End of the Beginning: Being the Adventures of a Small Snail (And an Even Smaller Ant ). Let’s Meet Our Author. Avi was born in New York, New York in 1937

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Newbery medal winner avi by jennifer hemsath

Newbery Medal Winner“Avi”by Jennifer Hemsath

The End of the Beginning:

Being the Adventures of a Small Snail

(And an Even Smaller Ant)

Let s meet our author
Let’s Meet Our Author

  • Avi was born in New York, New York in 1937

  • His real name is Edward Irving Wortis, but his twin sister began calling him “Avi” when they were very young

  • Avi wanted to design airplanes when he grew up, but began writing plays instead

  • Avi was born into a creative family of writers, artists, and musicians

  • Books have always been an important part of Avi’s life

  • “My life has always been with, around, and for books.”~ Avi

  • He didn’t begin to write books when he had kids of his own

  • Avi enjoys communicating with students who are lonely, frustrated, and isolated – he especially enjoys helping those with learning disabilities, because he understands them


Edward Irving Wortis

It doesn t come easy

  • Avi has worked hard to become the writer that he is today

  • He admits that he was not always a very good student; he was not a very good writer

  • Avi failed all of his classes in high school, so his parents moved him to a small school

  • Avi received special tutoring and help with reading and writing

  • Avi suffers from dysgraphia, which causes reversal of letters and misspelled words

  • This made school difficult for Avi because his teachers thought that he just didn’t care about his work- but he did

  • It takes Avi about a year to write a book, as he must write over and over to correct his mistakes

  • He writes all kinds of books for different ages which we will explore

It Doesn’t Come Easy

The newbery medal

  • What does it take to win the Newbery Medal?

  • The author must be a citizen of the United States

  • The book will be reviewed by a committee

  • The book must be written for children

  • It must be a “most distinguished contribution to American literature for children published by an American publisher in the United States in English during the preceding year.”

The Newbery Medal

The end of the beginning winner of the newbery medal

  • We will be reading this adventure about Avon the snail and Edward the ant

  • Avon seeks adventure and Edward does not think anyone should go on an adventure alone

  • They wonder what they will see, how far they will go, and who they will meet

  • Edward likes to teach Avon as they proceed with their adventure

  • Avi writes in a way that will make us think a little harder about this adventure

  • We will see how far this small snail and even smaller ant go on their adventure

  • We will find out what they have learned about life

The End of the BeginningWinner of the Newbery Medal

Questions to ponder
Questions to Ponder… Edward the ant

  • What does it mean to go on an adventure?

  • When you go on an adventure do you always know where you are going or how far it will take you?

  • What interesting creatures to you think that Avon and Edward will meet along the way/

  • When it comes to the adventure, Edward will tell us, “It is better to look for nothing and find something than to look for something and find nothing.”

  • What does the difference between the words “suggestions” and “directions”?

  • Avon will share a poem with us in the story,

    “How I wonder why the air

    Is the same here as it was there.”

  • How do you think this poem will make sense in the story?

Exploration of avi s work what it takes to write

  • When asked where Edward the antAvi gets his ideas for writing books, this is what he says:

  • “Everybody has ideas. What do you do with them?”

  • “I take my ideas and put them into stories.”

  • “What do you think you’ll do with your ideas?”

  • “Listen and watch the world around you.”

  • “Try to understand why things happen.”

  • “Understand why you believe things.”

  • “Write what you honestly feel.”

  • To watch an interview with Avi, go to the following site:

Exploration of Avi’s Work:What it takes to Write

Other books by avi

  • Avi Edward the ant writes historical fiction, fantasies, comedies, mysteries, ghost stories, adventure tales, and realistic fiction.

  • Avi received the Newbery Medal for his adventure tale, The End of the Beginning

  • He has written more than 70 books

  • Many of his books have received awards

  • Some of the books that he is known for are:

    Crispin: Cross of Lead

    Nothing but the Truth

    The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

    The Man Who Was Poe


Other Books by Avi