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دروس مفيدة من تقارير الأهداف الأنمائية للألفية

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دروس مفيدة من تقارير الأهداف الأنمائية للألفية - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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دروس مفيدة من تقارير الأهداف الأنمائية للألفية. ندى جعفر إحصائية – أختصاصية الأهداف الأنمائية للألفية الأمم المتحدة الأسكوا. Best Practices

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دروس مفيدة من تقارير الأهداف الأنمائية للألفية

ندى جعفر

إحصائية – أختصاصية الأهداف الأنمائية للألفية

الأمم المتحدة


Best Practices

None of the countries followed the Guidance Note to the letter, nevertheless some best practices from each report can be drawn and followed for the next round of reports.

The reports would be more effective if it short and written in a concise manner with a simple style, with a summary of main points and messages. For example, Bahrain used side text to convey main messages or findings for each indicator. Furthermore, Bahrain and Kuwait have the shortest reports among the GCC (18 and 20 respectively).

Saudi Arabia included a section on country-specific development context entitled Economic and Social Framework. While UAE included in its MDGR a section on “Development Goals and Future Action”.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia provided a list of sources or references at the end of their MDGRs.

Comprehensive status at a glance tables for monitoring and evaluation environment and progress status by goal was provided by Oman and Saudi Arabia MDGR. Kuwait and Oman included in its MDGR a table on status at a glance; in addition, it provided a summary table on each indicator statistics bench year and latest year. Oman also provided the sources for each indicator in those tables.

Most of the countries presented their analysis with tables and graphs. Saudi Arabia provided further information in boxes.

To be of value, MDGR is not an end in itself; they are only as good as the action they generate and must perforce be judged by the impact they have in terms of:

  • promoting policy dialogue, thinking and action on MDGs and human development;
  • mobilizing international support for human poverty reduction
  • strengthening statistical systems of data collection and reporting
  • improving resource allocation
  • enhancing political commitment to poverty reduction
  • improving partnerships between government and Civil Society Organizations;
  • improving systems of public accountability;
  • helping better targeting of programmes to reduce inequities
  • contributing to professional development of staff in government, UN and in Civil Society Organizations.

قرص مدمج يَتضمّنُ مؤشراتَ الألفية والبيانات الوطنية ودون الوطنية تُمكّنُ المستخدمين من إنْتاج المخطّطاتِ، والرسوم البيانية والخرائط الجغرافية مِنْ المؤشراتِ الرئيسيةِ (DevInfo \excel على الأنترنت، ومن قبل جميع الشركاء -GCCInfo

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