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The Building Block of Our Profession PowerPoint Presentation
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The Building Block of Our Profession

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The Building Block of Our Profession
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The Building Block of Our Profession

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  1. The Building Block of Our Profession

  2. A message from the President, “The future of the right of way profession lies in the ability to develop and obtain quality education. Our society dictates a constant need for an increased level of education. The mission of the Right of Way International Education Foundation is to continue to work diligently and creatively to obtain and maintain the funds needed to support the initiatives that expand the level of education for right of way professionals.” Carol A. Croft, SR/WA

  3. What is the RWIEF? The Right of Way International Education Foundation (RWIEF) is a non-profit tax exempt corporation, classified as a public charity under the IRS Code, beginning in 1978. All contributions made to the RWIEF are tax deductible.

  4. History • July 22, 1976, Articles of Incorporation signed. • November 1, 1976, 1st Meeting, William L. Reid, 1st President. • Foundation officially reports to the Board of Directors of the IRWA. • The President of the IRWA also serves as the President of the Foundation. • November 8, 1978, IRS recognizes the Foundation as 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. • 1989 – It’s determined that the Foundation is best served with a separate president and trustees not linked to the IEC, C. Jeffery Triplette, named president. • 1998 - Foundation corpus > $500,000 and David W. Sinclair, SR/WA is named president. • 1998 – Foundation assumes control of its financial records to create proper separation between the IRWA and the Foundation. • 1998-2010, the Foundation commits to fund more than $1.3 million in IRWA course development initiatives while growing its corpus to $1.25 million.

  5. What is their purpose? The foundation was established for the primary purpose of funding right of way education initiatives. Since continuing education and professional development are essential to the growth and advancement of our profession, the foundation focuses on generating financial contributions and determining how to best allocate those funds on behalf of the right of way profession.

  6. What type of programs does the RWIEF fund? With over $1.1 million in assets, the RWIEF takes a strategic approach in determining which right of way education program to support. Funding categories have included the following: • New Course development • Revamping of existing courses • Web-based training programs • Career development and outreach

  7. Who contributes to RWIEF? The RWIEF appreciates the generosity demonstrated by the following contributors: • IRWA Members • Individuals • Companies This is accomplished by: • Individual donations • Donations from IRWA Chapters • Regional donations • And funds generated by: • The Annual Casino/Auction • Annual Golf Tournament

  8. What do you get in return? The Foundation is your “Savings Account”! For everything in life you have to make deposits to realize a return! Investing in the Foundation allows you to: • Give back to YOUR profession. • Support Right of Way Education. • Make an impact on yourself and others. • Promote the Goals and Objectives of your profession.

  9. Who benefits from these programs? The Right of Way Professional! As the professional development needs of today’s right of way professional evolve, individuals involved in all aspects of right of way will benefit from the advancement made in education!

  10. Who are the Trustees? Trustees are Right of Way Professionals that serve with a common goal to advance the initiatives of the RWIEF. The ultimate initiative is to ensure that right of way professionals can maintain the highest level of educational resources. Treasurer Clyde Johnson, SR/WA, R/W-RAC President Carol A. Croft, SR/WA Secretary Michael Pattison, SR/WA Vice PresidentCraig R. Poorker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC

  11. Trustees Joseph B. Neighbors, SR/WA William B. Milton, SR/WA David Sinclair, SR/WA Bernard W. Lea, SR/WA Ron Barker, SR/WA Keith D. Shorey, SR/WA Kevin Winner, SR/WA

  12. For additional information! Contact one of the following Trustees: Carol A. Croft, SR/WA, President Craig Poorker, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, Vice President Clyde Johnson, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, Treasurer Mike Pattison, SR/WA, Secretary David Sinclair, SR/WA, Joseph (Joe) Neighbors, SR/WA William (Bill) Milton, SR/WA Bernard Lea, SR/WA Keith Shorey, SR/WA Kevin Winner, SR/WA Thank You!