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Safety Review 2012

Safety Review 2012. Alice Fiedler alice.fiedler @ nisd.net (210) 397-8660. When must goggles be worn?. When the person (teacher or student) is… Using heat Using chemicals (including household ones) In the presence of projectiles. Types of eye protection.

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Safety Review 2012

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  1. Safety Review 2012 Alice Fiedler alice.fiedler @nisd.net (210) 397-8660

  2. When must goggles be worn? When the person (teacher or student) is… • Using heat • Using chemicals (including household ones) • In the presence of projectiles

  3. Types of eye protection • Chemical splash goggles (what we buy) • Safety glasses • Face shield (with goggles when chemicals, alone for impact only)

  4. Goggle sanitation • UV radiation for minimum 15 minutes • Older bulbs may not produce enough • UV to sanitize • Cleaning required in addition to • sanitizing • Note: Alcohol wipes may soften goggle frames.

  5. There are district funds for… • Goggles • Goggle cabinets/bulbs • Lab aprons • First aid kits/refills • Gloves • Fire blankets • Chemical/hazardous disposal

  6. Hazardous/Chemical Waste Pickup Campus pickups October 22-26 • Kelly 397-8566 or kelly.minor@nisd.net • Amy 397-8514 or amy.allison@nisd.net

  7. Safety professional judgment • Consider the source (NSTA, ACS, STAT,…) • Research additional information • Consider video/virtual labs for activities… • Impossible in our labs (e.g., zero gravity pendulum) • Expensive (e.g., seismometer) • Unsafe (e.g., nuclear half life) • But are NOT a substitute for most labs

  8. Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value • Not allowed to be provided to students any time anywhere on school premises by anyone (including guest speakers) until after the end of the last scheduled class. • http://info.nisd.net/child-nutritionhttp://www.squaremeals.org/

  9. Food in Science • FMNV should not be used in science class unless specifically required for the lab • FMNV violations result in campus fines • Be aware of food associated with allergies • Peanuts • Eggs • Shellfish

  10. Any questions about safety?

  11. Early bird rates of $120 in effect until Sept 30 • Registration online at http://www.cvent.com/events/conference-for-the-advancement-of-science-teaching-2012/event-summary-6976df6f00644047b68995d483d684db.aspx

  12. National NSTA Convention in SA! • April 11-14, 2013 • Online registration begins September • Events at Henry B. Gonzalez Center and four big hotels • Guest speakers, field trips, student showcase • Volunteers will be needed • http://www.nsta.org/conferences/2013san/

  13. Effectively assessing student learningBuilding foundations in elementary Special populations & diverse learnersTechnology, the “T” in STEM Strands include:

  14. CPE and TC hours • Events not in ERO are entered by your campus principal or designee • Check before you register for a session if you are counting on those hours • Questions about GT? Priscilla Lurz

  15. Proclamation 2014

  16. Proclamation 2014 Includes instructional materials for- • Science, K-12* • Math, K-8 • Technology Applications, K-12 *includes CATE senior science electives (A&P, Med Micro/Path, Forensic,...) but NOT AP

  17. Timeline for Proclamation 2014 • Publisher meeting-Feb 29, 2012 • SBOE adopts Q & A document-July 2012 • TEA releases 2014 Publisher handbook-Aug 2012 • TEA posts State Review Panel nomination form on website in Sept, due NLT Dec 14, 2012 • Intent to bid deadline-Dec 7, 2012

  18. Timeline Proclamation 2014 • State panel nominees panel-Jan/Feb 2013 • State panel candidates notified-March 2013 • TEA state review panel-June/July 2013 • SBOE public hearing on adoption-Sept 2013 • SBOE considers recommendations-Nov 2013 • Districts can begin ordering materials-Apr 2014 • New materials in classrooms for 2014-15

  19. Instructional Materials Allotment • State no longer “buys” textbooks • Districts get an annual IMA per student for each year of the biennium • “Materials” may include- • Textbooks, eTexts • Technology personnel directly with instruction • Laptops • Wireless systems...

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