past warming and ragweed season n.
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Past warming and ragweed season

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Past warming and ragweed season - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Past warming and ragweed season. US National Climate Assessment, 2014. Today ’ s 1 billion at risk for hunger could double by mid-century. . Future summers warmer than warmest on record. Battisi and Naylor, Science 2009. Climate Variability and Change. precipitation.

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past warming and ragweed season
Past warming and ragweed season

US National Climate Assessment, 2014

future summers warmer than warmest on record

Today’s 1 billion at risk for hunger could double by mid-century.

Future summers warmer than warmest on record

Battisi and Naylor, Science 2009


In Future, when it rains…it will pour.

By mid-century, Chicago region may experience 50-120% increase in CSO events (Patz et al. 2008)

Globally Averaged

U.S. CCSP, 2008

at least 24 died in landslide on march 22 2014 north of seattle
At least 24 died in landslide on March 22, 2014, north of Seattle

March, 2014, was the wettest in history for Seattle

sea level affecting us populations
Sea level affecting US populations

Schneider & Curtis, 2011

reducing fossil fuel use an opportunity for improving health
Reducing fossil fuel use:An opportunity for improving health

We can reduce:

The 3 million annual deathsfrom urban air pollution

The loss of 3.2 million deaths, from physical inactivity

Global Burden of Disease Report, 2013


Benefits of cleaner energy:$200*/ tCO2

  • Cost of cleaner energy:

< $30/ tCO2


(* Range: $50 to $380)

For E. Asia, co-benefits are 10 to 70 times greater

West et. al. 2013

20 fewer car trips change in o 3 pm 2 51

>500 lives saved/yr

  • 100,000s of Hospital admissions avoided
  • >$4 billion in avoided mortality and health care costs

20% fewer car trips:Change in O3 & PM 2.5

And if those short trips (< 5 mi. round-trip) were done by bicycle, the fitness benefit would save >700 lives /yr and another $4 billion dollars in avoided mortality costs

Grabow et al (2011)

active transportation diabetes
Active Transportation, Diabetes

National Walking and Bicycling Alliance 2014

active commuting and health evidence shows
Active Commuting and Health--Evidence Shows:
  • U.S. cities with enhanced levels of active transport experience health benefits obesity and diabetes rates 20% and 23% lower (Pucher et al. 2010)
  • Active commuting in Finland reduces 10-year risk of chronic heart disease events (Hu et al. 2007)
  • High levels of active commuting in China result in reduced risk of colon cancer (Hou et al. 2004)
  • Active Commuting has a protective effect on cardiovascular outcomes, including mortality, coronary heart disease incidents, stroke, hypertension, and diabetes (Hamer et al. 2008)
  • San Francisco Bay Area study found increasing biking and walking by 20 minutes/day would reduce cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 14% and decrease (Maizlish et al. 2013)
dec 2015 is fast approaching
Dec. 2015 is fast approaching

Thank you.

Jonathan Patz, Director

COP 21 to take place in Paris