Oracle jeri db generation
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ORACLE –JERI DB Generation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ORACLE –JERI DB Generation. April 27, 2004 Coles Sibley Jeff Patton. Overview. MPS Configuration Control Mode Mask Files Mode Mask Defaults Db Files .substitution files Startup scripts Power Supply Apps (design flow) MS Excel (BNL,LANL,LBNL-> SNS) ->.substitutions -> RDB

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Presentation Transcript
Oracle jeri db generation
ORACLE –JERI DB Generation

April 27, 2004

Coles Sibley

Jeff Patton


  • MPS Configuration Control

    • Mode Mask Files

    • Mode Mask Defaults

    • Db Files .substitution files

    • Startup scripts

  • Power Supply Apps (design flow)

    • MS Excel (BNL,LANL,LBNL-> SNS) ->.substitutions -> RDB

    • EPICS ->txt (archiver) ->RDB

    • Csv ->Splinefilt->RDB

    • *.txt ->RDB

  • Plans

Oracle ioc application setup
Oracle – IOC Application Setup

(From MPS but could be any application)

  • Setup Utility adds or modifies applications to an IOC

  • (Data can be initially populated by crawling cdCommands)

  • Adds directory paths to required file(s)

  • Each IOC application (i.e. VxStats) has a similar setup window.

  • HW init calls

  • SW Init routines

  • Post IOC init

Oracle hardware setup
Oracle – Hardware setup

  • Application setup adds hardware, db applications, sequencers, etc.

  • For example VME board / PCI card info

    • Hardware address

    • Interrupt vector

    • Hardware version

    • Serial number

    • etc.

  • Custom setup for each

    type of hardware

    MPS – Hardware jumpers

    PMC cards

    Use Heartbeat?

Oracle channel setup
Oracle – Channel Setup

  • Creates “.substitutions” file. Each channel gets instantiated with the template file(s) previously shown.

  • ADEL, MDEL, SMOO come from manufactures hardware specs and physics requirements

  • MPS shown below (Software mask jumpers, Mode Masks, etc.)

    • Configuration Control and reporting)

      Data comes from a

      number of Oracle


      Need an easy way to get

      data from RDB table(s)

      to .substitutions file

Mps summary
MPS Summary



Hardware by IOC

  • File Export options:

    • Chassis

    • IOC

    • MPS Chain

Hardware Configuration

Device (From cabling database)

Channel Configuration

Accelerator Readiness Committees accept configuration control procedures (very little paperwork)

Mps configuration control reporting
MPS Configuration control reporting

MPS configuration changes logged in elog

Mps exported files
MPS Exported files

Hardware configuration

Substitutions file

Expanded db files

Startup script

Archive config files (From RDB filters)

Created by java script in JERI

Power supply application
Power Supply Application

  • Initial data came out of excel spreadsheets

    • Power Supply limits (V and I)

    • IOC assignments

    • Channel assignments

  • Archiver configuration files

    Initially many sets of files, outdated, wrong. Led to operational errors

Ps magnet data from rdb
PS / Magnet data from RDB

  • Power Supply Calibration (from EPICS)

  • PSC / PSI calibration history

  • Power supply limits from manufacturer (RDB)

  • Operational Limits (Ops, magnets, cables, heat waves, etc)

  • Magnet mapping files

  • Magnet cycling profiles

  • SCORE – PS save / restore

  • Magnetic field set points from accelerator physics model (or golden tune, or last weeks tune, etc)

    • Alarm limits

    • MPS trip levels


Data is getting into Oracle (Bar code constraints)

.Substitution files are getting generated

Problems future plans
Problems – Future Plans

  • Problems using an RDB

    • Controls Group Acceptance (We didn’t do it this way)

    • Need EPICS or Engineering user interface

    • ACCL-SRV1 needs to be mirrored for Oracle development

    • A lot of overhead to set up, lack of RDB experience

    • Too many constraints, held up because of missing bar codes

  • Status and Future Plans

    • Archiver Configuration, Report generation

    • ~45 MPS IOC’s and 60 MPS chassis configured

    • Power Supply IOC Application (testing)

    • Argonne Collaboration (IRMIS)

    • PV application locator (IRMIS)

    • Oracle mirror on ics-accl-srvxx (In progress)

    • Use RDB for Global System configuration (100’s of IOC’s to manage, will not be able to upgrade all at once)

Signal management import db templates
Signal Management – Import .DB/Templates

Startup.cmd imported

(crawler App keeps Oracle up to date)

Bad signals, duplicates signals, etc flagged.

New verses Old comparison

Files generated by Oracle go back into the RDB, verifies what is loaded by IOCS.