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October Interface Monthly Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Management and Reporting Tool Update PowerPoint Presentation
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October Interface Monthly Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Management and Reporting Tool Update

October Interface Monthly Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Management and Reporting Tool Update

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October Interface Monthly Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Management and Reporting Tool Update

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  1. October Interface Monthly MeetingSunflower ProjectStatewide Management and Reporting Tool Update October 13, 2009

  2. Today’s Topics • Introduction • Milestones • SMART Project Update • Top FAQS • Interface Test Stage 2 • Closing

  3. Agency Milestones/Tasks • Milestone Status: • 31/32 agencies have completed their connectivity testing • 6/23 agencies have completed their entire testing of Stage 1 interfaces • 10/22 agencies have completed testing of INF01 • 1/8 agencies have completed testing of INF15

  4. Project Update • Updates: • The interfaces used in the interfund solution will be tested by agencies during Stage 6 of Interface Test with interfund transactions • Converted data will be included in the Interface Test environment in Stage 6 • The JCL Outbound File Naming Standard issue has been resolved • Single Payment Vouchers must be entered through INF02 or online • The interface team will create sample purchase orders online for use in INF02 and INF18 testing by request • The INF06 SOURCE field values for Interface Test are: • EXT = “External” • REG = “Regents” • SET = “Setoff” • New Voucher Origins have been added for agencies creating payments on behalf of another agency

  5. Project Update • Updates: • The September Monthly Interface meeting Q&A has been published • The updated Interface Standards document has been published • The updated Core FTP instructions have been published and contain the commands needed to transfer to/from the DISC mainframe • Layout updates have been published per the bi-weekly updates and communications were sent to agencies • The OPRID for all interfaces is ‘SMART_BATCH’ • The Line Count on the Control record is the count of all lines in the file, excluding the Control record • Stage 2 Configuration values were published on 9/21/09 • The Stage 1 testing issues have been resolved • The upcoming monthly interface meetings are scheduled on: • November 10th • December 8th

  6. FAQs • Top Frequently Asked Questions: • How do I request an ACH payment for a voucher submitted on INF02? The Payment Method field is used to define whether a voucher is ACH or check (CHK). This value will default based on the vendor but can be overridden by providing a value on the transaction. • How will agencies be notified of interface transactions that fail the SMART transaction edits? Agencies will need to log in to SMART online to identify and correct errors after a file has been processed. Pre-SMART edits will create in an error file. • Will converted data be available in the Interface Test environment? Yes, converted data will be available at the end of March in Stage 6 Interface Test to test conditions as needed. • When can we expect the spreadsheet templates for the spreadsheet uploads? The spreadsheet upload templates will be provided prior to Interface Test - Stage 5. If you are not using INF02 and need vouchers for Interface Test prior to Stage 5 the Interface Team can enter a sample of vouchers online.

  7. FAQs • Top Frequently Asked Questions (cont): • Will INF04 include new vendors and vendor updates? INF04 will include new vendors only. Vendor updates will be made online. Agencies will send in a value of ‘NEXT’ in the Vendor ID field. • For numeric fields in the inbound interfaces that have no value do we leave the field blank or should we populate it with a zero format of some type? Use a single ‘0’ for a numeric field instead of a blank. The theory is that using ‘0’ instead of a blank is better from a development perspective validations and processing. • Where is the STARS vendor number and suffix? The suffix value will be converted into the DESCR field and the STARS vendor number will be converted to the Old Vendor ID field. Both fields will be provided on the Vendor Address record of INF01.

  8. Interface Test Strategy • Stage 2 – Inbound Interfaces (10/5/09 – 11/18/09): • Confirms that the inbound interface files can be loaded successfully into SMART • Is the source of data for Stage 3 testing • Confirms that agencies have loaded and processed SMART vendor and chartfield data received in Stage 1 • Files must be uploaded by agencies to the DISC mainframe using the appropriate command script contained in the Core FTP instructions • Agencies may not use Budgetary Only values on their inbound voucher, GL journal or deposit transactions • Error and log files will be provided to the agencies • Agencies can send more then one interface file at a time • The Interface Team will create sample purchase orders for processing INF02 vouchers against an encumbrance upon request

  9. Key Dates

  10. Closing • How you can communicate with us: • Surveys – Please let us know how we are doing • Office Hours – Come see us! • Monthly Interface Meetings – Participate, bring your questions and issues or send them to us in advance • Email – SunflowerFMS@da.ks.govSubject “Interfaces” with suggestions, comments or questions