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Science Planning Committee (SPC)

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Science Planning Committee (SPC). Report to USAC February 2010. Role of Science Planning Committee. Chartered by the Science Advisory Structure Executive Committee (SASEC) as primary SAS committee for planning the IODP scientific drilling expedition schedule

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science planning committee spc

Science Planning Committee(SPC)

Report to USAC

February 2010

role of science planning committee
Role of Science Planning Committee
  • Chartered by the Science Advisory Structure Executive Committee (SASEC) as primary SAS committee for planning the IODP scientific drilling expedition schedule
  • SASEC retains really long-term planning outlook
  • SPC focuses on annual process for review and ranking mature IODP proposals forwarded by SSEP, approximately one year in advance of preparation of IODP Annual Program Plans
  • SPC also recommends annual engineering plan in support of science plan, after advice from EDP
  • All other SAS panels report through SPC, so SPC also synthesizes SAS advice for SASEC + IODP-MI

SPC Activities since July USAC

  • SPC Meeting August 25-27, Kiel, Germany*
  • 3. Alternative approach to proposal discussion*

1. SPC Meeting, Kiel

SPC Motion 0908-13: Two options were discussed for prioritizing the Superfast Spreading Crust (Proposal 552-Full5) + Costa Rica Seismogenesis Project (CRISP) Phase A (Proposal 537A-Full5) slot in the FY2011 JOIDES Resolution schedule. SPC prefers…

Superfast and CRISP A are both objectives. If conditions at Superfast warrant, a decision tree will decide whether an increased proportion of time would be spent at Superfast, or a decreased proportion of time.

Drilling plan for two expeditions under review at OTF


1. SPC Meeting, Kiel

SPC Consensus 0908-12: The SPC will consider evaluating, on a case by case basis, possibilities for combining expedition objectives and/or staffing and crew, and/or for implementing flexibility in the length of expeditions.

To aid in future scheduling considerations, the SPC asks IODP-MI to contact proponents of proposals currently residing at SPC and at OTF (but not scheduled) to prioritize their scientific objectives in light of potentially reduced implementation and operational times.

Done, with proponents of proposals being forwarded to SPC for March meeting


3. Alternative Approaches to Proposal Discussion

  • Current format of proposal review and discussions:
    • Can overlap too much with thorough SSEP discussions of science
    • Disconnects somewhat current proposals from those at OTF
    • Limits opportunities to discuss proposals in a global perspective
  • Streamline science discussion process by providing template for presentations; normal watchdogs
  • Add presentation and discussion section of all OTF and SPC proposals by Theme, and by Regions

4. SPC Business March 2010

  • Discuss and rank proposals advancing from SSEP; consider for forwarding to OTF
  • Discuss status of proposals at OTF
  • Discuss approach to June 2010 guidance for generalized operations plan for remaining years of IODP program

4. SPC Business March 2010 Proposals

Deep Biosphere and Subseafloor Ocean

547-Full4 Oceanic Subsurface Biosphere

553-Full2 Cascadia Margin Hydrates

555-Full3 Cretan Margin

557-Full2 Storegga Slide Gas Hydrates

589-Full3 Gulf of Mexico Overpressure

633-Full2 Costa Rica Mud Mounds

Environmental Change, Processes, and Effects

548-Full2 Chixculub K-T Impact Crater

556-Full4 Malvinas Confluence

567-Full4 South Pacific Paleogene

581-Full2 Late Pleistocene Coralgal Banks

595-Full3 Indus Fan and Murray Ridge

661-Full2 Newfoundland Sediment Drifts

667-Full NW Australian Shelf Eustasy

672-Full3 Baltic Sea Basin Paleoenvironment

686-Full Southern Alaska Margin I

732-Full2 Antarctic Peninsula Sediment Drifts

Solid Earth Cycles and Geodynamics

551-Full Hess Deep Plutonic Crust

659-Full Newfoundland Rifted Margin

669-Full3 Walvis Ridge Hotspot

681-Full2 Lesser Antilles Volcanic Landslides

695-Full2 Izu-Bonin-Mariana Pre-Arc Crust

697-Full3 Izu-Bonin-Mariana Reararc Crust

698-Full2 Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc Middle Crust

703-Full Costa Rica SEISCork


4. SPC Business March 2010 OTF proposals

Scheduled or recommended for FY10-11

519-Full2 South Pacific Sea Level

522-Full5 Superfast Spreading Crust

537A-Full5 Costa Rica Seismogenesis Phase A

545-Full3 Juan de Fuca Flank Hydrogeology

603A-Full2 NanTroSEIZE Phase 1: Reference Sites

603B-Full2 NanTroSEIZE Phase 2: Mega-splay Faults

603C-Full NantroSEIZE Phase 3: Plate Interface

603D-Full2 NanTroSEIZE Observatories

636-Full3 Louisville Seamount Trail

662-Full3 South pacific Gyre Microbiology

677-Full Mid-Atlantic Ridge Microbiology

734-APL CascadiaAccretionary Prism CORK

Available for future consideration by OTF

477-Full4 Okhotsk/Bering Plio-Pleistocence (Okhotsk)

505-Full5 Mariana Convergent Margin

537B-Full4 Costa Rica Seismogenesis Phase B

549-Full6 Northern Arabian Sea Monsoon

552-Full3 Bengal Fan

601-Full3 Okinawa Trough Deep Biosphere

605-Full2 Asian Monsoon

644-Full2 Mediterranean Outflow

693-APL S. Chamorro Seamount CORK

716-Full2 Hawaiian Drowned Coral Reefs

724-Full Gulf of Aden Faunal Evolution

738-APL Nankai Trough Submarine Landslides