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Personalized Ergonomic Desks PowerPoint Presentation
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Personalized Ergonomic Desks

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Personalized Ergonomic Desks - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Personalized Ergonomic Desks
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  1. Ergonomic Office Personalized Ergonomic Desks and Work Environments Custom & Production Designed and Built in Sausalito, CA since 1985 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  2. What if you could easily inspire creativity, increase productivity and enhance your company’s stature? WNYC New York 2008 My Service Depot ~ Lewis Center, OHIO

  3. What if you could save money with deep discounts on multiples of existing production models or on new designs customized to your exact specifications?

  4. What if you could finally make your“furniture headache” go away? Before and After: Law Offices of Peggy Bennington ~ Mill Valley, CA

  5. By choosing Omnirax as your preferred furniture provider, you can! “From my concept through creative design collaboration, my vision was never compromised. Omnirax executed the manufacture and installation beyond my vision, managing design changes, never losing sight of the budget. The Omnirax team provided a personal approach to insure my total satisfaction with an end product that fulfilled my ergonomic design requirements and personal goals of function, quality, and efficiency.” ~ Kathy Burwell OTR/L, Ergonomic Consultant “Before I met Omnirax, my office/call center was a mess of tangled cords and mismatched workstations. Working with Omnirax was a breeze! David always brought intuitive and functional designs to the table. Now, with Omnirax furniture installed my Call Center is clutter free, streamlined, organized and functional.” ~Skip Stringfield, President, My Service Depot, Lewis Center, OHIO “…being able to stand or sit during the workday has resulted in an increase in my productivity. Purchasing an adjustable desk from Omnirax has been a sound investment in both my health and ability to serve my clients.” ~ Steven A. Nielsen, Registered Patent Attorney

  6. What differentiates Omnirax from other furniture designers/ manufacturers is: • Our uniquely balanced blend of style, ergonomics, functionality and solid construction • Our fanatical attention to detail • Our commitment to “heroic” customer care and service • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee • Our detailed Collaborative Discovery and Design process • KIRO News Center, Seattle WA

  7. Our Collaborative Discovery and Design process: Our goal is to understand the environment you are working in and then make it better. Together we design your ideal workstation desk and peripheral environment that is: • Personalized • Ergonomic • User-friendly • Aesthetically pleasing • Fabricated to exact specifications • And meticulously tailored to accommodate today’s technology We’re 100% committed to this process and to your positive experience.

  8. Ergonomics - simply put - is fitting the work environment to the person instead of forcing the person to fit the work environment. The proven purpose of ergonomics is to provide a safe comfortable and efficient work environment that promotes health and increases productivity. Proper ergonomic design is necessary to prevent Repetitive Motion Injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and bursitis, which can develop over time and can lead to long-term disability. Ergonomics is good! Omnirax has been designing and building personalized ergonomic work environments since 1985.

  9. Sit/Stand Desks We design & build personalized flexible ergonomic height-adjustable workstation desks for your Office and your Home. Research has clearly demonstrated the health benefits of working while standing, as opposed to sitting all day. People who work standing up are healthier, happier and more productive. “The best position is the next position.”

  10. Build to Budget Many Omnirax customers choose the benefits of this refreshing approach: • Allocate your resources appropriately: • Save $ by containing costs within pre-set parameters • Put your money where you need it most: • Furniture can be “dressed up” or “dressed down” as needed, so you get maximum “bang for your buck” • Eliminate your headache from navigating through a costly and confusing bid process, or just too many “back and forth’s” to get to the “right number”: • Work together with us to design your furniture based on your budget to maximize the return on your investment Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems Headquarters ESPN ~ Dallas, TX

  11. Office Furniture Why spend 8 or more hours a day at an obsolete pre-computer-centric desk? Why settle for boring, cold, unfriendly, uninspiring rectilinear, work spaces? Warm up and tech up all your: • Executive and private offices • Shared spaces • Open “collaborative clusters” • Computer workstations • Reception areas • Conference rooms

  12. EXPERIENCE THE OMNIRAX MAGIC! Trust us with your next project and become a Customer for Life 800.332.3393 or 415.332.3392