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Navman WBS Solution Overview

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Navman WBS Solution Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Navman WBS Solution Overview. <NAME> Saturday, May 24, 2014. Agenda. Solution Overview Solution Architecture Hardware Component Overview OnLine AVL Overview Reports. Vehicle Tracking and Reporting. Productivity Efficiency Piece of mind Security Control Measurable benchmarks

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navman wbs solution overview

Navman WBS Solution Overview


Saturday, May 24, 2014

  • Solution Overview
  • Solution Architecture
  • Hardware Component Overview
  • OnLine AVL Overview
  • Reports
vehicle tracking and reporting
Vehicle Tracking and Reporting
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Piece of mind
  • Security
  • Control
  • Measurable benchmarks
  • An innovative business tool
communication navigation
Communication & Navigation
  • Innovative and inexpensive communication
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce misunderstandings and errors
driver management
Driver Management
  • Behaviour
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Compliance (business & govt)
telemetry monitoring
Telemetry Monitoring
  • Security
  • Piece of mind
  • KPI benchmarking
  • SLA compliance
  • Solution Overview
  • Solution Architecture
  • Hardware Component Overview
  • OnLine AVL Overview
  • Reports
how the solution works
How the solution works

Telecommunication Provider

GPS Satellite


Secure service centre

Customer’s PC

gps satellite
GPS Satellite
  • GPS provides specially coded satellite signals that can be processed in a GPS receiver (tracking device), enabling the receiver to compute position, velocity and time* anywhere on land, air or sea at anytime
  • Four GPS satellite signals are used to compute positions in three dimensions and the time offset in the receiver clock*
  • Available 24 x 7
  • Designed and operated by the US Military
  • 24 satellites orbit around the earth
  • The Navman Halo has a 12 channel GPS receiver (accurate to within 5 metres)

*Peter H. Dana, The Geographer's Craft Project, Department of Geography, The University of Colorado at Boulder

what is gps
What is GPS
  • Each satellite transmits a unique digital code sequence of 1’s and 0’s – precisely timed by an atomic clock, which is picked up by a GPS receiver’s antenna and matched with the same code sequence generated inside the receiver.
  • By lining up or matching the signals, the receiver determines how long it takes the signals to travel from the satellite to the receiver.
  • These timing measurements are converted to distances using the speed of light (about 300,000 kilometres per second), the same speed with which radio waves travel.
  • Measuring distances to four or more satellites simultaneously and knowing the exact locations of the satellites (included in the signals transmitted by the satellites), the receiver can determine its latitude, longitude, and height while at the same time synchronizing its clock with the GPS time standard which also makes the receiver a precise time piece.
customer vehicle
Customer Vehicle
  • Each vehicle contains a tracking device and an antenna
  • Optional hardware: -
    • Communication & Driver PIN – MDT
    • Communication & Navigation – M-Nav
    • Telemetry Monitoring - ConEx
telecommunication provider
Telecommunication Provider
  • Provides cellular connection for information to be transferred from vehicle to Navman and vice versa
  • Data is sent through the cellular network
  • Creates an IP data session for each connection
navman secure hosting
Navman secure hosting
  • Each fleet is allocated to a server
  • Username and password is allocated to point the customer to the correct server
  • Server uptime 99.99%
  • Regular automated security check
  • Heart beat monitor
  • Active hot servers (redundancy)
  • Availability comparative to Telecom’s cellular network uptimes
  • Redundant fibre network
customers desktop internet
Customers Desktop & Internet
  • Each users desktop must have the OnlineAVL software loaded and directed at the correct server
  • The same username and password can be used on multiple desktops
  • OnlineAVL has different user levels. Eg from view only to full admin access
  • Can load onto Citrix or Terminal Servers
  • Internet
  • Must have internet connection
  • Transfers information from Navman to Customers Desktop and vice versa
  • 56KB dial up or higher required
  • Solution Overview
  • Solution Architecture
  • Hardware Component Overview
  • OnLine AVL Overview
  • Reports
halo qube tracking device
Halo Qube tracking device
  • Provides time, date, ignition, speed, direction & location, plus more
  • Automatic time or distance update (1 mile or 5 min)
  • Stores up to 500 events if outside of cellular coverage
  • Connects to other hardware devices such as the M-Nav, MDT and ConEx
  • Stored under the seat, dashboard or in the glove box
  • Powers using the vehicles battery 12v or 24v
  • 12 channel GPS receiver
mdt 860
  • Receives and sends IP text messages
  • Driver selects reply message from preset replies list
  • OnlineAVL user can send an IP text message to one or all vehicles simultaneously
  • Driver ID
  • Driver ID allows visibility and monitoring of vehicles current driver

Optional Add On

m nav 650
M-Nav 650
  • Receives and sends IP text messages
  • Drivers can select from up to 100 preset reply messages or type new reply
  • Receives route information as GPS coordinates seamlessly from OnlineAVL
  • Can save up to 200 destinations as favourites
  • Can set multiple stop trips
  • Automatically calculates distance to destination, speed and estimated time of arrival
  • High quality speaker sound for turn-by-turn voice guidance

Optional Add On

  • Control and/or monitor external devices from OnlineAVL
    • panic switch
    • doors open/shut
    • lights on/off
    • PTO (power take off) on/off
    • Brakes (pedal)
  • Receive email/pop-up/e-text alerts (optional to configure)

Optional Add On

  • Solution Overview
  • Solution Architecture
  • Hardware Component Overview
  • OnLine AVL Overview
  • Reports
vehicle display screen

Vehicle reference

Vehicle Display Screen

Time of latest update

Name of fleet

Latest known vehicle location

Green – vehicles ignition is on

Blue – vehicles ignition is off

vehicle activity screen
Vehicle Activity Screen

Ignition status

Trip (mileage)

Time of update

Location of event

Event Icon


Power removed and restored

Driver PIN accepted

Driver PIN Denied

Driver Logoff

Auto Logoff

PIN in use

Unknown driver

Unauthorised Movement Alert

Stationary Vehicle Alert

Ignition on

Ignition off

Entering a Geofenced area

Exiting a Geofenced area

MDT/M-Nav on-line

MDT/M-Nav off-line

Vehicle position queried

Vehicle moved with ignition off

Timed update

map display screen

Create Geofence/ Customer Site

Pan the map left/right or up/down

Zoom in or out from country down to street level

Map Display Screen
map toolbar
Map Toolbar

Pan map to the Left/ Right/ Up or Down

Map Zoom Level (12 levels in total)

Search Map for street function

Create Customer Site

Create Geofence

map zoom levels
Map Zoom Levels

Country level down to Street level

customer sites
Customer Sites

Create using the short cut on the map tool bar or right clicking on the map

  • Unlimited number of sites can be created
  • Sites stored on server

Once you have created the Customer Site, a details screen will appear where you can name the Site and add details

benefits of customer site
Benefits of Customer Site
  • Accurately record time on customer site
      • Billable time on site (service sector)
      • Waiting time on site “can we charge for it” (transport sector)
  • Business mode KPI’s, measure productivity
      • “How long should the job take”
  • Measure how frequently a site is visited
      • Call cycle ”how frequently should the customer be called on”
  • Who called on the customer “proof of service”
      • When and what time

Create using the shortcut on the map tool bar or right clicking on the map

  • Only 50 Geofences can be stored by each tracking device
  • Maximum of 20 sides per Polygonal Geofence

Once you have created the Geofence, a details screen will appear where you can name the Geofence and add emails to receive alerts

benefits of geofence
Benefits of Geofence
  • Accurately record time inside a defined area
      • Waiting time at a location, PORT, SUPPLIER, FUEL STATION, BUILDING SITE “can we charge for it”
  • Business model KPI’s, measure productivity
      • “How long should they have been inside the Geofence”
  • Measure distance travelled inside a defined area
      • Determine mileage reimbursement based on travel within a region
  • Real time alert notification
      • Customized messaging notifications for enter and exits to defined Geofences “ push customers arrival messages”
      • Increase customer service
      • Vehicle security for “piece of mind”
      • Monitor unauthorized use of company vehicles
      • Mile stone notification
  • Solution Overview
  • Solution Architecture
  • Hardware Component Overview
  • OnLine AVL Overview
  • Reports
activity report
Activity Report
  • Summary of days activity
  • Answer customer queries
  • Monitor driver log book
  • Filter desired activities

Event Type

Dates to report on



Trip Distance

Event Information

Time on Site

customer site report

Vehicle visits to Navman and duration at location

Customer Site Report
  • Evidence visits for customer service
  • On-site billing / waiting time
  • Call cycle
  • Comparison of productivity time
geofence report

Geofence name

Time in Geofence

Total distance traveled within Geofence

Geofence Report
  • Captures time and distance within a defined location
  • Claim back road user charges for off road miles traveled within Geofence
  • Time inside the Geofence will evidence loading and unloading ACTUALS against business model
idle report

Idle location

Idle duration

Idle Report
  • Produces and easily evidences ROI as there are direct costs related to vehicle idling
    • Fuel cost
    • Engine wear and tear
    • Driver wages
    • Vehicle productivity
mileage report

Vehicle Details

Mileage Completed

Mileage Report
  • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Unauthorized usage – cost savings
  • Scheduled vehicle maintenance
  • Measure weekly/monthly trends
overspeed report
Overspeed Report
  • Evidences driver behaviour
  • Evidences ROI related to direct vehicle cost
    • Fuel, engine wear & tear
  • Captures the maximum speed & location the vehicle reached at any given point in time

Peak speed reached

Location of peak speed

speed analysis report
Speed Analysis Report
  • Individually benchmarks driver route performance
  • Allows you to compare the driver behaviour of up to 5 vehicles
  • Can manually set speed bands over a defined period of time.
stop report
Stop Report
  • Visibility of unscheduled stops
  • On-site billing
  • Waiting time
  • Proof of delivery/site visit

Time stopped at location

Stop location

trip report the significant one
Trip Report **the significant one**
  • Highlights daily productivity
  • Service based industry – travel time modeling
  • On-site billing for labour
  • Models congestion
  • Payroll start/finish

Onsite time

Trip distance

Start and Finish time

Travel time

Total for the day

show nearest
Show Nearest

Distance from location in kilometers

Vehicles within the maximum distance from the location will be listed

Selected location highlighted

route to with m nav device
Route To (with M-Nav device)

Select the vehicle/s you want to direct to the location

The road name is automatically placed in the text box

Can add extra text to the message

Location of the road

stationary vehicle alert
Stationary Vehicle Alert

Productivity alert used during the customer’s normal business operating hours

Designed to alert an OnlineAVL user when a vehicle’s work rate dips below a defined level or the vehicle is stationary too long

The alert will trigger based on a time and distance setting

Can select emails to receive alert

Stationary vehicle period (inside of normal business hours)

White space is when no alerting notification is required. I.E on the way to/from work & during lunch hour

Set Time-zone before setting up calendar template

unauthorized movement alert
Unauthorized Movement Alert

Alert focused on non-business hours for unauthorized usage and security

The alert will trigger based on activity, distance or geofence setting

Can select emails to receive alert

Unauthorized movement period (outside of normal business hours)