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How to get to College! 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to get to College! 101

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How to get to College! 101 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to get to College! 101. Presented by South County Cal-SOAP. Live Oak Advisors Arron Thomas Jackson Daley. Sobrato Advisors Dulce Cintora Ted Thomas. Commonly Asked Questions. My parents say I have to go but I don’t know why?!? Am I even eligible?

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how to get to college 101

How to get to College!101

Presented by South County


Live Oak Advisors

Arron Thomas

Jackson Daley

Sobrato Advisors

Dulce Cintora

Ted Thomas

commonly asked questions
Commonly Asked Questions
  • My parents say I have to go but I don’t know why?!?
  • Am I even eligible?
  • My parents didn’t go to college and they don’t know how to help me!
  • Should I just go to the Community College?
  • I heard that college is crowded, and students can’t get classes! That can’t be true…right?
earning power average salaries based on bureau of labor statistics 2008
Earning Power(Average salaries based on Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2008)
  • High School Graduate: $32,136
  • Associate’s Degree (AA): $38,348
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BS): $60,472
  • Advanced Degree (MA, MD, JD): $81,172



success is all about your mindset
Success is all about your MINDSET!

What kind of student do you want to be?

I want A’s and B’s!

I’m happy with my C’s!

… yea, I’m just gonna do what I can to graduate…

it s also about the requirements
It’s also about the requirements!

5 Areas that you NEED to pay attention too!

  • A-G requirements
  • Course Rigor
  • Grade Point Average
  • Test Scores
  • Personal Statement


types of colleges
Types of Colleges

4-year university

California public universities

UC system – 10 campuses – top 10% of students

CSU system – 23 campuses – top 50% of students

Out-of-state public universities

Out-of-state tuition is higher than in-state (Oregon University, Arizona State, etc.)

Private universities in all states

tuition is the same for all students whether in or out-of-state

Santa Clara, Stanford, USC, Harvard, Columbia, etc.

Community College – 2 year degree

Gavilan, DeAnza, San Jose City, etc. – 108 campuses – all students are eligible

Students can complete 2 years at community college, then transfer to a 4-year university (must fulfill transfer requirements)



a g requirements
A-G Requirements

A: History (2 years)

B: English (4 years)

C: Math (3 years req./4 recomm.)

D: Science (2 yrs. req. 3-4 recomm)

E: Foreign Language

(2 req. 3-4 recomm.)

F: Visual/Performing Arts (1 year)

G: College Prep Elective (1 year)

gpa test scores

What is a “good” GPA?

Will the University consider all my High School Courses?

AP vs CP???

Community College/CSU/UC

/Private School?

Test Scores

What is a “good” score?

Do I need to take SAT prep classes to do well?

What’s on the test?

Which test should I take?

How many times should I take the test/s?

GPA/Test Scores
course rigor
Course Rigor
  • What is Course Rigor?
  • How do I add rigor to my courses?

-Keep in mind, the Universities want to accept students that have challenged themselves throughout High School! ‘They’ would rather you take an AP and get a ‘B’ than take a CP and get an ‘A!’

community service volunteer work
Community Service/Volunteer Work
  • Seriously…. Why do I need to do this?
    • The purpose of Community Service is to provide the student an opportunity to gain experiences
personal statement
Personal Statement
  • What is it for?
  • How do I write a “good” personal statement?
  • What are “they” looking for?

-It’s all about rainbows!

additional criteria
Additional Criteria

Extracurricular activities

-Sports, community service, and clubs

Recommendations from teachers

-Ask for a letter from two or three teachers that know you well


-A chance for the student to paint a more detailed picture

-Write, revise, and get friends/family/teachers to edit them