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Health: Seeing a Doctor

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Health: Seeing a Doctor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health: Seeing a Doctor. by Paul Chen. Can you recognize these symptoms ( 症狀 )?. Outline. Starting Questions Sample Conversations (1) (2) Vocabulary Useful Expressions (1) 醫療場所 (2) 醫護人員 (3) 常見症狀 (4) 其他常用語彙 Discussion Questions Reference. Starting Questions.

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  • Starting Questions
  • Sample Conversations
    • (1)
    • (2)
  • Vocabulary
  • Useful Expressions
    • (1) 醫療場所
    • (2) 醫護人員
    • (3) 常見症狀
    • (4) 其他常用語彙
  • Discussion Questions
  • Reference
starting questions
Starting Questions
  • Do you consider yourself a healthy person? Do you usually take medicine (服藥) when you’re sick?
  • Do you always find it simple to describeto the doctor whatproblems you have? If not, how do you deal with (處理) it?
  • What symptoms do you usually have when you have a cold?
sample conversation 1
Sample Conversation (1)

A: Hey, John. What’s up? You look so pale!

B: My runny nose is killing me. I’vesuffered from it for nearly a week. And I can’t barely sleep well.

A: Why don’t you go see a doctor?

B: um…because I am afraid of needles.

A: Come on. You can’t ignore your illness simply because of that. After all, the doctor may not prescribe an injection if you weren’t very sick.

B: All right. I’ll go see a doctor immediately.

A: Take care.

sample conversation 2
Sample Conversation (2)

A: Hi, May.

B: Hi, Rita. How have you been recently?

A: So-so. In fact, I’ve just recovered from a cold for nearly a week.

B: Wow, thank God you’ve recovered. The flu is pretty prevailing now during this season. You should really take good care of yourself in order not to catch a cold again.

A: Thanks. I will. Got to buy some grocery now. Talk to you later. Bye.

B: Bye.

pale 蒼白的

runny nose 流鼻水

suffer from 患病

nearly 將近

barely 幾乎不

be afraid of 害怕

ignore 忽略

after all 畢竟

prescribe 開藥方

injection 打針、注射

immediately 立刻

so-so 馬馬虎虎、還好

recover from 康復

flu 流感

prevailing 盛行的

take care of 照顧

catch a cold 感冒

grocery 雜貨

useful expressions 1
Useful Expressions (1): 醫療場所
  • health center 健康中心
  • clinic 診所
  • hospital 醫院
  • waiting room 候診室
  • pharmacy 藥房、領藥處
  • emergency room (ER) 急診室
  • ward 病房
useful expressions 2
doctor 醫生

family doctor 家庭醫師

herbalist 中醫師

pediatrician 小兒科醫師

otolaryngologist/ENT doctor 耳鼻喉科醫師

pharmacist 藥劑師

receptionist 接待員

nurse 護士

patient 病人

Useful Expressions (2): 醫護人員
useful expressions 3
Useful Expressions (3): 常見症狀
  • fever 發燒
  • headache 頭痛 (tooth/stomach/ear/back-ache…etc.)
  • sore throat 喉嚨痛
  • runny nose 流鼻水
  • stuffy nose/nasal congestion鼻塞
  • dizzy 頭昏的
  • cough 咳嗽
  • sneeze 打噴嚏
  • diarrhea 拉肚子
  • throw up/vomit 嘔吐
useful expressions 4
Useful Expressions (4):其他常用語彙
  • diagnosis 診斷
  • prescription 處方籤
  • (take) medicine 服藥
  • patent medicine 成藥
  • vaccination 疫苗
  • sick/ill 生病的
  • flu 流行性感冒
  • catch/have a cold 感冒
  • catch one’s cold 傳染到某人的感冒
  • allergic to 對…過敏的
  • contagious 有傳染性的

For more info., please check Daily Conversation

  • Try to describe what’s happening in the following two pictures. Please identify (識別、確認) the places first.
discussion questions
Discussion Questions
  • Have you ever thought of becoming a doctor? Why or why not?
  • What are some ways to keep yourself away from (使遠離) illness?
  • CEWeb: Daily Conversation: Health.
  • J. Zwier, Lawrence, and Amy Hughes. Essential Functions for Conversation.