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Comparing Jesus and Mohammed PowerPoint Presentation
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Comparing Jesus and Mohammed

Comparing Jesus and Mohammed

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Comparing Jesus and Mohammed

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  1. Comparing Jesus and Mohammed Their methods and teachings were totally contradicting So who really came from God….?

  2. Jesus coming for last judgment Postal stamp of Iran: Jesus weighing good and bad deeds on his second coming Who will come for the last judgment of the world ? Christians and Muslims answers It is Jesus (Isa). Bible says “Then Jesus will appear, coming in the clouds with great power and glory. He will send his angels out to the corners of the earth to gather the people…”Mark24:26 “ When Jesus come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he shall sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divide his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep (good people) on his right hand, but the goats(bad people) on the left. Then shall the King say to them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world...Then he shall say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels...And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal. (Matt 25:31-34, 41, 46)

  3. To Our Muslim friends • Surah Al-Baqara 2:285 tells to read all revealed books including Torah, Zabur (Psalms) and injeel (Bible Gospels). • While becoming a prophet, Mohammed quotes as God/Gabriel advising him "If you doubt what we have revealed to you, ask those [Jews and Christians] who have read the scriptures [the bible] before you" (Quran 10:94). Open your eyes so you won’t ignore the true God and Isa (Jesus) won’t scold you at the last judgment for not trying to know the Truth. -- Jesus and Mohammed -- • What if one is much more than a prophet and the other is much less than a prophet….? Note : As you read through the pages, some of the pages may be hurting your feelings. Sorry for that. Our intention is to show you the truth, so that you will know the real God and see for yourselves many lies. Please be patient and read till the end. God is in control. if you are open minded, God will guide you. This may be a once in a life time chance for you to know the truth send by God’s plan. We also see many Islamic websites really misinterpret biblical teachings. This is an attempt to tell the truth.

  4. Muslim friends, Something for you to keep in mind • As you read following pages, you will see that even Quran and Hadiths says the following about Jesus: • Jesus is the only Sinless, faultless person lived on earth. • The Only person able to give life for lifeless ( create life from nothing- remember childhood miracle and miracles when grown up), • Only one born from a virgin. • TheOnly human being directly taken to heaven. • The Only person who will come to judge the world. • ================================================ • Do you see the full significance of these characteristics of Jesus. These characteristics is beyond human….Read it again.. Not even Mohammed had any of these characteristics. Then why was Jesus created that way ? • Do you think God created Jesus with all these characteristics just like that without any purpose……? • No friends…use your reasoning…. You are missing something.. Some truths were hidden from you.. Someone had a need to suppress the characteristics of Jesus… • God had a great plan for Jesus. And Jesus did something much greater than what you were taught….. That is why he had all those characteristics mentioned above. If not, tell us why should God create him so special…? You will understand it as you read these pages. Please be patient if we are using strong words and read.

  5. Miraclesare proof of God’s acceptance Mohammed could not do any miracles.

  6. Jesus did mighty miracles Even Quran says about Jesus • Jesus (Isa) did many mighty miracles (Quran 4:153(?) • Jesus healed the born blind, lepers and even gave life to the dead. (sura 5:110) Jesus’ followers also did miracles in the name of Jesus, even in front of their torturers. Their Teachings with Miracles caused the spread of Christianity in the first centuries All major prophets like Moses, Elijah, Elishah, Jeremiah etc. did miracles because it was God's plan and act. Lot of miracles happen even these days in Christian pilgrimage centers and prayer gatherings. All these could do miracles beyond nature because GOD approved them.

  7. But Mohammed could never do any Miracles • Quran itself says He could not do miracles. • Sura 17:90-93 - When challenged, Mohammed couldn't do miracle and he says - " "Am I anything except a human messenger?". • In Sura 13:7 he is again challenged heavily for at least just one miracle and he couldn't. • Later he says he want to heaven (when no one was watching) as a proof of miracle. Quran express many times ( Quran 17:59, Quran 29:50) the frustration of Muhammad over people who kept demanding miracles as support of his claims and he couldn't do any. • Lies of 21st century Islamic Apologetics: • Quran itself says Mohammed couldn’t do miracle. But modern Islamic Apologetics and websites are shamelessly cooking up miracles now (They also cook up prophecies which even Mohammed or his followers didn’t know or Claim)!!??. • Here is some cooked up miracle lies. • Winning the small war in Badr was pointed as a miracle, But he lost the next war. • Splitting the Moon/Chest( In the past it was interpreted as Mohammed splitting his own chest). This is a joke- not mentioned in Quran or important books. • Shamelessly many more cooked up miracles pops up on Islamic websites. • If any of these Cooked up miracles were true, • then it would have been mentioned big in Quran • and you wouldn’t see theses Quran verses mentioning that Mohammed couldn’t do miracle. • ( Stop lying and open your eyes to the truth) Mohammed writes in Quran -- "If you find their aversion hard to bear (and would like to show them a miracle), seek if you can burrow in the earth or ladder to the sky by which you may bring them a sign. Had God pleased, He would have given them guidance, one and all. Do not be ignorant then.(Quran 6:35) " -[ This is like God mocking Mohammed. Isn’t it ? because God of Jews and Christians did mighty miracles through his prophets. It is so easy for the creator of the universe to do a miracle, if Mohammed is the final and greatest prophet.

  8. If Mohammed couldn’t do miracle… • God didn’t let Mohammed do even a small miracle even when he was constantly challenged for a miracle. This means : • God didn't approve Mohammed as a prophet, he seems to be teasing Mohammed • or Mohammed’s God is not God of all the previous prophets. The spirit in the cave is questionable. • ( Muslim friend, Sorry for being blunt,but this will help to open your mind) • Note : Many of Islamic friends say, I don't believe in miracles ( because Mohammed couldn't do any miracles). • This is bad because they are making God and his previous prophets liars. Besides Quran itself says Jesus did mighty miracles. Quran is teaching contradiction to bible. Everything in Islam is based on one illiterate person’s teachings…( bible had 40 authors over many thousands of years). Mohammed is saying that teachings of many thousands of years is wrong, everlasting God changed. To prove this contradictory teaching, isn’t he supposed to show a miracle that God is with him. Instead he has only sword…. So unlike other prophets in history, Mohammed had to depend on the SWORD to teach he is a prophet ( Oh, that proved very effective as we see from the number of followers). The use of sword and silencing continues even today.. See the sword signs being glorified.

  9. ?How can someone be a prophet if he never prophesied ? Mohammed never prophesied anything…..

  10. A prophet without performing a prophecy ?! A prophet is someone who prophecies. Even pagan God’s had Oracles and prophets who could prophecy ( correct or wrong). A prophet knows what would happen in future. Prophecies in the bible • Moses was a great leader and a prophet. David was a king and a prophet, Elia, Elijah, Isaiah, Zachariah, Micah, John the Baptist….. all were prophets. All of them have prophesied and their prophecies came true. • Many prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus and even Jesus also prophesied. (eg: fall of Jerusalem in AD70, his second coming, death of St.Peter etc). • 100s of prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus. Later sections shows many examples. Mohammed never prophesied anything… He didn’t even know before eating the poisoned food that it was poisoned. Lies of 21st century Islamic Apologetics: Seeing that there is no prophecy about Mohammed, Islamic scholars and websites misinterpret biblical verses and cook up prophecies about Mohammed!? For example, Jesus told his disciples before going to heaven to stay in Jerusalem to receive the Holy spirit come on them. Bible explains how Holy spirit comes and the rejuvenated disciples set of to far away lands to preach gospel. 21st century Islamic scholars and websites preach that this holy spirit is Mohammed!?( it is a shameful joke and an act without self respect in religion. Consider what would the real God do). Hello friend, If it is a genuine prophecy, Mohammed should know about that prophecy and he should explain how that prophecy is being fulfilled in him. At least the spirit/angel in the cave should have told him. See how Jesus explained how each prophecy was being fulfilled one by one in him. So don’t blindly steal Christianity’s solid proof from God. Don’t re-write Quran now. Open your eyes to the truth.

  11. Teachings

  12. Jesus says - “I am theWay, theTruthand theLife” (John 14:6) – So he deserves to be the greatest teacher. Some Teachings of Jesus: Do to others whatever you would have them do to you. This is the law and prophets (Mat 7:12) Sermon on the Mount (Mat5:3)Blessed are those... Clean of heart - they shall see God, Peace makers - be called children of God Hunger for righteousness – will be satisfied Merciful - they will receive mercy….etc.. “Our Father in Heaven…” Prayer that Jesus taught Love of God Everyone loves and forgive their own people. But my followers should even love and forgive even people who harm them. ( Only a person from heaven , who knows clearly about the next world can teach this.) Jesus even Corrects the law of Moses which got carried away bit more- The 10 ten commandments of God was expanded further by Jewish ancestors after Moses and it started teaching “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. ( In fact this is still the rule in some of the Islamic countries - Shari at ). No one could correct this law that was spun of from law of Moses for centuries, except by God himself.. and when God came, he (Jesus) did correct it for the new world. He teaches forgiveness. He even takes it to a level of God’s kingdom. Jesus proved what he taught by his miracles. He taught that he came to the world to teach us the truth and the way and then to die for our salvation (re-unite man and God) Greatest Teacher Prophet Isaiah predicts 750 years before.. “God himself will teach them” ( Isaiah 54:13).

  13. Jesus - Teachings from heaven - new in world Forgive and pray for your enemy. Loved and cared for the poor, sick, sinner and misfortunate. All are children of God. Corrected teachings by mercy “eye for an eye” is invalid Taught what God really is. Jesus disapproved sword. Never lied or manipulated. Proved teachings and by miracles and life,death examples. ---------------------- Only a God can teach this- knowing the earthly fortunes and misfortunes are nothing compared to the eternity. God is in control. Human could never comprehend this until God taught this. Jesus and bible warns about the false prophets( ) and the teaching of false angels(…) Antichrist would come and hurt the church badly. But at the end, Jesus would certainly come. Marketing tactics of a clever merchant (Mohammed). Promised what market would relish. (he knew 7th century Arab’s passions) Promised Heaven for those who will fight and die for him . Heaven full of sexual pleasures. Approved attack, murder, capture booty and women if fight is in the name of Allah. Polygamy approved rejecting God’s law taught through all prophets. Enforced his teachings by sword. Arabs used to worship over 300 Gods. Knowing the advantage of monotheism, he adopted and re-designed Judeo-Christian history to the Arab world with Arab sentiments. A very doubtful spirit in cave Hira taught this to Mohammed. Removed competition by removing the deity of Jesus If Jesus is God, no one need to fight, die, kill or even listen to him. Contradictory teaching

  14. Jesus – No other human being ever lived like him

  15. Some attributes of Jesus (Isa) in Quran Isa (Jesus) is • Blessed(Quran19:31), sinless son(19:19), the word of God(4:171), • Mercy from God and Jesus is the messiah (Quran-3:45, mentioned 10 times ). • He did so many mighty miracles (4:153) [which even Mohammed could not do] . • Jesus creates (5:110) from nothing, • Jesus give life (3:49), • Isa(Jesus) was born by the spirit of the God (19:17-21), not by a human father, born of a virgin. • God raised Jesus unto him (Quran - 4:158) < without allowing to be killed (as per Quran) >. But Mohammed was allowed to be killed by painful slow food poison death .Why…? • Jesus is much greater than you think. Someone didn’t tell our Muslim friends the whole story of Jesus. Sacred heart of Jesus Showing the love for mankind God made Maryam (Mary) pure, and preferred more than all woman in the world(3:42,47). from Mariamwho was virgin(Quran-19:20),(3:47) .God breathed his spirit into Mary(21:91)...made Mary and Isa(Jesus) a sign for all(21:91).

  16. Why is Jesus so special ? • Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith, Hadith 4.506, narrated by Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, "When any human being is born, Satan touches him at both sides of the body with his two fingers, except Jesus, the son of Mary, whom Satan tried to touch but failed, for he touched the placenta-cover instead." Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith, Hadith 4.641 Narrated by Said bin Al Musaiyab:Abu Huraira said, "I heard Allah's Apostle saying, 'There is none born among the off-spring of Adam, but Satan touches it. A child, cries loudly at the time of birth because of the touch of Satan, except Mary and her child.“ • Quran says Jesus Christ was faultless and sinless. Why was Jesus Christ faultless and without sin, whereas Mohammed was touched by Satan (above paragraph) and did a sinful life? Many times in the Quran, Mohammed is reminded of repenting his sins. Every Muslim who reads the Quran with understanding knows it very well.

  17. Why is Jesus so special ? • As per Quran, • Jesus is the only Sinless, faultless person. • The Only person able to give life for lifeless( create life from nothing-remember childhood miracle), • Only one born from a virgin, by spirit of the God(19:17-21), not born by a human father. • Done mighty miracles, could talk when he was infant, • the Only human being directly taken to heaven. • The Only person who will come to judge the world. Why was Jesus created like this ? – Can you imagine the full significance of this ? Is it for fun of God ?? No… God surely had a purpose with Jesus which he fulfilled. What Jesus did is much greater than what Mohammed did.. it is not mentioned in Quran • ..Mohammed is hiding something. • Mohammed is not telling the teachings of Jesus in Quran…since it contradicts Mohammed’s life style( war, breaking 10 commandments). • Muslim friends, there is much more about Jesus than what is mentioned in Quran. Some of them Mohammed had to admit… Mohammed had to say Bible is corrupted- Then only his life has meaning. Then only his breaking of the commandments could be justified.

  18. Related attributes from bible God loves us Greatest teacher – World’s morality is influenced by his teachings. Treat others as you want to be treated by others. When you help the least of these people, know that you are helping me. I will reward you even for a glass of water that you give to your needy. Showed clearly what God is, what God wants from us. He Loved the poor, misfortunate and even sinners. Jesus taught, “Forgive and pray for those who sin against you”. He also taught Don’t use sword or weapon but invest in heaven. • Muslims and Christians believe that Jesus will come back from heaven at the end of time to judge the good and bad people (note that it is not Mohammed who is coming since he hasn't reached heaven yet). Good people will be taken to heaven and bad to hell. . Do you think a prophet or human being can do. Only a God can do this. < Recently many Islamic schools start twisting this belief since it shows Jesus is the greater than Mohammed". Image of the Sacred heart of Jesus (wounded by a spear In the cross) represents his love for humanity. Behavior of Jesus : At the cross, during crucifixion, Jesus speaks to his Father in heaven, “Father forgive them ( those who caused his crucifixion) for they do not know what they are doing (crucifying son of God)” Luke 23:34 Only someone from heaven can preach like this for the first time because only God knows that the happiness and sadness of this world are nothing compared to everlasting Life with God). Bible teaches that Jesus had the dual nature of God and Man when he was on earth. Jesus is the Only significant person in history who said “I am God” and proved it by his miracles, teachings, event’s of his life and explanation of fulfilled prophecies. (details in later pages).

  19. Analyzing Mohammed.Breaking God’s everlasting law Shame-sins-grave sins By a prophet(?) for Sexual passions and for getting followers

  20. Contradicting God’s laws – Polygamy stage 1 God created only 1 woman (Eve) for Adam. God asked Noah to take only 1 female for a male. (Not 4 female for each male). God gave Commandments through the prophet Moses "Do not Commit Adultery", "Do not covet" ( "Do not lust wife of another person“). God says it two times in 10 commandments. All the prophets, leaders and people respected and followed that Command of the God. ( one or two exceptions were before the law was given and by some kings. But never by a prophet.). 10 commandments • God instituted monogamy and hate polygamy. • Jesus hated polygamy and adultery even by thought. • It is unimaginable that a prophet would change God’s law in the holy book. • If you check the life of Mohammed, you can see how he breaks God’s everlasting law stage by stage. As he gains power, he becomes more greedy for women. She even re-writes Quran to justify his grave sins. • Divorcing a woman is so easy- Just say Talaq talaq Talaq . After the permitted number of woman, Mohamed allows followers to have slave girls. “They are slave girls whom you own". (Sura 33:52).

  21. Polygamy - Lame excuses. (don’t justify it, even God hated it ): Fundamentalist Muslim friends may defend Mohammed’s polygamy and re-writing of the Quran. They will say there was a war (as if there was no war during the time of other prophets) and husbands died so wives and daughters are alone... what to do.. etc. This is not true. Most of the marriages of Mohammed was for passion as you can see below and next pages. # Mohammed took the wife of his adopted son's only wife when he was alive ? # Woman is also considered booty and 1/5th belonged to Mohammed(8:41). After a battle one of the young soldier (Dahia) won the 15 year old Jewish widow (Safia Bint Huyay ). This old Mohammed with many wives, hears about this woman and ignores begging of Dahia and puts his dress over the captive girl thus claiming her as one of the many. # what about Aisha who was just 6-7 years old and playing with dolls (intercourse at 9 years). Isn’t it Child Molestation

  22. Polygamy - Lame excuses. (don’t justify it, even God hated it ): # some of the women - 1. Khadija, 2. Sawdah, 3. Aesha, 4. Omm Salama, 5. Halsa, 6. Zaynab (of Jahsh), 7. Jowayriyi, 8. Omm Habiba, 9. Safiya, 10. Maymuna (of Hareth), 11. Fatema , 12. Hend, 13. Asma (of Saba), 14. Zaynab (of Khozayma), 15. Habla, 16. Asma (of Noman), 17. Mary (the Christian), 18. Rayhana 19. Omm Sharik 20. Maymuna, 21. Zaynab (a third one) 22. Khawla . The girls whom Mohammed wanted had only 2 choice . 1.Become Muslim and become his wife. 2. Remain in their own religion and become his concubine. This was tough since all the adult males in their family would have been killed long back by him and there was no hope. But Mary (the Coptic Christian) and Rayhana (Jewish widow) chose bravely to be concubines (no option but to be raped in this case) rather than becoming Muslim and husband of a 60 year old man. Blessed be their names. Mohammed also raped many woman. Examples of many jewish ladies are well known. The sexual desire of Mohammed increased rapidly as he became more older. At age sixty, he married three or four times. When he was 61, he was poisoned by a Jewish lady (Khaiber – agrarian people) whose family was tortured to death by Mohammed. Out of severe pain from the poison effect, it looks like he stopped marrying for next three years until he died because of the poison effect.

  23. Unlimited Polygamy – stage 2 Mohammed became more and more lusty. He wants more girls for himself alone( for others only 7). The spirit in the cave would permit him for anything. He re-wrote the Koran saying Allah gave this special privilege only for him. ......If you have paid dowers (money to girl’s father),You may marry any number of ladies that your right hand possess. This privilege is yours alone, being granted to no other believer so that none may blame you.(Surat 33:50-51). When his wives quarreled and didn’t like when he was bringing more women. (Sura 33:28) "O Prophet! Say to thy consorts: 'If you desire the life of this world and its glitter then come! I will provide for your enjoyment and set you free in a handsome manner.' (Sura 33:30) "O Consorts of the Prophet if any of you were guilty of evident unseemly conduct, the punishment would be doubled to her, and that is easy for Allah." God lives for ever and is the controller of the universe.. He won't change his commandment on a fine day for one person's sexual desires. If Someone sanctions unlimited number of wives (even beyond 7 ) that will be from Evil- not from God. If you support this, you are making God a pimp…. Have you heard these kinds of re-writing in any other religion…. DO YOU BELIEVE HIM or his BOOK?

  24. Stealing daughter in law – stage 3 One day Mohammed sees his only adopted son's ( Zaid) only wife. He is Blinded by shameful lust though he already has many wives. Mohammed re-writes Koran, and indirectly forces his son to divorce his only wife so that he can marry her as another wife. A son (adopted, since Mohammed had no sons- probably a curse) was forced to divorce his only wife, so that middle aged father ( who has so many girls in custody) could marry her. No body, Not even the slave owners in the history have done this. It is a shame to see many Muslim still support and justifies this grave SIN on the Internet sites. You see Sunnis and Shias have different interpretation immediately after the death of Mohammed. How can you trust if they can cook up anything.

  25. Why did he Break God’s everlasting laws ? Mohammed shamelessly re-wrote Quran because of the following : 1. He became sexually pervert after he got power. 2. By promoting polygamy, he knew he will get more followers from the 7th century warrior clans. By nature, they relish on girls and the booty from attacking others. 3. He himself didn’t believe or knew everlasting God. Since he cooked up everything. 4. The spirit in the cave ( disguised as Gabriel) cheated him. 5. He knew God ( or his buddy in cave ) will approve anything like a pimp. [ from 1 woman to 4 to 7 to infinity-- Oh God..on your name. ] Muslim friend, sorry for hurting your feeling… but please think independently. Do you blindly support Mohammed ? Can you believe him or Jesus…He is not from God (many more solid examples are coming.). He will do anything to get power and women. He will even say God is not God so people will be ready to die for him (he did exactly this…when he said Jesus is not God).

  26. Jihad HeavenUltimate bribery and force leaving no other choice for the normal man

  27. Jihad Mohammed used the ultimate bribery and deception called "Jihad heaven" for recruiting people to his army and spreading religion. As a Muslim there is 2 ways to go to heaven. One is being a holy man which is difficult from a practical angle. So fires of hell is waiting for them. The other guaranteed and even more exciting way to a heaven is to die while fighting for Islam (Jihad). All who die for Islam are richly rewarded with heaven, woman and wine.(4:74), 4:84. Some tradition says up to 72 women for each man at their disposal. In the heaven there will be a garden full of delicious food and 'houris' (beautiful and "voluptuous" girls intended for the sexual pleasure). People who die in Jihad can enjoy all these pleasures for ever. They will have great sex powers. All their sexual cravings will be fulfilled (Koran 38:51; 44:54; 55:55-74; 56:22,34-36. These sex would be more enjoyable than any sex on earth. While those who draw back from fightingare sorely punished by Allah (Quran 48:16 and 17). Lame, blind and those who are ill are exempted from the war. This gives no choice for followers but to go and die for Islam. Many people believe that

  28. Jihad heaven Can you imagine this scene – God (Allah) is waiting with 64 voluptuous girls and 2 bottle of wine.All you need to do is tie a bomb around your waist and kill two white man and you also die. If you are not sick, lame or blind and if you don't fight, then he will grill you....!!!!??! ..he doesn't need your help.............. My dear friends, God is the creator of universe who designed the path of the galaxies. If he want to kill someone, it is so easy. Mohammed didn't know how the creator of the universe behaves. He just half heard the story and ran with it to sell in big way in a new market. Jesus Disapproving violence : Do you know that Jesus loved the poor, sick, sinner, misfortunate and everyone . He even healed the person who came to arrest him before his death. He forgives the lady caught in adultery. prays for the people who crucify him, Seeing his love even the bad tax collectors turn to God. He says don't use weapons [put the sword back, all who live by sword will die by sword-Matthew 26:52], and violence, forgive and love. Only someone from God himself can teach these kind of non-violence. Jesus teaches God as a loving God who understand us. Heaven : Jesus says "at resurrection people don't live married life, they will be like angels in heaven"-Matthew22:30. But there will full of Joy due to God's presence (Psalm16:11). Many people are taught that if they don’t do adultery on earth, they will get houris in heaven. intention of this teaching is good but should we lie? Remember happiness through sex ( hormone driven), and other means are God given. Don’t be under the impression you get girls and sex after your death.

  29. Stupid LiesVirginity of “Houris” in Heaven

  30. Another lie – Houri’s virginity Mohammed’s followers were discussing about houris in heaven and they asked Mohammed “What would happen to thevirginity of the houris (sex virgins in heaven) after (billions) of martyrs (and good people) have sex with them daily?” Mohammed goes back and corrects the Koran which says: "Allah created them so special that they will never loose virginity (Koran 56:36)”.!!! Friend - Do you believe these kind of manipulation ? This is what is taught to the believers. Do you trust his teaching? Over centuries, in Islamic countries, rich people used to marry 4 or more wives. The poor youth of these countries don't have enough money to give as dowry for girls, and they end up migrating to other lands for woman and life( note the recent immigration to Europe) or join Islamic Jihad groups to die as martyrs. Do you know that it is the western civilization and bible that influenced generations to understand equality of men and woman. Even Hinduism had cast system.

  31. Stupid Lies & writings in QuranMohammed’s trip to heaven (Isra) -- ( eternal unrest in Israel)

  32. 1. Trip to heaven on a horse like creature Mohammed tells his followers that at night, He traveled from the mosque in Mecca to the mosque in Jerusalem( Hadith’s and Islamic tradition confirms it) on a horse like creature called Buraq. Then he flew to heaven on the same night from Jerusalem. When he reached heaven, He saw many levels of heaven. Abraham is in a top level, Jesus is in a lower level... Yet in the morning, people saw him reappearing from one of the rooms of his many women in his harem in Arabia!!. Quran 17:001 • List of stupidities : • Can't he fly from Mecca to heaven directly. • Why bother to travel to Israel and cause eternal unrest there? • 2. Why should he need an animal to fly to heaven. • 3. Why he is not riding on the flying horse at day time so that everyone can see it? After all people were demanding a miracle from him as a sign of the prophet hood and he couldn't do any miracles. So if he had done it at daytime, there was no need of sword for spreading Islam. Dear Muslim friend, Hope you are not hurt. Our intention is to make you open your mind, not to tease 4. The Mosque in Jerusalem (Al Aqsa) was built many years later. These days, people say launch pad was a rock and not a mosque. But Quran says mosque(17:1). 5. Which is more closer to heaven Mecca or Jerusalem ? If a flying animal is involved, does he have any idea about the time and distance in earth and in universe?

  33. To understand this fake story which Mohammed fabricated, you need to know the circumstances that were happening during that time. Mohammed couldn’t do any miracle. This trip was one of the miracles that people challenged Mohammed to perform to prove that his belief (Christian heresy of Ebionism ) is the right belief. People suggested if they can see Mohammed ascending to heaven and coming down with his teachings written in a book, they would believe him. They wanted to be eye witnesses (Qu 17:90-93). Mohammed failed to perform any miracle and said, "am I but a man." (Qu 17:93) So he decided to fabricate a fake story that he did it but not in front of them. He did it secretly while they were sleeping! Do you believe it ? He Chose Jerusalem since he has heard of the stories of Jesus ascending to heaven from there. Unfortunately he thought the opening of the secret passage is only in Jerusalem. Even Islamic scholars are ashamed of this cooked up lie. Even many people left Mohammed when he said this and Mohammed stopped this story but it is still in Quran. Lot of manipulation is done on the identity of second mosque. Any argument will prove the fabrication.

  34. In 20th century, new story comes up that it was Mohammed’s imagination or mind that went to heaven ! • Then Quran verses 17:001 and, all Hadiths which gives details of trip is lie. • Why does mind need a horse. Can’t mind fly to heaven directly. • Why taught this wrong teachings while, saying bible is corrupted all the while. • If it was only imagination/soul, why claim Al Aqsa mosque as the 3rd holiest place. Caliph Umr was converting St.Mary’s church (built by Justinian) to a mosque claiming it was Mohammed’s launch pad. Isn’t it shameful. Can we get it back or convert to a museum. ( remember Hagia Sophia church (Istanbul), and many others were church converted to mosque by force. . When Mohammed/his mind/soul/imagination reached heaven, Allah told Mohammed to recite the salat (ritual prayer) 50 times each day.!?  Moses (who met him at heaven), however, advised Muhammad to plead for a reduction of the number as being too difficult for believers, and the obligation is eventually reduced to five prayers each day after many negotiations(50,25,10, 5 etc– copying Abraham negotiating for Sodom ). Do you think Everlasting God will instruct to do salat 50 times. If In a day of 12 hours, Muslims have to do salat once in 14 minutes. The gap between each Salat for doing other stuff is 12 min or less then. Don’t you understand it is a cooked up story. But if it was imagination/mind/soul, then he never talked to Allah. ( Anybody can say I talked to God last night in my dream). This is a cooked up story within a cooked up story. The intention of first cooked up story ( false miracle) shows Mohammed will teach anything and even write lies in Quran. Lesson : Mohammed is admitting thatGod won’t let you enter heaven if you follow the path of Mecca. Butif you follow the path through Jesusalem (Jesus), you can enter Heaven.

  35. Quran – Is it a Miracle or illogically compiled verses?

  36. Compare Bible and Quran

  37. Compare Bible and Quran - contd

  38. Quran – as a book • Too much dramatized, and deviated from Original incident. This is because Mohammed heard original during his travels, as stories from others (who might give special effects). He never knew to read Bible or Torah which is the original written centuries before. The merchant in him knew how to re-pack and re-label the product for example He always added too much Arab sentiments. • [ eg: Mary giving birth to Jesus “alone” in the desert under a palm tree (no st.Joseph, no Bethlehem) and an unknown voice asked mary to “shake the tree to get date fruits” (no mention of the song “peace on earth”). Since there is no St.Joseph, to defend Mary’s virginity, Mohammed says new born Jesus told others that Mary was virgin and that he is a prophet. Peace on the day I was born, die and raised to life again. next sentence . • In Mount Sinai (where God gave 10 commandments), he lifted the Mt.Sinai and threatened to put over the people if they don’t stop sinning. • Solomon talking to Ants

  39. Bible is well structured.

  40. New testament Mat 11:28 Come to me all of you who are tired and are burdened, and I will comfort you. Matthew 5:43 ‘You have heard that it was said, “You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.” 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be children of your Father in heaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the righteous and on the unrighteous. 46 For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax-collectors do the same? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  41. Sample chapters in Quran (just 5 strange verses) Chapters have no logical sequence except introduction

  42. What happened Need power for him and his clan (need a revelation Instead of admitting That he heard them during travel) Bible Invents Spirit in cave ? Cooked up or Spirit is disguised evil during travel he hears Monotheism, Greatest teachings, Stories, Jesus taught (No war, no looting, only 1 wife, “Treat others as you want them to treat you” etc…) [ So people won’t follow Mohammed] Need big story to bring forward his clan’s diety & Destroy other 360 gods Re-pack story Add dramatic effects Add Arab sentiments Remove Jewish backgrounds Don’t know to Read/verify Bible/Torah Smart Merchant knows How to sell good product In new market Remove deity of Jesus Re-pack pagan worships Moon God,3 daughters of allah (satanic verses) were forced to remove. Change Kaaba festival style, Jews/Christians didn’t accept him as prophet ( because no miracle, wrong teachings, no knowledge in bible, no prophecies, And Jesus had fulfilled all prophecies) Anger to Jew/Christians

  43. Bible – as a book Take the bible written by his disciples over 100s and 1000s(old testament) of years before. If you are busy, read the New testament ( life and teachings of Jesus and how the stunning prophecies are being fulfilled in him), or the old-testament explaining the history of God’s people. It is structured and has continuity, biography, history, great prayers (eg. psalms-’injeel’), stunning prophecies about Jesus being fulfilled, great teachings and the great plan of God… read with open heart. Then you can really compare and understand the claims.

  44. Mistakes in Quran

  45. Blunder teachings from Mohammed • Tabari I:236"When the sun rises upon its chariot from one of those springs it is accompanied by 360 angels with outspread wings.... When Allah wishes to test the sun and the moon, showing His servants a sign and thereby getting them to obey, the sun tumbles from the chariot and falls into the deep end of that ocean. When Allah wants to increase the significance of the sign and frighten His servants severely, all of the sun falls and nothing of it remains in the chariot. That is a total eclipse of the sun. It is a misfortune for the sun." • Tabari I:234"Then the Prophet said: 'For the sun and the moon, Allah created easts and wests on the two sides of the earth and the two rims of heaven. There are 180 springs in the west of black clay't is is why Allah's word says: "He found the sun setting in a muddy spring." [Qur'an 18:86] The black clay bubbles and boils like a pot when it boils furiously.'" • He claimed that Alexander the Great was a Muslim sent by Allah to explore the sunrise and sunset. Qur'an 18:83"They ask you about Dhu'l-Qarnain [Alexander]. Say, 'I will cite something of his story. We gave him authority in the land and means of accomplishing his goals. So he followed a path until he reached the setting place of the sun. He saw that it set in black, muddy, hot water. Near it he found people." The Qur'an goes on to speak of punishing the extraterrestrials and of the unprotected souls in the realm of the sunrise.

  46. Errors- historic and geographic • Mohammed never knew the historic fact that Jerusalem was under the Roman rule at the time of Jesus. He never mentions the Roman and Jewish leaders mentioned in history and bible. He never knew Bethlehem the city of David. Still based on what he heard from Waraqa’s sect, he spreads wrong teaching about the birth and death of Jesus. • Birth: As per Quran, “Mary ran away to a deserted place, alone she prepared to give birth to Jesus under a palm tree. Palm tree talked to Mary to shake it so that she would get date fruit. After child birth she doesn’t talk. But new born Jesus tells that Mary is virgin, sinless and that he is from God , peace on day he was born, the day he die etc…”. This is a crazy lie. There is no mention of St.Joseph, or Bethlehem where Jesus was born or census by Agustus Ceasor because of which Joseph and Mary came to Bethlehem (city of David) where Jesus was born as prophecied. New born Jesus or date tree don’t talk. It was the angels who sang, “peace on earth”. Again if you believe that new born Jesus did talk, then believe also what he said, the day he dies. • Death of Jesus: Mohammed says it was Jews who tried to kill, infact killed his disciple etc. There is no mention of Romans !!. Uneducated Mohammed who lived 600 years later had no clue of the history - that it was Roman soldiers who executed the crucifixion not Jews. Jews demanded death of Jesus since Jesus said he was son of God (blasphemy as per some of them).

  47. Abraham never went to Mecca. According to Judaism, the Bible, The Dead Sea Scrolls and all encyclopeadias, Abraham took the same route with his family, sheep, donkeys, etc, journeyed from Ur in Chaldea (west of Basra in Iraq) to Haran, Turkey (directly northwest along the Euphrates river) and down through the Beka Valley (Syria/Lebanon) to Shechem, Hebron (in Israel), Egypt (near Alexandria) and Beersheba back in Israel along the common fertile land route. (If Abraham went to Mecca not only his sheep, donkeys and his people would have died due to the desert and lack of water, but it was not the route used in 1900 B.C. through those desolate deserts). He lived and died and is buried in Machpelah in Hebron and it is a lie to say that Abraham ever went to Mecca to build the Kaaba. There was no Jewish youth by the name of ‘Abraham’ as the Quran claims. His name was changed to ‘Abraham’ only at age 99. If this Allah is God, he should have at least got the original name of Abraham, right? Why is circumambulating the Kaaba 7 times a pagan ritual (2:158) if Abraham built it and purified it according to Allah (2:124-5)? Why would any Jew ever build anything for the Arabs, either before or today? If a Jew built the Kaaba, why doesn’t it look like a Synagogue, but as a common Mandabum (Hindu God house for Idols with one door) of a Hindu temple? Why are there 360 idols in the Kaaba and why practicing the 7 circumambulating of the Hindus? THINK - Has any Jew ever built a Cube-house of God, anywhere in this world or circumambulating 7 times? The truth - Kaaba was a Hindu Temple, high jacked by Muhammad to create Islam. See the article, “The Invention of Islam.”

  48. Did Allah transform Christians &Jews into apes & pigs? • Quran says it, in three different verses: 7:166, 2:65, and 5:60. that Allah turned Jews into Apes and Pigs since they broke Sabbath (worked on Saturday). • 7:166 But when even after this they disdainfully persisted in that from which they were forbidden, We said to them, "Become apes—despised and disgraced!" (Maududi) . • 2:65 And you know well the story of those among you who broke Sabbath. We said to them: "Be apes—despised and hated by all." 66 Thus We made their end a warning to the people of their time and succeeding generation, and an admonition for God-fearing people. (Maududi). • 5:60 Then say: "Should I inform you [People of the Book-Christians and Jews] of those, who will have even worse recompense from Allah than the transgressors? They are those whom Allah has cursed; who have been under His wrath; some of whom were turned into apes and swine; who worshipped taught [the devil or idols]; those are the people who are in a far worse plight and who have turned farthest away from the Right Way." (Maududi)

  49. Historical errors in Quran • Another interesting historical glitch occurs when Allah erroneously calls Mary the sister of Aaron in Qur'an 19:28, and the daughter of Imran (the Biblical Amran) in 66:12. While Miriam and Mary are the same name, the first Miriam, the sister of Aaron and the daughter of Amran, died 1,500 years before Mary, the mother of Yahshua, was born. (18:28; 66:12; 20:25-30) • Mohammed completely ignores St.Joseph the husband of Mary and the foster father of Jesus. • Allah's insistence that Nimrod was a contemporary of Abraham. • Qur'an 18:86 states, "Until, when he reached the setting of the sun, he found sun set in a spring of murky water: Near it he found a people: We said: O Dhu al Qarnayn..." The sun does not set in a muddy spring. There are no extraterrestrials living where the sun goes to bed, and no human - and that would include Alexander the Great - has ever visited with such creatures.