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Welcome to Fourth Grade PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Fourth Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade

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Welcome to Fourth Grade

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  1. Welcome to Fourth Grade Please sign in Start filling out the student information on the desk Power point presentation will be on the campus website for your convenience.

  2. 4thGrade Parent Orientation Wednesday August 17, 2011 7:00pm – 8:00pm

  3. 4thGrade Information • Discipline Policy • Organization • Classwork/Homework Policies • Subject Review • 4thGrade Special Activities

  4. MCE Discipline Policy Responsible Choices: • 1.Respect all people and property. • 2.Listen to and follow directions. • 3.Practice safety. • 4.Be on time and have necessary materials. If a student chooses not to make a responsible choice: • 1st consequence - Verbal warning • 2nd consequence - 1st conduct mark • 3rd consequence - 2nd conduct mark • 4th consequence - 3rd conduct mark – Parent Notified/Detention • 5th consequence - 4th conduct mark – Student sent to Assistant Principal/Principal *If students miss a detention, they will earn an automatic office referral, resulting in ISS. *Severe behavior – Student will go directly to Assistant Principal/Principal

  5. Conduct Folders The MCE conduct sheet is used to determine an overall conduct grade. The conduct chart categories are identical to the district report card. The information is used as the basis for all conduct grades which appear on the report card at the end of the six weeks. ***Each night, please initial the daily conduct folder above the day of the week.

  6. Tuesday Folders • Sent home every Tuesday with graded work and important MCE notes/dates to remember • Parents are to sign the comment page inside the conduct folders on Tuesday night. • The Tuesday Folders need to be returned on Wednesday morning to the homeroom teacher.

  7. Classwork/Homework Policy *Homework will count as 10% of the six weeks grade in each subject area. • 1st Day Late – 10 points off • 2nd Day Late – 20 points off • 3rd Day Late – 30 points off • 4th Day Late – zero *For every 3 missing homework assignments, students will be assigned after school homework lab. *See Daily Planner for nightly homework assignments.

  8. Subject Review Deana Arnold – Reading/L.A./Social Studies Betty Bounds– Math/Science Laura Jost– Reading/L.A./Social Studies Sabrina Berger –Math/Science Celia Gibson– Reading/ L.A./Social Studies Vikki Prieto– Math/Science *Spelling will be taught by homeroom teacher.

  9. Reading • There is a Reading STAAR test in fourth grade. • Homework: Students are required to read a chapter book with some type of project menu due. • Guided Reading- Leveled books • Literacy Circles • Library– Check out chapter books every week

  10. Social Studies Regions of the U.S. and Texas Intermediate and Cardinal directions Native Americans European Explorers Life on a Mission, Colonies Texas Independence Reconstruction Period Students will take a test on each unit. Be sure to help your child study!

  11. Math • Math homework • Math Journal • Fast Fact Tests on Fridays • 4thGrade Math STAARtest • Guided Math • Curriculum Review • Multiplication and Long Division • Measurement • Fractions • Problem Solving • Geometry

  12. Science • Students need one spiral to be used as a Science Journal. Students will need to have their journals in class every day because they will be keeping all of their notes, vocabulary, and experiments in it. Students will keep the Science Journal at school. • Vocabulary is crucial. Students will be taking quizzes/ tests over vocabulary and content. Please help your child study for all tests and quizzes. • Students will be taking home a safety contract. Please read over with your child and sign and return it. Thank you!

  13. Language Arts & Spelling • Spelling tests are given each Friday – Spelling Homework is due on Fridays • Dictation grade counts twice – Spelling and L.A. • Language is focusing on writing personal narratives as well as expository writing by using the Six Traits of Writing- Ideas, Organization, Sentence Structure, Word Choice, Voice, and Grammar • Writing STAAR test in Fourth grade

  14. Special Activities • Junior Achievement – Would you consider being a volunteer? • Destination Imagination – Upon invitation • GBC – Mrs. Shelley • Honor Choir – Mrs. McRae and Mrs. McBee

  15. Lunch Times If you would like to join your child for lunch, each class goes at the following times: Gibson 10:50 – 11:20 Prieto 10:50 – 11:20 Arnold 10:53 – 11:23 Bounds 10:53 – 11:23 Jost 10:56 – 11:26 Berger 10:56 – 11:26 ***Please stop at the front office for a Raptor badge. You must have an I.D.

  16. Meet Our Nurse Ms. Cynthia Brown, LVN Phone#: 281-237-3975 Supervised under an RN

  17. Car Rider • If at any time you think you may need to pick up your child, please stop by the cafeteria under the world map to get a car rider sign. • This allows you to be able to pick up the student without having to park and sign them out.

  18. Thank you for attending tonight!We look forward to a great school year with you and your child.