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开放英语 I ( 1 )作业 辅导(四) PowerPoint Presentation
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开放英语 I ( 1 )作业 辅导(四)

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开放英语 I ( 1 )作业 辅导(四) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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开放英语 I ( 1 )作业 辅导(四). 阅读理解. 1-5 小题:阅读下列短文,并根据短文内容判断其后的句子是正确( Right ),还是错误( Wrong ) , 并将答案写在各题前的( )中。 Hi Rob! You want to know about my new boyfriend.

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  • 1-5小题:阅读下列短文,并根据短文内容判断其后的句子是正确(Right),还是错误(Wrong),并将答案写在各题前的( )中。
  • Hi Rob!

You want to know about my new boyfriend.

His name is David Manning. He lives in London and he’s British. His parents are from London, but they live in Oxford. He is 34 years old. He’s an IT manager and he works for ABHK Bank.

He’s lovely, of course.

See you on Thursday.

Love, Polly

  • ( B )1. Rob is Polly’s new boyfriend.

A. Right B. Wrong

( A )2.David is British.

A. Right

B. Wrong

  • ( A )3.David’s parents are British.

A. Right

B. Wrong

( B ) 4.David’s parents live in


A. Right

B. Wrong

  • ( B ) 5.David works at a


A. Right

B. Wrong

  • 6-10小题:阅读下列短文,并根据短文内容判断其后的句子是正确(Right),还是错误(Wrong),并将答案写在各题前的( )中。
  • Franco: Is this your calligraphy, Xiaoyan?
  • Xiaoyan: Yes,. Do you like it?
  • Franco: It’s beautiful.
  • Xiaoyan: I think I’m good at art because my

father is an artist.

  • Franco: I’m not. My handwriting is terrible, but

I always write personal letters by hand.

I don’t like using the computer for that.

Xiaoyan: Neither do I. But my family

only send emails, I don’t get

real letters anymore.

  • Franco: Me neither- I’ll write you a real


  • Xiaoyan: Thank you! But I like using the

computer for some things. I’m

keen on researching my family

history and I love surfing the

Internet for information about that.

  • Franco: Really? Me too!
( B )6. Franco’s handwriting is


A. Right B. Wrong

  • ( A )7. Franco doesn’t like using

computers for personal


A. Right B. Wrong

( A )8. Xiaoyan doesn’t like using

computers for personal


A. Right B. Wrong

  • ( A )9. Xiaoyan enjoys surfing the

internet for information

about he family history.

A. Right B. Wrong

( B )10. Franco is not interested in

researching his family


A. Right

B. Wrong

  • 11-15小题:阅读下列短文,并根据短文内容判断其后的句子是正确(Right),还是错误(Wrong),并将答案写在各题前的( )中。
  • David: OK, the interviews are on Friday.

This is the shortlist of candidates

for the job ------there are four


Xiaoyan: Looking at their application

forms, there are some very

good people herewith a lot of

skills. The advertisement in

the newspaper was good.

  • David: This one looks very intelligent.

His CV says he was at Harvard

and Bristol universities. Yes,

they are all young and experienced.

Mark: And attractive!
  • David: Do you mean good –looking in

their photos, or attractive


  • Mark: Personality, of course! We want

someone relaxed and easy-going

as well as bright.

David: Yes, we’re small team, so to be

friendly is important.

  • Xiaoyan: As well as personality, the

important skills are web-

design, website management,

training skills and French, am I


  • ( B )11. The interviews last two days.

A. Right B. Wrong

( A )12. There are four people on the

shortlist of candidates.

A. Right B. Wrong

  • ( B )13. A candidate’s personality is

more important than his or

her skills.

A. Right

B. Wrong

( B )14. All four candidates were at

Harvard and Bristol


A. Right B. Wrong

  • ( A )15. The team are looking for

people with four skills: web-

design, website management,

training skills and French. ll

A. Right B. Wrong

  • 16-20小题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C 三个选项中选出一个正确答案 ,并将答案写在各题前的()中。
  • Xiaoyan tells David about the people she works with.
  • David: So who do you usually work

with in Shanghai?

Xiaoyan: I work in an office with

three other people, Jung,

Lee and Liu – they are the

Marketing Department

and I am their IT expert.

  • David: What about the others?
Xiaoyan: Yes, they’re great people.

Lee is the Sales Manager. He

is responsible for 25 sales

people in China. He’s planning

a sales campaign for

companies at the moment, but

he’s visiting the New York

office right now.

David: What about the others?
  • Xiaoyan: Liu is the advertising manager.

He’s responsible for the

advertising. He’s

currently working on TV


Actually, he’s on holiday in Bali

right now.

David: So the office is empty at the


  • Xiaoyan: Oh no. Jung is always there. She’s

the secretary. She’s responsible for

the office. At the moment she’s

working on new databases. But

actually – it’s 1:00 o’ clock in the

morning in Shanghai, so I think

she’s sleeping right now.

( B )16. How many people does

Xiaoyan work with in Shanghai?

A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.

  • ( B )17.What does Xiaoyan do in the

Marketing Department in


A. She is a secretary.

B. She is an IT expert.

C. She is the Sales Manager.

( B )18.What is Lee responsible for ?

A. The advertising.

B. The sales people.

C. The office.

  • ( A )19.What is Liu doing right now ?

A. He is on holiday.

B. He is working on TV advertisements.

C. He is visiting the New York office

( C )20. What is Jung’s current

project ?

A. A sales campaign.

B. TV advertisements.

C. New databases.


21-25小题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C 三个选项中选出一个正确答案 ,并将答案写在各题前的()中。

What should I do at a party in England ?

What do I do at the party?

You should always offer to get drinks for other people when you go to get a drink for yourself. You should introduce yourself to new people in the group.

You should avoid personal questions about family until you know them better. Good topics of conversation are films, books, television programmers, holidays, jobs, the town you are in, etc.
  • You should ask for permission to smoke; say “Is it alright if I smoke?” Or, better, you should go outside to smoke. Many people don’t like the smell of smoke inside.
You shouldn’t drink too much! And never get drunk.

What do I do when I leave?

If you are not a close friend of the hosts, you shouldn’t be the last to leave.

You should say “Thank you ” to the hosts and say “It was a lovely party. I really enjoyed myself.” And then you should go back to people you talked to and say “It was very nice to meet you.”

( B )21. When you go to get a drink for

yourself, you should _____ ?

A. introduce yourself first.

B. offer to get drinks for other people in the group.

C. ask for permission.

  • ( C ) 22. You should not talk about _____

with new people.

A. The town you are in

B. television programmer

C. personal questions about family

( B )23.People don’t like the smell of smoke inside, so you should _______ .

A. not smoke before you go to a party.

B. go outside to smoke.

C. smoke in the kitchen.

  • ( A )24.______ get drunk at a party.

A. You should never.

B. It’s OK to.

C. You should say sorry if you.

( B )25. You say “It was very nice to

meet you ” when you _____

A. meet other guests.

B. leave other guests.

C. meet your hosts.


26-30小题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C 三个选项中选出一个正确答案 ,并将答案写在各题前的()中。

  • Let me tell you about my new gob. It’s great. I work for Centre Company. They have an office in London. I am the Deputy Marketing Manager. I am in charge of newspaper advertisements. Currently I am writing advertisements for the local newspapers, and I am visiting our customers to introduce myself.
I like working here, but I don’t like travelling by tube. It’s too busy! We start work at nine o’ clock. There are some very nice colleagues, and Ioften eat lunch with them in the canteen. Lunch is from one o’ clock to two o’clock. then I finish work at 6 o’clock. My brother works near my office. He is in insurance, and sometimes we have a drink in the pub in the evening------ but at the moment he is having a holiday in Scotland.
( B ) 26. The writer _____ new gob?

A. doesn’t like his.

B. likes his .

C. is looking for a.

  • ( B ) 27. The writer works in

___________ .

A. insurance

B. marketing

C. computers

( A ) 28. The writer works for about

_________ on weekdays..

A.8 hours

B.9 hours

C.10 hours

  • ( C ) 29. The writer thinks the tube is

too __________.

A. noisy

B. slow.

C. busy

( A ) 30. The writer and his

brother __________.

A. sometimes see each other.

B. never see each other

C. see each other every day

  • 31-35小题:阅读下列短文,从A、B、C 三个选项中选出一个正确答案 ,并将答案写在各题前的()中。
  • Xiaoyan: I have most of things I need. We don’t need to buy any rice, and we don’t need any peas.
  • Mary: we need some oranges. How many do we need to buy?
Xiaoyan: four are enough. And we need some cream.
  • Mary: how much cream do we need to buy for four people?
  • Xiaoyan: two cartons? Shall we get a melon? And some wine. And I haven’t got any coffee.
  • Mary: Ok, and lychees. Two tins?
  • Xiaoyan: how many lychees do you get in a tin?
Mary: I don’t know. Let’s get a big tin. We also need some mineral water.
  • Xiaoyan: and the prawns. How many prawns?
  • Mary: one big packet will do. I also need to get some vegetables for next week-potatoes, Carrots, onions, and a cabbage I think. There’s a little greengrocer’s along the road. Why don’t we go there first?
( C ) 31. How many oranges does

Xiaoyan want to buy?

A. One. B. A kilo. C. Four.

  • ( A ) 32.Do they need any cream?

A. Yes, they do.

B. No, they don’t

C. The text does not tell us.

( A ) 33. How many prawns do they

want to buy ?

A.A packet.

B. Two packets.

C. Three.

  • ( B ) 34. Who would like to have some


A. Xiaoyan.

B. Mary.

C. Shopkeeper

( A ) 35. Which is not included in

the shopping list?

A. Rice and peas.

B. Potatoes and coffee.

C. Melons and wine

  • 将下列句子翻译成汉语。(每题3分)

1. You need to reduce your temperature.


2. I feel worried about my exam next



3. He is good at web-design, much

better than her.

他比她更擅长于网站设计 。

  • 4. There are four candidates for this


这份工作有四名求职者 。

5. We will make a decision

before the 30th September.


  • 6. The Meeting Rooms are on the

ground floor.