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Getting Hired. Who would you hire for a teaching position? Person A or Person B?. Person A College degree. Early to mid 20’s. Limited real world work experience. Most likely no military service. 1 to 2 years in teacher training. Student teaching experience.

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Person A

  • College degree.

  • Early to mid 20’s.

  • Limited real world work experience.

  • Most likely no military service.

  • 1 to 2 years in teacher training.

  • Student teaching experience.

  • Extensive classroom observations.

  • Single and idealistic.

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Person B

  • College degree.

  • Late 20’s to mid 50’s.

  • Extensive real world work experience.

  • Most likely has military service.

  • Several months to 1 year in teacher training.

  • No student teaching experience.

  • Limited classroom observations.

  • Married, divorced, or separated.

  • Grounded in reality.

Guilty by association l.jpg
Guilty by Association

There are many alternate teacher certification programs. The unfortunate reality is that the programs who do a poor job of training teachers negatively impact ALL certification programs.

Improvise adapt overcome l.jpg

The key to getting hired despite the circumstances and negative opinions about alternately certified teachers is to do what U.S. Marines do: Improvise-Adapt-Overcome.

There are only three 3 things that matter l.jpg
There Are Only Three (3) Things That Matter:

  • What you know.

  • Who you know.

  • How you express what you know.

What you know l.jpg
What you know…

  • Life experiences.

  • Teacher training.

  • Knowledge of the school you are applying to.

Use life experiences to enhance your resum l.jpg
Use Life Experiences to Enhance your Resumé

  • Military service.

  • Previous/present employment.

  • Hobbies, talents, skills.

  • College credentials.

Highlight your teacher training l.jpg
Highlight Your Teacher Training

  • Include classroom experiences beyond observations (tutoring, mentoring, etc.)

  • Include professors, speakers, conferences that made an impact on your teacher skills.

  • Include related interactions with schools (PTA, band booster, etc.).

Research the school where you want to teach l.jpg
Research the School Where You Want to Teach

  • Student population and breakdown.

  • Faculty, staff, administrator contacts

  • Awards and TEA designations.

  • School reputation.

  • School needs and mission statement.

Who you know can be abused misunderstood and stereotyped it s a trump card when used wisely l.jpg

Who You Know can be abused, misunderstood, and stereotyped. It’s a “trump card” when used wisely!

Who you know is all about people skills and timing l.jpg
Who you know is all about People Skills and Timing.

  • Get to know key people in the school and nurture these relationships before the job interview.

  • Be selective and respectful. Can these people speak on your behalf after the job interview?

  • Use your “contacts” as character references when being interviewed. Most likely, the principal will follow up with these people.

How you express yourself could be a homerun l.jpg
How You Express Yourself Could be a “Homerun!”

  • This aspect of getting hired is the part that is often overlooked and neglected.

  • Body language and other nonverbal cues WILL say more than what you ACTUALLY say.

  • A first impression is most likely the ONLY impression you will be able to make!

The first impression l.jpg
The First Impression

  • Greet interviewers with a smile.

  • Shake hands firmly but not overly “macho.”

  • Make pleasant but meaningful eye contact.

  • Maintain a relax but confident composure.


Before the interview l.jpg
Before the Interview…

  • Take extra copies of your resumé.

  • Take paper and pencil to take notes.

  • Check your physical appearance.

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Turn cell phone OFF.

During the interview l.jpg
During the Interview…

  • Answer questions honestly, briefly, and precisely.

  • Use a “confident voice.”

  • Maintain a relaxed, but confident body language posture.

  • Weave in your skills, experiences, and talents into “how you will teach.”

  • Demonstrate how you will contribute to THEIR team, welcome THEIR leadership, and give them 110% effort in everything you will do.

If they ask how will you teach l.jpg
If they ask, “How will you teach…”

  • Start with students and their success as your #1 priority.

  • That you will use all available data to spot and remedy student deficiencies before they become major learning issues.

  • That you will rewrite lessons (if needed) to fit your student’s reading/comprehension levels and carefully scaffold instruction from where they are to where they have to be.

If they ask do you have any questions l.jpg
If They Ask, “Do You Have any Questions…?”

  • Ask “What is the school’s top academic priority?”

  • Ask “What do YOU think are qualities of a great teacher?”

At the end of the interview l.jpg
At the End of the Interview

  • Thank him/her/them for the opportunity to interview.

  • Shake hands with everyone.

Closing thoughts l.jpg
Closing Thoughts…

  • When hiring, principals will usually decide “yea” or “nay” on candidates within the first 5 minutes of an interview.

  • Principals want someone who is low maintenance, resourceful, and highly effective.

  • Principals hire people who will make him/her look good.

  • Principals look for teachers with multiple skills (teach, coach, sponsor a club, etc.).

Activity l.jpg

  • Before this presentation, everyone was issued a color dot (red, yellow, green).

  • Those of you who got a red dot are NOT definite new hires.

  • Those of you who got a yellow dot are “maybe” hires.

  • Those of you who got a green dot are definite hires.